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98. Correct. To a doctor, a "mild case" is one that doesn't involve hospitalization.
Sat Jul 24, 2021, 05:06 PM
Jul 2021

A few days of feeling like absolute crap, fever & chills, gastrointestinal symptoms, temporary loss of smell and/or taste, cough for weeks -- these are all hallmarks of a "mild" case of COVID.

Definitions of mild, moderate, and severe COVID-19:

Never stopped - and thank you for spreading the word. n/t Ms. Toad Jul 2021 #1
Never took mine off! At the grocery just now, I was only one of a half dozen ppl with a mask PortTack Jul 2021 #2
I guess I just don't pay attention to whether others are looking at me or not. Treefrog Jul 2021 #16
I think at this point when people stare at you Mr.Bill Jul 2021 #62
Honestly, when I see people unmasked, I think they are also unvaccinated. MoonchildCA Jul 2021 #131
keeps them on their toes. if unvaxxed people see people with masks some might think twice, again.... certainot Jul 2021 #165
Most people are still masking where I live in Houston TexasBushwhacker Jul 2021 #125
Masks have gone out the window in San Antonio LeftInTX Jul 2021 #192
My mind is going explode. Throck Jul 2021 #3
we need fashionable N-95s! samnsara Jul 2021 #6
Yes! At least several more colors, please appalachiablue Jul 2021 #58
There are black n95 masks available. voteearlyvoteoften Jul 2021 #128
I wear KN-95 masks from VIDA. Texin Jul 2021 #166
Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the effective. StClone Jul 2021 #7
The COVID virus Zeitghost Jul 2021 #22
N95 will still work. LisaL Jul 2021 #25
Important factoid. Thanks. (nt) Pinback Jul 2021 #72
Thank you for this! chia Jul 2021 #78
You're going to laugh but Tadpole Raisin Jul 2021 #89
Thanks. This is good to know since wnylib Jul 2021 #97
My cloth masks seal tightly all the way around. Ms. Toad Jul 2021 #137
That's probably true for most wnylib Jul 2021 #155
Masks and social distancing works LetMyPeopleVote Jul 2021 #108
Yes. But the that is an individual isolated viral particle at it's most extreme. StClone Jul 2021 #27
But unlike measles is not small enough to free float. GulfCoast66 Jul 2021 #95
This is the first time I've seen a report of the size of the COVID virus. Hugin Jul 2021 #167
My understanding is that the masks filter the aerosol droplets that the virus is attached to. Arkansas Granny Jul 2021 #8
Good and accurate point! StClone Jul 2021 #11
That's my understanding as well. StarryNite Jul 2021 #13
i rarely go into town and carry my mask in full sight and put it on if the area is crowded samnsara Jul 2021 #4
What kind of symptoms did you have? LisaL Jul 2021 #5
Well first there was intestinal StClone Jul 2021 #10
Sounds very unpleasant. LisaL Jul 2021 #12
You made me feel better with response! StClone Jul 2021 #14
Post removed Post removed Jul 2021 #39
Back again and spreading peudoscience? greatauntoftriplets Jul 2021 #43
Back again, but not for long! 😆 ShazzieB Jul 2021 #59
No, not for long. greatauntoftriplets Jul 2021 #61
Did you try monoclonal antibodies LetMyPeopleVote Jul 2021 #109
+1 uponit7771 Jul 2021 #118
Here's some bad news about monoclonal antibodies and Delta variant MyMission Jul 2021 #150
Second the motion DFW Jul 2021 #9
You are contradicting the latest advice from both the CDC and the Biden Administration's Covid totodeinhere Jul 2021 #15
There is still the potential to spread it to those who cannot be vaccinated. StarryNite Jul 2021 #19
Fully vaccinated people are much less likely to spread it. totodeinhere Jul 2021 #23
Masks are like seat belts in your scenario Alice Kramden Jul 2021 #26
Great analogy. deurbano Jul 2021 #85
. Alice Kramden Jul 2021 #164
And, since they are not guarantees of zero harm, Ms. Toad Jul 2021 #138
Agree Alice Kramden Jul 2021 #163
Fallacious analogy. Wearing a mask denies you nothing. LanternWaste Jul 2021 #75
No. If fully vaccinated people continue to wear masks they are are trying to avoid a risk. totodeinhere Jul 2021 #91
Not "we." You. Thtwudbeme Jul 2021 #99
I don't appreciate your sexist remark. totodeinhere Jul 2021 #184
I am from the South- And I will immediately edit my reply Thtwudbeme Jul 2021 #186
Women in the south call men and women "honey" Thtwudbeme Jul 2021 #189
You do you, but please don't tell the rest of us what to do, Crunchy Frog Jul 2021 #107
I am not telling anyone to do anything. totodeinhere Jul 2021 #185
The CDC guidelines are not the "gold standard." Thtwudbeme Jul 2021 #190
I never said that the CDC is the gold standard. And neither is any other source. totodeinhere Jul 2021 #191
so I take it you're against seat belt laws then qazplm135 Jul 2021 #119
The latest and best information indicates that wearing seatbelts increases safety and in my totodeinhere Jul 2021 #187
So did you chop your air bag out of your car, Ms. Toad Jul 2021 #141
I would literally 'take a bullet' to save my grandson's life. StarryNite Jul 2021 #80
are you seriously comparing qazplm135 Jul 2021 #116
It is not a slight risk. Ms. Toad Jul 2021 #140
I have auto insurance and wear a seatbelt, so can I drive recklessly? MyMission Jul 2021 #156
"Mild Case" may be a matter of opinion StClone Jul 2021 #20
Sorry for your symptoms and I hope you get well soon. totodeinhere Jul 2021 #24
Friend I wonder how bad it would of been. Thanks StClone Jul 2021 #28
Correct. To a doctor, a "mild case" is one that doesn't involve hospitalization. Pinback Jul 2021 #98
Rachel Maddow's partner had a "mild" case, in that she was never hospitalized, Crunchy Frog Jul 2021 #110
I have friends in Provincetown - Ms. Toad Jul 2021 #142
Have you read about the long haul symptoms from mild cases? Thtwudbeme Jul 2021 #33
+1 Long Haul is very troubling, the appalachiablue Jul 2021 #64
I know of two people with loss of smell for over one year and counting StClone Jul 2021 #76
My daughter is one. StarryNite Jul 2021 #114
I have heard of it and I'm sure that the CDC has as well. totodeinhere Jul 2021 #88
How is wearing a mask "living in fear?" Thtwudbeme Jul 2021 #93
I'm not afraid of it but the risk of my having long term health problems is so totodeinhere Jul 2021 #101
Because....you aren't. You are following a politicized (under Trump) organization Thtwudbeme Jul 2021 #103
The unvaxed should take precautions and adhere to NPI then. I'm not going to inconveniently ... uponit7771 Jul 2021 #121
Do you chop your air bag out of your car? Ms. Toad Jul 2021 #144
I do wear a mask anywhere it is required. But after all, the CDC has a new director totodeinhere Jul 2021 #183
I'm with you. beaglelover Jul 2021 #100
Thank you. n/t totodeinhere Jul 2021 #102
THIS !!!! ☝🏾☝🏾☝🏾 I'm not going to wear an extra seatbelt just to take my probability of a bad ... uponit7771 Jul 2021 #123
We know of someone who ended up in ICU from a breakthrough infection. Crunchy Frog Jul 2021 #87
Vaxes were never meant to be a preventative from infection but hospitalizations and death ... uponit7771 Jul 2021 #120
You might want to look up the definition of the word "inoculated". Crunchy Frog Jul 2021 #126
" that's not universally the case" it is universally the cause, there's only 3% dying or going to .. uponit7771 Jul 2021 #127
Did you read my earlier post? We know of someone who ended up in ICU, fully vaxxed. Crunchy Frog Jul 2021 #129
Of course, that's expected less than 3% of the vaxed are going to ICU's though and 97% of the uponit7771 Jul 2021 #132
The mRNA vaccines were definitely 'sold' as preventing all disease in 90-some-odd percent. NH Ethylene Jul 2021 #151
No they weren't, the data that came out stated plainly what their efficacy was uponit7771 Jul 2021 #161
Yes it did. NH Ethylene Jul 2021 #170
NEJM data shows 88% effective against delta and I still never got from the INITITAL studies ... uponit7771 Jul 2021 #188
mRNA vaccines worked that way against original virus. LisaL Jul 2021 #168
Yeah I agree. NH Ethylene Jul 2021 #169
Yep. LisaL Jul 2021 #181
it's not all about YOU Skittles Jul 2021 #117
Some fully vaccinated people have died. NH Ethylene Jul 2021 #149
My husband must go to physical therapy after a shoulder replacement Hortensis Jul 2021 #17
Thank you. I haven't stopped masking in public indoor places. CentralMass Jul 2021 #18
Thank you!! Hubs & I never stopped wearing our N-95's. Duppers Jul 2021 #21
I got laughed at too Thtwudbeme Jul 2021 #29
There are a lot of questionable fashions that are non-sensible StClone Jul 2021 #30
Will do.. Feel better. Joinfortmill Jul 2021 #31
Thanks StClone Jul 2021 #35
More on masks.......... KS Toronado Jul 2021 #32
Infection rate in my area is quite low, but growing. I still wear an N95 inside. Everywhere. HUAJIAO Jul 2021 #34
Wisdom! StClone Jul 2021 #40
I do. never stopped. barbtries Jul 2021 #36
An antivaxxer, unmasked co-worker did not follow company protocols StClone Jul 2021 #79
I'll be curious to know barbtries Jul 2021 #92
Message auto-removed Name removed Jul 2021 #94
Considering how many people are not vaccinated and don't wear a mask, marie999 Jul 2021 #37
Sadly true StClone Jul 2021 #42
Thanks. Down here in FL I double mask. Hope you feel better soon. ancianita Jul 2021 #38
I just read on Twitter that Florida has over 14,000 new infections today liberal_mama Jul 2021 #55
Sounds like one needs to triple mask when in Florida. LisaL Jul 2021 #74
Last year only left for about a few weeks here. ancianita Jul 2021 #90
Anyone know where one could find genuine N95 masks online? Wednesdays Jul 2021 #41
For Father's Day Last year my son gave me this: StClone Jul 2021 #46
Yes, I'll take a look. Wednesdays Jul 2021 #68
Oh and I will add it has very comfortable gel face contacts StClone Jul 2021 #84
If you're willing to pay a little more, you can buy directly from Demetech, a U.S. company: tanyev Jul 2021 #57
I'll definitely check it out. Wednesdays Jul 2021 #71
I just purchased a box of 50, directly through the 3M website. Crunchy Frog Jul 2021 #105
Indoors, I never stopped. Not even under the constant peer pressure to fit in at work. ffr Jul 2021 #44
A personal question, if you don't mind. TheRickles Jul 2021 #45
No StClone Jul 2021 #50
Sorry to hear, where do you live? grantcart Jul 2021 #111
I concur. From my quarantine room, in my house, 4 months after my 2nd shot The Polack MSgt Jul 2021 #47
Sorry to hear about that. I hope your symptoms aren't too bad, Crunchy Frog Jul 2021 #133
Here's my mask!!! YoshidaYui Jul 2021 #48
I was cleaning out a room yesterday and found a silk mask yellowdogintexas Jul 2021 #49
Real silk is a good material for masks. LisaL Jul 2021 #51
If you really want to scare yourself, watch Dr John Campbell yellowdogintexas Jul 2021 #52
Israel is starting to boost, and we need to. LisaL Jul 2021 #53
I Second that rec to watch Dr Campbell. scipan Jul 2021 #66
I'll third that! citizen blues Jul 2021 #152
Took my mom to Aldi this morning. SharonClark Jul 2021 #54
I'd be interested in a metric of risk (personal and otherwise) vs. the flu risk in a normal year. gulliver Jul 2021 #56
One metric has been proposed for choosing mask or maskless (altho not in comparison to flu) KatK Jul 2021 #122
Thanks for this gulliver Jul 2021 #174
I hope you are doing okay. Mr.Bill Jul 2021 #60
Monday of this week at work... StClone Jul 2021 #67
I never stopped wearing my mask indoors, but unfortunately my husband did liberal_mama Jul 2021 #63
Good advice Warpy Jul 2021 #65
I'm wearing mine right now. Hanging around my neck on a lanyard. calimary Jul 2021 #69
I am still masked but can't talk my husband Tree Lady Jul 2021 #70
Got back from Costco a bit ago. Nearly all were mask free, even the elderly. We had ours on but I KewlKat Jul 2021 #73
Two Moderna shots here, 2nd one 3 weeks ago, and I got the Delta monster... Justice matters. Jul 2021 #77
Thank goodness for you, I hope I am an outlier. StClone Jul 2021 #81
Take care. StarryNite Jul 2021 #82
Thank you two. Justice matters. Jul 2021 #83
I never stopped wearing a mask kacekwl Jul 2021 #86
I am sorry you had bt cases Meowmee Jul 2021 #96
How were your symptoms? TheFarseer Jul 2021 #104
It's not "just a cold." Ms. Toad Jul 2021 #147
I am still masking when I go into supermarkets or stores LetMyPeopleVote Jul 2021 #106
Some people at my work were comfortable enough to have a baby shower this week. tanyev Jul 2021 #124
Wearing mine. Texaswitchy Jul 2021 #112
Thank you for sharing your story and warning. Crunchy Frog Jul 2021 #113
so did my girlfriend and I qazplm135 Jul 2021 #115
I think we are seeing breakthroughs not only because Delta is a bad hombre but also, wiggs Jul 2021 #130
I agree. StarryNite Jul 2021 #134
I only go out once a week and just did today. BigmanPigman Jul 2021 #135
Wearing my mask everywhere Freyda99 Jul 2021 #136
If masks work, why are cases rising in Japan where mask compliance was high even before the pandemic Yavin4 Jul 2021 #139
Maybe because the Delta variant is so much more infectious. NH Ethylene Jul 2021 #153
They had a surge before Delta. Yavin4 Jul 2021 #154
Good point! Although the deaths per million population is much lower than many other countries. NH Ethylene Jul 2021 #173
Japan's death rate from Covid is low because they have the lowest obesity rate Yavin4 Jul 2021 #175
The US has 105,640 cases per million, and 1882 deaths per million. Ms. Toad Jul 2021 #157
You didn't answer my question about masks. n/t Yavin4 Jul 2021 #158
Your question makes no sense. Ms. Toad Jul 2021 #159
Again, you haven't answered my question about masks and surges in Japan. Yavin4 Jul 2021 #160
Are you seriously saying that if something doesn't prevent 100% of infections, it doesn't work? Ms. Toad Jul 2021 #171
I've asked a simple question and you cannot give me a simple answer. Yavin4 Jul 2021 #177
I can't tell if you are playing games, Ms. Toad Jul 2021 #193
At different times, you have called me "ignorant" and "illiterate" because I do not agree with you. Yavin4 Jul 2021 #194
I am not arguing points, because I am explaining scientific facts. Ms. Toad Jul 2021 #195
Post removed Post removed Jul 2021 #196
Oh dear Hekate Jul 2021 #197
They did - the surges would have been far worse without the masks Blues Heron Jul 2021 #199
Yea, I'm good. Not masking up again unless the state requires it Tarc Jul 2021 #143
Thank you MustLoveBeagles Jul 2021 #145
Really? You have told us before no masking for you cause Joe said it was ok. boston bean Jul 2021 #172
That wasn't me MustLoveBeagles Jul 2021 #178
I may be. Thank you for clarifying. My apologies! boston bean Jul 2021 #179
It's okay MustLoveBeagles Jul 2021 #180
Thank you! boston bean Jul 2021 #182
I was so happy Piasladic Jul 2021 #146
Sorry to hear that BoycottTimHortons Jul 2021 #148
Based on watching reports from front line medical workers I am wondering if retread Jul 2021 #162
Exactly seta1950 Jul 2021 #176
Friggin' bummer! Hope you all get back to normal soon! Baked Potato Jul 2021 #198
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