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10. Herself.
Wed Sep 29, 2021, 09:41 AM
Sep 2021

IMO, she's using her senate seat to secure a more profitable position when she loses her next election. Manchin's probably in it for the money, too.

Publicly funded elections would go a long way toward fixing this country, but how do you get the people who benefit from the status quo to change the status quo?

It sure doesn't look like it. BlueTsunami2018 Sep 2021 #1
They are committed to blocking it. lagomorph777 Sep 2021 #2
They are getting paid to block it, only thing that makes sense. lark Sep 2021 #3
100% agree. lagomorph777 Sep 2021 #4
Most likely explanation. 2naSalit Sep 2021 #15
JMHO sinema having gotten a vote of no confidence by AZ Dems, she will run in '24 as gqp PortTack Sep 2021 #17
She won't survive a Republican primary. temporary311 Sep 2021 #26
Exactly....add that to her being a bisexual woman. That's why she ran as a dem in the first place PortTack Oct 2021 #32
Crap, I hadn't thought of that. That would certainly explain a lot. lark Sep 2021 #29
I have no idea- they are both more complicated than they appear... TreasonousBastard Sep 2021 #5
Constituents. lagomorph777 Sep 2021 #14
And something like 69% support the Voting Rights legislation Caliman73 Sep 2021 #19
In a state where Trump got 70% of the vote... BlueCheeseAgain Sep 2021 #23
But they do. They hate Dems, but elected Manchin. lagomorph777 Sep 2021 #27
I'm willing to bet some other Democrats aren't committed to passing Joe Biden's agenda... brooklynite Sep 2021 #6
That is a sucker's bet Caliman73 Sep 2021 #20
Sinema is not showing loyalty to the people who voted for her. Walleye Sep 2021 #7
Herself. CrispyQ Sep 2021 #10
I feel the same. Manchin and Sinema feathering their nest for after they lose Walleye Sep 2021 #12
I'm willing to bet some other Democrats aren't committed to passing Joe Biden's agenda... brooklynite Sep 2021 #8
Working out differences is one thing Mad_Machine76 Sep 2021 #11
No Mad_Machine76 Sep 2021 #9
No Patton French Sep 2021 #13
Obviously, they are not. msfiddlestix Sep 2021 #16
They want the BIF to pass qazplm135 Sep 2021 #18
Lawrence O'Donnell, who talks about congress each night, Hortensis Sep 2021 #21
+1 leftstreet Sep 2021 #30
Half and half BlueCheeseAgain Sep 2021 #22
Do you think Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema need to be committed 48656c6c6f20 Sep 2021 #24
Manchin will commit, if anything that could be perceived as anti-coal is removed andym Sep 2021 #25
No. nt DLevine Sep 2021 #28
They are committed to obstructing it iemanja Sep 2021 #31
I look at their ages for clues DFW Oct 2021 #33
I think they are committed to lobbyists Mr. Sparkle Oct 2021 #34
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