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39. It's no take over.
Fri Aug 13, 2021, 09:34 AM
Aug 2021

They're restoring the rightful president to his golden throne. We've all seen the same evidence from Trump's army of attorneys in courts of law all over the U.S. It's irrefutable!

Who can deny there were Jewish space lasers? Who can deny a long dead Hugo Chavez interfered with the Dominion voting machines? Who can deny Chinese, Chechnyan, Vietnamese bamboo shoots in Arizona's ballots?

The evidence is as plain as the swollen, dripping nose on Don Jr.'s face!

Today the January 6th tourists will be proved right, and their immediate release back into the sweet, clear air of American freedom is nigh.

It's a day for all Americans to celebrate and rejoice, at The Return of the King!

Or not.

Is Everyone Ready? [View all] H2O Man Aug 2021 OP
ROFL malaise Aug 2021 #1
In posting this H2O Man Aug 2021 #3
Happens to me all the time malaise Aug 2021 #8
Wait! H2O Man Aug 2021 #10
Hahahahahaha malaise Aug 2021 #12
I can't take my eyes H2O Man Aug 2021 #25
It will be interesting to see what threats Trump spews out today. kentuck Aug 2021 #2
I have heard that H2O Man Aug 2021 #6
One wonders when their lies will run out of steam? kentuck Aug 2021 #11
They have followed the 45 track of just spewing shit so relentlessly Cosmocat Aug 2021 #14
I wish that H2O Man Aug 2021 #15
I think you are 100% correct. NOTHING happened. Even "Scooter" Libby was pardoned. Evolve Dammit Aug 2021 #29
If you look Nixon, Reagen, W Cosmocat Aug 2021 #43
Good point. H2O Man Aug 2021 #44
Right. H2O Man Aug 2021 #24
It's more like The Rupture. Kid Berwyn Aug 2021 #4
!!!!!!!!! H2O Man Aug 2021 #7
It'd be an honor. Kid Berwyn Aug 2021 #13
Thanks! H2O Man Aug 2021 #16
On pins and needles. Lochloosa Aug 2021 #5
The anticipation H2O Man Aug 2021 #9
I'm ready to party ornotna Aug 2021 #17
I have two H2O Man Aug 2021 #20
A couple of Miller Lights does not a party make. panader0 Aug 2021 #21
No, but a pint of serious ale is ... marble falls Aug 2021 #31
Bwahahahahahaaa.... spanone Aug 2021 #18
It must be true!?!? H2O Man Aug 2021 #22
Now that calls for some serious consideration. spanone Aug 2021 #26
A man who H2O Man Aug 2021 #27
I've been waiting my entire lifetime for this day. panader0 Aug 2021 #19
Our generation hoped H2O Man Aug 2021 #23
I am headed out to pick up trash along the road on our property. TNNurse Aug 2021 #28
I can't find any reports H2O Man Aug 2021 #45
Have found some interesting and also disgusting things. TNNurse Aug 2021 #50
Yikes! H2O Man Aug 2021 #52
Wow, not seen needles. How wonderful your son does that. TNNurse Aug 2021 #57
Many years ago, H2O Man Aug 2021 #59
I am incredibly jealous of that. TNNurse Aug 2021 #67
Jared Kushner was at the door this morning passing out flyers about the transition, ... marble falls Aug 2021 #30
Do you know H2O Man Aug 2021 #46
"One word, Benjy ... plastics." Ivanka wants you to eat anemic pumpkins a Thanksgiving ... marble falls Aug 2021 #64
People like her H2O Man Aug 2021 #74
Some boneheads will try to pull some ugly shit today blogslug Aug 2021 #32
Valid question. H2O Man Aug 2021 #47
Is the take over today? HipChick Aug 2021 #33
It's no take over. SergeStorms Aug 2021 #39
Thank you! H2O Man Aug 2021 #49
As long as your H2O Man Aug 2021 #48
Some fruit-loop minister recently said that Trump was ALREADY sworn in... NurseJackie Aug 2021 #34
There you go! H2O Man Aug 2021 #51
I can't wait to see his new letterhead. NurseJackie Aug 2021 #54
With his autograph on it. H2O Man Aug 2021 #56
Has anyone heard if the Capitol Police KS Toronado Aug 2021 #35
They likely have orders H2O Man Aug 2021 #53
directly to the throne? KS Toronado Aug 2021 #68
I believe so ..... H2O Man Aug 2021 #69
This message was self-deleted by its author H2O Man Aug 2021 #70
this AllaN01Bear Aug 2021 #36
Thank you! H2O Man Aug 2021 #55
I'm ready, for a nap! MoonRiver Aug 2021 #37
Too much partying H2O Man Aug 2021 #58
I have my Trump banners ready! malthaussen Aug 2021 #38
Great! H2O Man Aug 2021 #60
Did Trump hike the prices for his DC hotel for last night and tonight? keithbvadu2 Aug 2021 #40
Good call! H2O Man Aug 2021 #61
The Rapture was promised and somehow missed us all. Ford_Prefect Aug 2021 #41
It must be H2O Man Aug 2021 #62
Did it happen? Did I miss it? peggysue2 Aug 2021 #42
It's all true, H2O Man Aug 2021 #63
Lin Wood: Trump has secret military backchannel to authorize nuclear strikes keithbvadu2 Aug 2021 #65
Promises Kept, Promises Broken spanone Aug 2021 #66
Thank you! H2O Man Aug 2021 #71
I heard it's been moved to 31 September. GoneOffShore Aug 2021 #72
Right. H2O Man Aug 2021 #73
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