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Sat Jul 24, 2021, 04:20 PM Jul 2021

Listen you fat assed bitch. [View all]

One of my sisters was about 5 feet and at her max, topped out at about 300 pounds when she died. The reasons are many. Some she could have controlled better than she did. Some she had no control over whatsoever.

In her 30's she was about 80 pounds overweight and had a run in with a lab tech who wasn't very good at her job. Before it was over, the lab tech yelled at my sister ... "Listen you fat assed bitch." I don't remember what came after it. I shot out of my chair, gathered up my crying sister and we left.

She took a lot of shit before she would even stand up for herself. She was always like that. She would stand up and take shit to protect someone else too. In the end, she was carrying almost 200 pounds of other people's shit.

Despite the prevalence of obesity in the country, we just love to fat shame. It is insane. I watched TV for about an hour yesterday and the commercials were fast food ads, diabetes med ads, and Pelaton. But mostly fast food. Medical people are not excluded looking down their noses at overweight patients. It is assumed they just don't care, aren't worth the trouble... aren't ... worth ...

Here on the DU some of us have no trouble including Donnie Boy's weight as one of our slams. No place is immune from those who will engage. We act as if fat people can't feel pain. We assume they are sturdy enough to take all the rude we want to dish out.

Today is the 40th anniversary of my sister's death. She was 43 years old. I miss her every damn day. The world is a darker place without her in it. She died of a rare cancer that was in no way related to her weight and could have been cured by surgery if gotten when she first felt bad. She died because she could not stand the thought of "that" look from doctors because of her weight.

The next time you come across someone ridiculously overweight, be kind. Chances are they got that big trying to cope with the abuse that came before you.

Thank you for reading.

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Listen you fat assed bitch. [View all] KentuckyWoman Jul 2021 OP
I cringe every time I see it here at DU regardless of its target. Dial H For Hero Jul 2021 #1
Ditto. Treefrog Jul 2021 #8
same Skittles Jul 2021 #43
+2 Vdizzle Jul 2021 #89
+1 Ferrets are Cool Jul 2021 #52
I'm so sorry, and you are so right GPV Jul 2021 #2
Thank you. Ms. Toad Jul 2021 #3
This treestar Jul 2021 #133
People can be so insensitve and cruel. dawg Jul 2021 #4
Condolences on your sister XanaDUer2 Jul 2021 #5
Not ALL people of faith. Christians in particular. Treefrog Jul 2021 #9
I stand corrected XanaDUer2 Jul 2021 #11
It's so hypocritical. Treefrog Jul 2021 #13
Ignore is my friend XanaDUer2 Jul 2021 #17
I need to use that feature more. ShazzieB Jul 2021 #26
I didn't know we could trash threads nt XanaDUer2 Jul 2021 #27
I put people on ignore if I might get pisssed enough to do something that will get me banned csziggy Jul 2021 #38
Wow. Every single day. Kingofalldems Jul 2021 #39
Got any links on that? Kingofalldems Jul 2021 #50
here's a perfect example of ignore XanaDUer2 Jul 2021 #51
Maybe some think the criticism of Trump holding up the bible JI7 Jul 2021 #70
I don't have a problem trashing kkkristofascists. They're not Christians. BlancheSplanchnik Jul 2021 #96
No one here thinks that wryter2000 Jul 2021 #115
He is a Christian along with most that support him JI7 Jul 2021 #121
I doubt he's ever stepped inside a church wryter2000 Jul 2021 #124
There are progressives who don't seem to know (or won't admit) that soldierant Jul 2021 #76
Scroll down a bit on this thread. phylny Jul 2021 #95
Not true wryter2000 Jul 2021 #114
Jewish people get far more hatred JI7 Jul 2021 #68
Comments about the imaginary guy in the sky phylny Jul 2021 #94
So if one doesn't treat the Christian God as existing that is bigotry? dsc Jul 2021 #109
Treat however you want, believe what you want. phylny Jul 2021 #111
Belief systems are often used as an excuse to deny rights JI7 Jul 2021 #122
I disagree. phylny Jul 2021 #127
Denying rights to people does affect others JI7 Jul 2021 #129
Somehow I feel that either I'm not being clear or perhaps you are phylny Jul 2021 #131
Can't prove unicorns don't exist JI7 Jul 2021 #142
It's making fun of people here who do believe wryter2000 Jul 2021 #116
On du treestar Jul 2021 #134
Yes, yes we do. Behind the Aegis Jul 2021 #148
Yep, rarely why I post Ishoutandscream2 Jul 2021 #47
It becomes tedious grantcart Jul 2021 #100
Thank you so much for sharing this; I hope people here can help carry your pain helpfully. I agree WhiskeyGrinder Jul 2021 #6
Thank you for that "straight from the heart" and much deserved criticism. nt Atticus Jul 2021 #7
It is really very immature sometimes here. JoeOtterbein Jul 2021 #10
Lol, spot on. Treefrog Jul 2021 #14
Ten bucks says you fail to see the irony in your having said that. LanternWaste Jul 2021 #136
+1 Dial H For Hero Jul 2021 #16
+1000 USALiberal Jul 2021 #78
+1 Usually a sign of a lazy mind grantcart Jul 2021 #99
An important point you made is about the marketing Doc Sportello Jul 2021 #12
totally agree. nt spooky3 Jul 2021 #21
Well said Johnny2X2X Jul 2021 #85
I like that line you had Doc Sportello Jul 2021 #86
It's not just fast food. Check the snacks aisle at your grocery! BlancheSplanchnik Jul 2021 #97
Right, that's why I included sugar Doc Sportello Jul 2021 #106
Indeed!! Despicable marketing. 👎 BlancheSplanchnik Jul 2021 #112
+1 n/t ariadne0614 Jul 2021 #102
right on! BlancheSplanchnik Jul 2021 #113
Thank you for speaking up. 💕💖 MLAA Jul 2021 #15
Hugs to you. My mother could not shut up about her own weight & judged others as well... Hekate Jul 2021 #18
I have family that way. KentuckyWoman Jul 2021 #23
I relate closely, hugs to you, 2Gingersnaps Jul 2021 #24
Considering the fact that tRump will never see the insults on DU, ariadne0614 Jul 2021 #110
"In the end, she was carrying almost 200 pounds of other people's shit". Budi Jul 2021 #19
I'm so sorry and appreciate the points you made. My late mother spooky3 Jul 2021 #20
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Jul 2021 #22
There is a weird trend about bad food. Mosby Jul 2021 #25
I know your pain Dakota Flint Jul 2021 #28
I once had a surgeon who said: LakeArenal Jul 2021 #29
The fookin' Git lies every day about his weight, House of Roberts Jul 2021 #30
KentuckyWoman.... Upthevibe Jul 2021 #31
My husband (who is a recovering alcoholic) likes to respond soldierant Jul 2021 #77
+1 on the DU tolerance for fat shaming Thunderbeast Jul 2021 #32
Thank you. summer_in_TX Jul 2021 #82
Thanks for starting this thread. ShazzieB Jul 2021 #33
I've had a thyroid condition for decades MyMission Jul 2021 #34
I'm so with you. I could run rings around most doctors I've met in terms of Neema Jul 2021 #135
This is sad but true cate94 Jul 2021 #35
there is also an assumption that you're unhealthy iemanja Jul 2021 #36
I hear you. And agree demigoddess Jul 2021 #37
Many do you are love the word fat and slob. Disgusting. USALiberal Jul 2021 #40
Calling Trump a slob is not fat shaming. Elessar Zappa Jul 2021 #66
Skinny people can be slobs wryter2000 Jul 2021 #118
Very often those on the highest horse forget they're hurting other people. WarGamer Jul 2021 #41
I make it a point to be kind. Kingofalldems Jul 2021 #42
criticism where criticism is due stopdiggin Jul 2021 #60
U can't fat shame me,,,,,, Cryptoad Jul 2021 #44
Recommended. H2O Man Jul 2021 #45
This message was self-deleted by its author H2O Man Jul 2021 #46
Being underweight UpInArms Jul 2021 #48
Thank you so much for this post. femmedem Jul 2021 #49
I cried a little bit, reading this post and the great comments KatK Jul 2021 #53
Or we could link to this OP whenever we see fat-shaming here to remind people of how hurtful it is. femmedem Jul 2021 #55
Yes, that would be beautiful! Great idea! KatK Jul 2021 #56
Great post MustLoveBeagles Jul 2021 #80
Thank you! It feels great to be heard on this. n/t KatK Jul 2021 #92
Thank you so much for posting this. Tom Yossarian Joad Jul 2021 #54
I'm sorry for your loss, and I agree that fat shaming is wrong. yardwork Jul 2021 #57
Being fat I_UndergroundPanther Jul 2021 #58
Thank you locks Jul 2021 #59
That's a really beautiful read, KentuckyWoman. calimary Jul 2021 #61
Thank you!!! NT Happy Hoosier Jul 2021 #62
Your post reminded me that during a recent visit from my sister and BIL, Sogo Jul 2021 #63
"Like you're some kind of prize..." thucythucy Jul 2021 #108
I'm so very sorry, Tesha Jul 2021 #64
The thing is, fat shaming doesn't work TexasBushwhacker Jul 2021 #65
Sister told me once KentuckyWoman Jul 2021 #71
Fat shaming done to get anyone to lose weight JI7 Jul 2021 #72
Trump's weight is fair play... brooklynite Jul 2021 #67
And he doesn't hesitate to make comments about other people's looks dflprincess Jul 2021 #69
ESpecially women. The fact is women are more fat shamed than men . Would a woman that was as fat as JI7 Jul 2021 #84
Yep. BlancheSplanchnik Jul 2021 #101
I agree crimycarny Jul 2021 #73
His unhealthiness extends way beyond the fat, and soldierant Jul 2021 #79
Pointing out he's overweight? Sure. Fat shaming language? Not so much. Dial H For Hero Jul 2021 #87
Wrong. Happy Hoosier Jul 2021 #88
But it hurts others when *anyone* is fat-shamed KatK Jul 2021 #91
Lol, nice try! Nt USALiberal Jul 2021 #103
Indeed because a narcissist bully deserves it Dukkha Jul 2021 #107
Thanks for the post, even if it picks the scab of some painful memories Retired Engineer Bob Jul 2021 #74
It occured to me also. But kept quiet because I thought I'd only stir it up. Thanks. marble falls Jul 2021 #75
Thank you for posting this MustLoveBeagles Jul 2021 #81
Heartbreaking, KentuckyWoman! summer_in_TX Jul 2021 #83
❤️😢 live love laugh Jul 2021 #90
Took me a lifetime Aussie105 Jul 2021 #93
Sorry for your loss. The rest is just details. twodogsbarking Jul 2021 #98
Excellent thread KW. Thanks! Evolve Dammit Jul 2021 #104
K&R Roisin Ni Fiachra Jul 2021 #105
Thank you wryter2000 Jul 2021 #117
I'm sorry for your loss Bettie Jul 2021 #119
Fantastic Articles. Thank you. Must read for ... well ... EVERYONE KentuckyWoman Jul 2021 #125
Thank you Bettie Jul 2021 #126
I'm sorry seta1950 Jul 2021 #120
trumpety has gleefully chosen sloth and gluttony and deserves to be mocked for it. alphafemale Jul 2021 #123
There is a difference between private and public individuals miffelplix Jul 2021 #128
It's very disheartening to go to the doctor and be treated like Neema Jul 2021 #130
I got a prescription for appetite suppressant pills and a Bettie Jul 2021 #139
I'm so sorry. That's horrible and way too common. Neema Jul 2021 #140
When it is Trump treestar Jul 2021 #132
When overweight people were dying from Covid Johnny2X2X Jul 2021 #137
It's a shame that such a promising thread UnderThisLaw Jul 2021 #138
How so? Bettie Jul 2021 #141
The Orange Man portrays that he is not obese BradAllison Jul 2021 #144
I wonder often if the same half dozen folks don't realize how obvious they are. n/m BradAllison Jul 2021 #147
Donnie Boy isn't a normal person raising2moredems Jul 2021 #143
If the Emperor had no clothes. BradAllison Jul 2021 #145
This thread is bizarre. Goodheart Jul 2021 #146
Message auto-removed Name removed Jul 2021 #149
"When you try to demean someone saying "lard-ass" or other hate speech, you are directly linking Goodheart Jul 2021 #150
I'm late to this but thank you. Being "obese" is not at all what people assume. I know. nolabear Jul 2021 #151
Thank you...and you are right Bettie Jul 2021 #152
True dat. I have the same response to ageism. nolabear Jul 2021 #153
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