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30. I hate credit/debit cards, but have three
Sun Jul 4, 2021, 10:14 PM
Jul 2021

One is on our Euro expense account, and is only used for work-related travel in Europe billed in Euros, Swiss Francs, or a Scandinavian currency.

Then there is a work-related Amex card. I can‘t even remember when the last time I used that was. Then there is my US credit card I only use when I’m here and run low on cash. I hate getting bills, so I have an automatic deduct from some account I maintain in the States. But since I’m rarely here, that’s just for short periods. I try to pay cash for everything I can. Groceries, entertainment, gas, eating out, whatever. A record is kept (probably more like twenty records) of every credit card transaction. I don’t need to map out my every move and preference for some database that will soon be used to harass me, or to sell me something. If I buy ANYTHING with a credit card, I am bombarded with offers to sell me something similar. If I pay cash, at most, I get asked for my zip code. I give them 40878, which in the USA must be in the Midwest somewhere. In Germany, it’s in the Rheinland near Düsseldorf, but they always assume there’s nowhere else on earth than America. Too bad. They ask for my Zip Code, they get it.

Otherwise, I hate using plastic. I can’t remember every transaction when I’m on vacation, and I can’t be bothered to spend an hour every month on the phone with the fraud division going over every time I got my wife a cappuccino at some café in Provincetown, MA. As for political contributions, I never use a credit card, and Act Blue can go shove it. I send checks, period. I do not need to get hit on by every Democratic candidate for dog catcher in North Platte, Nebraska.

How many credit cards do you have? [View all] brooklynite Jul 2021 OP
This thread is useless without PIN numbers included. Solly Mack Jul 2021 #1
Fair point, but the Nigerian bank I'm in touch with says not to reveal it... brooklynite Jul 2021 #3
Ha! Well played. Solly Mack Jul 2021 #4
I have 4 that I only use for balance transfers when they are offered. yellowdogintexas Jul 2021 #2
I work in finance, at least for the next 5 days until my new job on the 12th. Jedi Guy Jul 2021 #5
2 cards with a 820 fico SYFROYH Jul 2021 #6
I've lost track, but only one has a balance and that's paid off in full every month. Most are Vinca Jul 2021 #7
Your credit utilization dropped so your score did as well. Jedi Guy Jul 2021 #10
Thanks. I appreciate the information. Never thought I'd be penalized by the credit reporting Vinca Jul 2021 #34
You're welcome! Jedi Guy Jul 2021 #35
I have one just for priority boarding on United liberal N proud Jul 2021 #8
Two debit bank cards. Scottie Mom Jul 2021 #9
Just One ProfessorGAC Jul 2021 #11
I don't believe the number of cards is all that important. tritsofme Jul 2021 #12
About 5 or 6. roamer65 Jul 2021 #13
I have two cards... I never use one, and the other is paid off monthly... secondwind Jul 2021 #14
2 cards, both of which I use regularly Mr. Ected Jul 2021 #15
Four KentuckyWoman Jul 2021 #16
Here is a smart person. roamer65 Jul 2021 #17
4 cards DetroitLegalBeagle Jul 2021 #18
We use one cash back credit card to buy just about everything marie999 Jul 2021 #19
I've never had one. Debt free for the last 25 years. BluesRunTheGame Jul 2021 #20
Just two cards. Tomconroy Jul 2021 #21
17. I'm a points hacker, and I open cards to get the signup bonuses. Dial H For Hero Jul 2021 #22
Can you explain how I can become you? Tomconroy Jul 2021 #23
HA!!!! MyOwnPeace Jul 2021 #24
I have 8 of them. DenaliDemocrat Jul 2021 #25
Same card, since 1998. MerryBlooms Jul 2021 #26
Old school, just like me! Tomconroy Jul 2021 #27
I'm only 58, but yeah, super old school when it comes to finances! MerryBlooms Jul 2021 #28
Bravo! Tomconroy Jul 2021 #31
None... Mike Nelson Jul 2021 #29
I hate credit/debit cards, but have three DFW Jul 2021 #30
We have 3. One we never use and should cancel. GulfCoast66 Jul 2021 #32
Don't cancel it; it will bring your credit score down JenniferJuniper Jul 2021 #33
just got a Lowe's card scarytomcat Jul 2021 #36
Credit cards are a threat to democracy. Roisin Ni Fiachra Jul 2021 #37
Making them illegal would be absurd. Dial H For Hero Jul 2021 #40
Mine are all small limit and mostly store cards Marrah_Goodman Jul 2021 #38
Two credit cards Norbert Jul 2021 #39
I have two and my H has two. Raftergirl Jul 2021 #41
I get "free stuff" from LLBean if I use their MasgterCard. I use it to order stuff. I fine it useful CTyankee Jul 2021 #42
I would never give out this kind of info on the internet. milestogo Jul 2021 #43
I have eight credit cards PlanetBev Jul 2021 #44
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