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Should Andrew Cuomo resign? [View all] DemocratSinceBirth Aug 2021 OP
Absolutely. Elessar Zappa Aug 2021 #1
+100000000 a kennedy Aug 2021 #3
The report was damning. He needs to go. 50 Shades Of Blue Aug 2021 #2
YEP. Bye bye, Buddy. vanlassie Aug 2021 #4
He needs to resign berksdem Aug 2021 #5
Yes! He needs to go! CrispyQ Aug 2021 #6
Without doubt. Treefrog Aug 2021 #7
He will probably refuse to comment, like he always does. MoonRiver Aug 2021 #27
Here is the full 165 page report, would be surprised if the No votes read it and stay No Celerity Aug 2021 #8
Thanks! Laura PourMeADrink Aug 2021 #35
As soon as Matt Gaetz resigns Oneironaut Aug 2021 #9
Well Matt Gaetz wasn't mean to someone at a fundraising cotillion that one time so he can stay. BannonsLiver Aug 2021 #11
Anyone who gets emotional about politics probably shouldn't be involved. Don't you agree? brooklynite Aug 2021 #51
I'm not sure. BannonsLiver Aug 2021 #52
I'm sure there is among some people...I don't recommend it brooklynite Aug 2021 #55
My guess is he'll take a beat to process the report and will decide against running again. BannonsLiver Aug 2021 #59
Oh so female staffers should just continue to feel unsafe... AkFemDem Aug 2021 #15
I think Andrew Cuomo is a scumbag. Oneironaut Aug 2021 #30
So IOW, female staffers can just go on feeling unsafe. Because Republicans. 50 Shades Of Blue Aug 2021 #31
That's a wrong summarization of my point. Oneironaut Aug 2021 #38
So should Cuomo resign? 50 Shades Of Blue Aug 2021 #53
Morally and in the interest of justice, yes. Oneironaut Aug 2021 #57
None Dorian Gray Aug 2021 #73
That makes no sense. yardwork Aug 2021 #83
What pant load Wavelight Aug 2021 #33
Ok Oneironaut Aug 2021 #34
Those rules consist of sacrificing women and their safety. Fuck that shit. WhiskeyGrinder Aug 2021 #44
No Ohio Joe Aug 2021 #60
I stand by my post. Oneironaut Aug 2021 #67
If you insist... Ohio Joe Aug 2021 #68
love this response Dorian Gray Aug 2021 #74
If you're Dorian Gray Aug 2021 #72
If even half of today's revelations are true, he should have resigned months ago. Hoyt Aug 2021 #10
+1 leftstreet Aug 2021 #18
Yes, I'm just terrified of a Republican taking his spot. Marius25 Aug 2021 #12
IMHO, the odds of a TFG loyalist winning is pretty much zip Kaleva Aug 2021 #21
No. Prove it. pwb Aug 2021 #13
DId you even bother to read the report? AkFemDem Aug 2021 #16
What report this is a poll? pwb Aug 2021 #23
The report is literally the Democratic Attorney General's official findings Sympthsical Aug 2021 #26
This message was self-deleted by its author DiamondShark Aug 2021 #64
This poll was in response Dorian Gray Aug 2021 #76
The report goes into great detail if you'd like to know what he did. WhiskeyGrinder Aug 2021 #19
there was a lengthy independant investigation Takket Aug 2021 #20
Not beyond a doubt to me. pwb Aug 2021 #28
Have you read the report? tonedevil Aug 2021 #39
Very sad and disappointing to see this sort of thing here. tritsofme Aug 2021 #45
Read the damned report already. ShazzieB Aug 2021 #70
It is a report for fuck sake. A report. pwb Aug 2021 #81
sigh Dorian Gray Aug 2021 #77
Yawn. pwb Aug 2021 #82
'Completely Violated': Women Describe Cuomo's Groping and Intimidation Celerity Aug 2021 #114
His constituents should decide. LakeArenal Aug 2021 #14
How can his constituents decide if he should resign? tritsofme Aug 2021 #17
My answer was no. LakeArenal Aug 2021 #25
His constituents are represented by legislators. Those legislators can impeach him Jose Garcia Aug 2021 #40
Fine by me as long as it's NY. Texas likes to sticks nose in everyone's business. LakeArenal Aug 2021 #58
Oooh! Ooooooh! ME ME ME!!!! I'm his constituent Dorian Gray Aug 2021 #78
I'm glad you get to decide and not some person in Texas. LakeArenal Aug 2021 #88
I think a lot of us are sick of his shit. Dorian Gray Aug 2021 #116
I think so too. LakeArenal Aug 2021 #117
Nope. SoonerPride Aug 2021 #22
But there will be style points, and morally we can all feel good about ourselves. BannonsLiver Aug 2021 #29
Nope. I'm over Dems resigning for this while Rs stay in office Arazi Aug 2021 #24
Now that the investigation is done Bettie Aug 2021 #32
The investigation seems pretty conclusive Ilsa Aug 2021 #36
He's up for re-election in Nov 2022. Let the voters decide. beaglelover Aug 2021 #37
Should additional safety precautions be implemented to prevent further assaults? tritsofme Aug 2021 #41
+100000% Dorian Gray Aug 2021 #80
Also this, in addition to my post below. yardwork Aug 2021 #104
Seems like a bad strategy. If he resigns now, Democrats might keep the seat. yardwork Aug 2021 #84
you have a good point electric_blue68 Aug 2021 #90
As do you, below. yardwork Aug 2021 #105
Ah, thank you electric_blue68 Aug 2021 #108
As a NYC'r: sadly - yes, while because he's done good things (esp the pandemic); but this is... electric_blue68 Aug 2021 #42
Not to mention, his covid record is not that impressive karynnj Aug 2021 #43
Early on Cuomo did seemingly make mistakes re: the nursing home... electric_blue68 Aug 2021 #47
New York was one of the ground zeroes karynnj Aug 2021 #54
And your daughter has made it through safely so far? I hope. electric_blue68 Aug 2021 #89
Yes, she was extremely cautious and was vaccinated as soon as her age group came up karynnj Aug 2021 #93
good for her, and you 👍 electric_blue68 Aug 2021 #109
I'm listening to his press conference now. He's so full of sh*t. Earth-shine Aug 2021 #46
The AG said Cuomo violated state and federal laws. He must resign or be impeached. WhiskeyGrinder Aug 2021 #48
I was a strong no pending the independent report greenjar_01 Aug 2021 #49
I was upset but was willing to wait, cognizant of liars, and trolls ... electric_blue68 Aug 2021 #92
Yes. hunter Aug 2021 #50
Yes. H2O Man Aug 2021 #56
no. impeach him. that's another possibility. then let voters decide in 2022 IcyPeas Aug 2021 #61
Whatever is most likely to stop us from ending up with a Republican governor. Crunchy Frog Aug 2021 #62
Yes, absolutely! nt Raine Aug 2021 #63
No, this will however help with the lawsuits filed by his victims. DiamondShark Aug 2021 #65
Well I said I wanted an independent investigation first mvd Aug 2021 #66
Agreed. yardwork Aug 2021 #85
No imo Meowmee Aug 2021 #69
If he doesn't resign he will be impeached. Every NY federal Dem, plus Biden, etc Celerity Aug 2021 #79
Disagree Meowmee Aug 2021 #95
you are now sliding the goalposts. Impeachment is a political move, not a legal move. Celerity Aug 2021 #99
I am not sliding anything I responded to two of your points Meowmee Aug 2021 #100
You are now demanding that he be tried and convicted in a court of law before he needs to go. Celerity Aug 2021 #102
No not demanding anything Meowmee Aug 2021 #106
I disagree with you completely. Biden, Pelosi, 100% of the NY congressional delegation, etc. all Celerity Aug 2021 #107
And I disagree with you so so many points, Meowmee Aug 2021 #111
He should go Dorian Gray Aug 2021 #71
Yes, and he should do it yesterday. n/t Tarheel_Dem Aug 2021 #75
No elected Democrat should resign their position until and unless impeached or convicted of a felony dalton99a Aug 2021 #86
I have a feeling he may try to ride it out Shrek Aug 2021 #87
Head of DC37 just said to resign. No other new news yet electric_blue68 Aug 2021 #91
How could 22% say no? Polybius Aug 2021 #94
I'm surprised it's not higher iemanja Aug 2021 #97
Yes, but he won't iemanja Aug 2021 #96
I'm curious to see how it will play out if he doesn't. maxsolomon Aug 2021 #98
Well, 100% of Republicans would vote Yes Polybius Aug 2021 #103
I changed my reply from no to yes after I read the report. n/t LuckyCharms Aug 2021 #101
For those keeping score, moondust Aug 2021 #110
Also 2 words...Al Frankin. Rustyeye77 Aug 2021 #112
Yes, but... lees1975 Aug 2021 #113
Uhhhh...we did that with Al Frankin. Rustyeye77 Aug 2021 #115
Why are so many male politicians so effing stupid? smirkymonkey Aug 2021 #118
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