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13. I confess I love Amazon in particular for enriching and revolutionizing rural life
Tue Aug 31, 2021, 04:12 PM
Aug 2021

AND (another biggie!) for revolutionizing the quality of goods offered for sale.

I remember when virtually all name-brand suppliers routinely sold several lines of garbage. They sold well because they were the only things available (I remember the 3 same bathroom scales the only ones available-- in every department store in Los Angeles (presumably in the nation), plus an additional model in a couple of more upscale ones.

AND consumers didn't know how incredibly systematically they were being ripped off, even when the item they took home quickly malfunctioned or broke "prematurely." Models that Consumer Reports rated high were usually discontinued. Just business.

Amazon's still the place to check reviews.

And as said, it's been a particular boon to oldies hiding from a killer virus spread by hostile conservatives and other idiots. Saves gas too. We do still shop locally a fair amount, but on fixed incomes we often just can't afford not to shop for low prices on line.

I also remember when almost every restaurant and store in town wasn't one of a chain of identical stores found across the nation. I do not worry that Amazon is hurting those soul-killing chains. What I want back is the wonderfully local businesses the chains destroyed in virtually every town in the country. Some have been reborn on line.

If I read a quote from a book...... MyOwnPeace Aug 2021 #1
Yep! Unless it's something I need NOW... I'll order it from Amazon and have it tomorrow. NurseJackie Aug 2021 #4
And even with the 'need it now....' MyOwnPeace Aug 2021 #7
when I want something HAB911 Aug 2021 #2
Sure, though I don't ALWAYS shop on line first beyond Amazon. Hortensis Aug 2021 #12
I give them a ton of business because of convenience budkin Aug 2021 #3
Read a post in the Frugal Living group today which lead me to buy an emergency radio from Amazon Kaleva Aug 2021 #5
It's probably about 5 or 6 times a year for me. Buckeye_Democrat Aug 2021 #6
More since the pandemic struck Poiuyt Aug 2021 #8
I'm a frequent shopper on Amazon but I always check their prices FakeNoose Aug 2021 #9
More, lately, the less I have to go out amongst the infected swarms, the better Shanti Shanti Shanti Aug 2021 #10
Whenever I can't find something locally. GoCubsGo Aug 2021 #11
We live very rural here, 2 hours to nearest big town. dixiegrrrrl Aug 2021 #16
I have a few more choices. GoCubsGo Aug 2021 #27
I confess I love Amazon in particular for enriching and revolutionizing rural life Hortensis Aug 2021 #13
Amen. n/t dixiegrrrrl Sep 2021 #41
About once a month Retrograde Aug 2021 #14
just got rid of my prime membership bedazzled Aug 2021 #15
I've seen good prices on ebay... but shipping is sooo slow! NurseJackie Aug 2021 #18
you are right. i try and avoid buying items from china bedazzled Aug 2021 #25
if you sign up on this mailing list from Simon & Schuster you can get one free book IcyPeas Aug 2021 #23
free books! what's not to like! bedazzled Aug 2021 #26
I blame the pandemic, I got hooked on Amazon JuJuChen Aug 2021 #17
I'm not among the Amazon haters iemanja Aug 2021 #19
I sign up for free Prime somewhere near the holidays, then I cancel it IcyPeas Aug 2021 #20
Yep... that's how I got started. But then, I really liked it and I knew the Prime Membership would... NurseJackie Aug 2021 #21
Yes I shop at Amazon and I don't even hate Jeff Bezos. comradebillyboy Aug 2021 #22
At least a few times a week mcar Aug 2021 #24
Unfortunately, at this point, if you want to find something you can more easily find Vinca Aug 2021 #28
In the DC area, I'm surprised that "TV Stores" still exist... NurseJackie Aug 2021 #30
I totally agree. We just had one delivered a couple of weeks ago and I held my breath until we Vinca Aug 2021 #32
THAT was when we cancelled DirecTV and switched to Verizon Fios TV... NurseJackie Aug 2021 #33
I live on an island. tavernier Aug 2021 #29
We have family that FEEL like they're on an island. Very rural... NurseJackie Aug 2021 #31
Best purchase I ever made from Amazon was about 8 years ago Trailrider1951 Aug 2021 #34
We bought a rollator and a transport (small-wheel) wheelchair from Amazon. NurseJackie Aug 2021 #35
Monthly. All of it is stuff I can't get locally... hunter Aug 2021 #36
I know!! That's a big consideration for a lot of the things I buy from Amazon. NurseJackie Aug 2021 #38
But, Jeff Bezos... MineralMan Aug 2021 #37
That's because you're smarter than most people I know. NurseJackie Aug 2021 #39
I have bought a lot of stuff on Amazon. Initech Aug 2021 #40
BFE Montana with a 22% positivity rate, 28 miles from town Maru Kitteh Sep 2021 #42
We have regular UPS, Fedex and Amazon drivers. NurseJackie Sep 2021 #43
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