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14. Hardcore leftists can be tough too.
Fri Aug 20, 2021, 08:33 PM
Aug 2021

"You get the bullet too, you bougie bastard"

Leftists (like real, hardcore leftists) want to dismantle Capitalism and as long as there is a sort of kindly (but really not) figure like Joe Biden in the way, that day will never come. Leftists tend to think that Democrats and Republicans are different sides of the same coin because both want to maintain Capitalism.

The difference between leftists and conservatives is that leftists have no real power and will very likely never obtain any real power. Conservatives, despite their smaller numbers, have real and outsized power. Because they are so wealthy, they have the ability to shape narratives that the left will never likely have, barring some catastrophe where Capitalism collapses on itself. Then again, a collapse in Capitalism is just as likely, if not more, to lead us toward fascism or feudalism.

Some of the more pragmatic leftists, understand that Democrats are at least workable. They can be "reasoned with" where right wingers will just as likely kill you.

I lean more left but I also understand that "pure" systems of economics and governance are never likely to succeed in large populations with modern trading and such. I am sure I'd "get the bullet too" if the proletariat revolution ever came.

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