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31. And Sean Hannity, and Tucker Carlson, and..
Thu Apr 15, 2021, 01:42 PM
Apr 2021

Mitch McConnell
Matt Gaetz
Mango Mussolini
all of the Mango Mussolini offspring, and spouses
Marsha Blackburn
John Cornyn
Tom Cotton
Ted Cruz
Laura Ingraham
Wayne LaPierre
My Brother in Law

et al

Thus a splendid time was had for all....everybody else that is. Comfortably_Numb Apr 2021 #1
😇 Tribetime Apr 2021 #39
That is the best story I have read Bettie Apr 2021 #2
What a great story! Solomon Apr 2021 #3
my favorite bar joke! LymphocyteLover Apr 2021 #4
The regulations weren't necessary. They voted with their dead feet and never returned to that bar. Beakybird Apr 2021 #5
And their heirs not fooled Apr 2021 #23
If only they hadn't TortReformed LiabilityLawsuits out of existence!!! griloco Apr 2021 #27
I really am going to go the hell for the things that I laugh at,,,, n/t KarenS Apr 2021 #6
We'll have to raise a beverage there. Comfortably_Numb Apr 2021 #10
I'll be right there with you. crickets Apr 2021 #33
But, but, where were Tucker, and Sean, and all the other Republican/Nazis? johnthewoodworker Apr 2021 #7
Like the punch line to the old joke about what you call a hundred lawyers RVN VET71 Apr 2021 #8
And with 99.9999999% fewer words than Atlas Shat! hatrack Apr 2021 #9
Never underestimate the power of a story with a happy ending. (nt) Paladin Apr 2021 #11
The problem with memes is that they focus on witiness over accuracy... brooklynite Apr 2021 #12
Finally, an Ayn Rand story with a happy ending Martin Eden Apr 2021 #13
yes! Bwah! electric_blue68 Apr 2021 #36
And everyone lived happily ever after jcgoldie Apr 2021 #14
And Ru Paul laughs loudly. lagomorph777 Apr 2021 #15
Tommymac Shrugged. nt Tommymac Apr 2021 #16
No regulations! You could roll with this for most all republicans. Mr. Evil Apr 2021 #17
I'll buy the next round for all the mourners. hay rick Apr 2021 #18
The bartender doesn't get charged with murder FakeNoose Apr 2021 #19
And the rest of us lived happily ever after. smirkymonkey Apr 2021 #20
And everyone lived happily ever after! hot2na Apr 2021 #21
I just love a story with a happy ending. Raster Apr 2021 #22
And society in general is better for it. paleotn Apr 2021 #24
funny llashram Apr 2021 #25
I love happy endings! SergeStorms Apr 2021 #26
Agreed SergeStorms! Especially the part about "happy endings!" George McGovern Apr 2021 #28
A lovely happy fairy tale. Nt NNadir Apr 2021 #29
It's a good start ironflange Apr 2021 #30
And Sean Hannity, and Tucker Carlson, and.. Permanut Apr 2021 #31
Yes,... give them all a shot of the same tainted stuff. magicarpet Apr 2021 #35
And they are all spared the humiliation of collecting services, stipeds and pensions... BobTheSubgenius Apr 2021 #32
I see this... druidity33 Apr 2021 #34
The full text is as follows: ShazzieB Apr 2021 #38
Best. Bar. Joke. Ever! ShazzieB Apr 2021 #37
Best Seller! Faulkner Award material! Nobel Prize for Literature! nt Ilsa Apr 2021 #40
You Forgot The Most Ironic Part modrepub Apr 2021 #41
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