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25. People will forget this shit in a few months
Wed Aug 18, 2021, 09:21 AM
Aug 2021

Especially if things calm down over there

They can’t pretend to give a shit about Afghanistan

I think they will scream about it Bettie Aug 2021 #1
The Trump embeds are deep. Just wonder if there was anything going on to make Biden look joetheman Aug 2021 #39
Benghazi on steroids GPV Aug 2021 #2
But Obama still won. Demsrule86 Aug 2021 #20
Because Hillary took the blame ansible Aug 2021 #34
I think it will, but by then the situation will probably have calmed down a lot. MoonRiver Aug 2021 #3
I hope you're right orangecrush Aug 2021 #4
3.5 years is a lifetime in politics. PLUS its what Americans wanted onetexan Aug 2021 #21
Only if Republicans take over the House in 2022. OAITW r.2.0 Aug 2021 #5
Ding Ding Ding exboyfil Aug 2021 #8
+1 Hugin Aug 2021 #26
But what will their angle be? Mad_Machine76 Aug 2021 #37
Afghanistan rso Aug 2021 #6
It shouldn't be at all. a kennedy Aug 2021 #7
Maybe - but did TFG get hit with Syria withdrawal and abandoning the Kurds? haele Aug 2021 #9
Maybe he did. TFG did lose, after all. bluewater Aug 2021 #10
Don't remember it being a campaign issue. haele Aug 2021 #11
Covid cost Trump tbe presidency...his bungling of it. The GOP went to the mat with Benghazi Demsrule86 Aug 2021 #22
No, people took revenge on him for his COVID genocide. lagomorph777 Aug 2021 #15
Scared to answer honestly greenjar_01 Aug 2021 #12
It won't be an important issue. BlueCheeseAgain Aug 2021 #13
WHEN are Dems going to start investigations into the Jan. 6th insurrection started by tRump? LenaBaby61 Aug 2021 #14
Jan 6th, 2025. lagomorph777 Aug 2021 #16
Jan 6th, 2025. LenaBaby61 Aug 2021 #19
We have to keep pointing out that this was Trump's deal (and Junior Bush's creation) lagomorph777 Aug 2021 #24
We have to keep pointing out that this was Trump's deal (and Junior Bush's creation). LenaBaby61 Aug 2021 #38
I doubt it. Elessar Zappa Aug 2021 #17
no, but R's will call democrats soft because that is what they do RANDYWILDMAN Aug 2021 #18
It will be because Republicans have nothing else. Democrats need to remind them Vinca Aug 2021 #23
People will forget this shit in a few months Thrill Aug 2021 #25
2024, Afghanistan, what's Afghanistan? marie999 Aug 2021 #27
Yes, but not a very effective one. Happy Hoosier Aug 2021 #28
The GQP is desperate to find something, anything to use against President Biden. BlueIdaho Aug 2021 #29
It's entirely too early to tell inwiththenew Aug 2021 #30
the economy will be bigger issue Demovictory9 Aug 2021 #31
I say it depends forthemiddle Aug 2021 #32
No, I don't expect the Republican nominee to be a neo-con Polybius Aug 2021 #33
Not sure yet. Republicans would like to turn it into Benghazi, of course. GoodRaisin Aug 2021 #35
This goes beyond Biden, Afghanistan will be an issue for decades to come ansible Aug 2021 #36
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