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25. Macron has correct mentality. A pandemic is a wartime situation
Thu Jul 22, 2021, 01:58 AM
Jul 2021

which calls for collective sacrifice, including temporarily curtailing of individual rights for the survival of the whole. The CDC made a grave mistake in lifting mask mandates etc too early before we got 80% population vaccinated. It gave the impression that 'the pandemic is over' and those vax hesitant/anti-vax types now have no incentive to get it. Basically we should use every mechanism to prevent these people from taking part in 'normal' society unless they get vax'd.

He's pissed. lagomorph777 Jul 2021 #1
Yep, I'm down with that. TxGuitar Jul 2021 #2
Exactly! lagomorph777 Jul 2021 #3
I'm down for one step further with the NVBC crowd... Moostache Jul 2021 #15
THIS Ingersollman Jul 2021 #27
I love this guy. roamer65 Jul 2021 #4
Taunt the friggin taunters BeyondGeography Jul 2021 #5
That is bold and smart! Hopefully others will follow his lead. liberalla Jul 2021 #6
Yes, if other countries follow Macron's lead... KS Toronado Jul 2021 #11
This needs to be the international new norm. lindysalsagal Jul 2021 #7
Good. Snackshack Jul 2021 #8
And of course the protesters there are wearing yellow stars. Native Jul 2021 #9
I can hear the wailing of the wingnuts orangecrush Jul 2021 #10
Well, except they won't Warpy Jul 2021 #12
If they're required to show proof that should help. llmart Jul 2021 #17
Rates in my county are 64%, young people are just procrastinating Warpy Jul 2021 #19
Rates in mine are about 53% and hardly anyone is masked. llmart Jul 2021 #20
This is how you do it! pandr32 Jul 2021 #13
Yes. Freedom not to be infected Roc2020 Jul 2021 #14
+1 llmart Jul 2021 #16
Why such large percentage of French not getting vaccinated ? JI7 Jul 2021 #18
Talking to too many Texans? RainCaster Jul 2021 #21
They have French conspiracists on YouTube too. (n/t) Justice matters. Jul 2021 #22
More of this please. SunSeeker Jul 2021 #23
France is a Covid mess right now BigmanPigman Jul 2021 #24
Macron has correct mentality. A pandemic is a wartime situation radius777 Jul 2021 #25
Agree 100% Evolve Dammit Jul 2021 #29
Good for him! smirkymonkey Jul 2021 #26
Damn, I wish that was the message here. lark Jul 2021 #28
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