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14. Constituents.
Wed Sep 29, 2021, 09:46 AM
Sep 2021

And, per a poll that came out yesterday, 77% of Manchin's constituents support the reconciliation bill. So why doesn't Manchin support it? (Rhetorical question. We all know the answer).

It sure doesn't look like it. BlueTsunami2018 Sep 2021 #1
They are committed to blocking it. lagomorph777 Sep 2021 #2
They are getting paid to block it, only thing that makes sense. lark Sep 2021 #3
100% agree. lagomorph777 Sep 2021 #4
Most likely explanation. 2naSalit Sep 2021 #15
JMHO sinema having gotten a vote of no confidence by AZ Dems, she will run in '24 as gqp PortTack Sep 2021 #17
She won't survive a Republican primary. temporary311 Sep 2021 #26
Exactly....add that to her being a bisexual woman. That's why she ran as a dem in the first place PortTack Oct 2021 #32
Crap, I hadn't thought of that. That would certainly explain a lot. lark Sep 2021 #29
I have no idea- they are both more complicated than they appear... TreasonousBastard Sep 2021 #5
Constituents. lagomorph777 Sep 2021 #14
And something like 69% support the Voting Rights legislation Caliman73 Sep 2021 #19
In a state where Trump got 70% of the vote... BlueCheeseAgain Sep 2021 #23
But they do. They hate Dems, but elected Manchin. lagomorph777 Sep 2021 #27
I'm willing to bet some other Democrats aren't committed to passing Joe Biden's agenda... brooklynite Sep 2021 #6
That is a sucker's bet Caliman73 Sep 2021 #20
Sinema is not showing loyalty to the people who voted for her. Walleye Sep 2021 #7
Herself. CrispyQ Sep 2021 #10
I feel the same. Manchin and Sinema feathering their nest for after they lose Walleye Sep 2021 #12
I'm willing to bet some other Democrats aren't committed to passing Joe Biden's agenda... brooklynite Sep 2021 #8
Working out differences is one thing Mad_Machine76 Sep 2021 #11
No Mad_Machine76 Sep 2021 #9
No Patton French Sep 2021 #13
Obviously, they are not. msfiddlestix Sep 2021 #16
They want the BIF to pass qazplm135 Sep 2021 #18
Lawrence O'Donnell, who talks about congress each night, Hortensis Sep 2021 #21
+1 leftstreet Sep 2021 #30
Half and half BlueCheeseAgain Sep 2021 #22
Do you think Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema need to be committed 48656c6c6f20 Sep 2021 #24
Manchin will commit, if anything that could be perceived as anti-coal is removed andym Sep 2021 #25
No. nt DLevine Sep 2021 #28
They are committed to obstructing it iemanja Sep 2021 #31
I look at their ages for clues DFW Oct 2021 #33
I think they are committed to lobbyists Mr. Sparkle Oct 2021 #34
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