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Martin Eden

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13. Finally, an Ayn Rand story with a happy ending
Thu Apr 15, 2021, 09:05 AM
Apr 2021

Too bad they didn't die before their malicious influence.

Thus a splendid time was had for all....everybody else that is. Comfortably_Numb Apr 2021 #1
😇 Tribetime Apr 2021 #39
That is the best story I have read Bettie Apr 2021 #2
What a great story! Solomon Apr 2021 #3
my favorite bar joke! LymphocyteLover Apr 2021 #4
The regulations weren't necessary. They voted with their dead feet and never returned to that bar. Beakybird Apr 2021 #5
And their heirs not fooled Apr 2021 #23
If only they hadn't TortReformed LiabilityLawsuits out of existence!!! griloco Apr 2021 #27
I really am going to go the hell for the things that I laugh at,,,, n/t KarenS Apr 2021 #6
We'll have to raise a beverage there. Comfortably_Numb Apr 2021 #10
I'll be right there with you. crickets Apr 2021 #33
But, but, where were Tucker, and Sean, and all the other Republican/Nazis? johnthewoodworker Apr 2021 #7
Like the punch line to the old joke about what you call a hundred lawyers RVN VET71 Apr 2021 #8
And with 99.9999999% fewer words than Atlas Shat! hatrack Apr 2021 #9
Never underestimate the power of a story with a happy ending. (nt) Paladin Apr 2021 #11
The problem with memes is that they focus on witiness over accuracy... brooklynite Apr 2021 #12
Finally, an Ayn Rand story with a happy ending Martin Eden Apr 2021 #13
yes! Bwah! electric_blue68 Apr 2021 #36
And everyone lived happily ever after jcgoldie Apr 2021 #14
And Ru Paul laughs loudly. lagomorph777 Apr 2021 #15
Tommymac Shrugged. nt Tommymac Apr 2021 #16
No regulations! You could roll with this for most all republicans. Mr. Evil Apr 2021 #17
I'll buy the next round for all the mourners. hay rick Apr 2021 #18
The bartender doesn't get charged with murder FakeNoose Apr 2021 #19
And the rest of us lived happily ever after. smirkymonkey Apr 2021 #20
And everyone lived happily ever after! hot2na Apr 2021 #21
I just love a story with a happy ending. Raster Apr 2021 #22
And society in general is better for it. paleotn Apr 2021 #24
funny llashram Apr 2021 #25
I love happy endings! SergeStorms Apr 2021 #26
Agreed SergeStorms! Especially the part about "happy endings!" George McGovern Apr 2021 #28
A lovely happy fairy tale. Nt NNadir Apr 2021 #29
It's a good start ironflange Apr 2021 #30
And Sean Hannity, and Tucker Carlson, and.. Permanut Apr 2021 #31
Yes,... give them all a shot of the same tainted stuff. magicarpet Apr 2021 #35
And they are all spared the humiliation of collecting services, stipeds and pensions... BobTheSubgenius Apr 2021 #32
I see this... druidity33 Apr 2021 #34
The full text is as follows: ShazzieB Apr 2021 #38
Best. Bar. Joke. Ever! ShazzieB Apr 2021 #37
Best Seller! Faulkner Award material! Nobel Prize for Literature! nt Ilsa Apr 2021 #40
You Forgot The Most Ironic Part modrepub Apr 2021 #41
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