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5. I celebrate the death of every anti-vax idiot (and anti-mask idiot).
Sat Oct 16, 2021, 06:48 AM
Oct 2021

The sooner Covid wins and kills them all off, the better off we'll all be. With each and every death... one mouthpiece for lies and misinformation has been SILENCED. With each and every death... another human incubation chamber is eliminated and the risk of further mutations and spreading new variations is shut down.

With each and every death... valuable hospital resources aren't WASTED on someone who didn't want to live anyway. What a shame it is that they put our healthcare workers at risk and strain the system to the breaking point. How fucking SELFISH it is that they are preventing others from receiving the live-saving care that they NEED! The longer they live, these "covid-hoax" idiots are killing MORE than just themselves.

I don't even feel sympathy for the loved ones they leave behind. Why? Because this is what they WANTED! They knew the risks, they were warned. They saw the death and devastation. And worst of all they KNEW they had loved ones who'd be left behind, but they didn't care. If these idiots didn't care a SINGLE IOTA for their family, wives, husbands, children or their friends... then why should I? It's WASTED EMOTION to care about them.

The SELFISH BASTARDS made a CHOICE to give a "gift of their own death" to their loved ones, right?

Deserves no sympathy in my opinion.
Absolutely zero sympathy from me as well. They are members of a fucking DEATH CULT!! This is what they want. They remind me of the zealot snake handlers who act surprised when the snake bites them.

They deserve nothing except contempt and ridicule.

Anyone who chooses to remain unvaccinated Sherman A1 Oct 2021 #1
I celebrate the death of every anti-vax idiot (and anti-mask idiot). NurseJackie Oct 2021 #5
Eloquently Stated Sherman A1 Oct 2021 #7
Thanks. I'm not sure about it being... NurseJackie Oct 2021 #9
I don't celebrate their deaths, exactly, Demobrat Oct 2021 #8
I think I understand your point. However... NurseJackie Oct 2021 #12
While I understand the anger I look at the maskless/unvaccinated as dupes of the RW media and Dustlawyer Oct 2021 #15
So do I, they're evil incarnate traitorsgalore Oct 2021 #20
Honestly, I believe that they're being "empowered" by those who coddle them... NurseJackie Oct 2021 #21
You're Too Kind. I've No More Fucks To Give For Them COL Mustard Oct 2021 #10
Thanks for the song, it's f**king hilarious Clash City Rocker Oct 2021 #17
Thanks for posting. FYI: Link to the actual study mucifer Oct 2021 #2
Unvaccinated individuals are selfish fools. gademocrat7 Oct 2021 #3
Right to Lifers are their own hypocrisy bucolic_frolic Oct 2021 #4
Ohio was updting deaths 1x weekly, now back up to 2x wk. Marthe48 Oct 2021 #6
Wouldn't mind seeing reQublicOns keeping KS Toronado Oct 2021 #11
The Koch brothers and others are funnelling money into anti-vaxxer groups Farmer-Rick Oct 2021 #13
Less CO2 emissions. roamer65 Oct 2021 #14
Vax refusal is a powerful signal of loyalty to the religious group lindysalsagal Oct 2021 #16
K&R Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Oct 2021 #18
It's a shame that the cult leaders are not participating in the mass suicide dalton99a Oct 2021 #19
let darwin be darwin. pansypoo53219 Oct 2021 #22
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