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Martin Eden

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12. That was my thought as well -- but we SHOULD have more quality free time
Wed Oct 20, 2021, 01:57 PM
Oct 2021

Growing up in the 1960's (born 1957) I remember hearing how all the wonderful advances in technology and productivity would raise our standard of living, reducing the number of hours worked to give us more quality time for life and family.

The wonderful advances in technology and productivity did indeed occur, but the benefits accrued overwhelmingly to the major share holders. If anything, we are working more hours than the "greatest generation" did 50 years ago, struggling to afford the "American Dream" that was more in reach when strong labor unions helped to fulfill that promise for so many working Americans.

interesting Tweet of THE Morning [View all] YoshidaYui Oct 2021 OP
Yep. calimary Oct 2021 #1
This. Yep. n/t TygrBright Oct 2021 #2
I endeavor to suggest that one part of humanity chose to make nearly everyone else Ford_Prefect Oct 2021 #3
I'd suggest that they are god. plimsoll Oct 2021 #14
Unfortunately, the fruit has to get to your floatie thing somehow A HERETIC I AM Oct 2021 #4
That was my thought as well -- but we SHOULD have more quality free time Martin Eden Oct 2021 #12
Yup! Jetsons was the aspiration... AleksS Oct 2021 #21
For that matter Martin Eden Oct 2021 #23
Amen! Mary in S. Carolina Oct 2021 #5
Even in the harshest climates, hunter-gatherers work about 20 hours a week localroger Oct 2021 #6
The earth is already overpopulated. Eyeball_Kid Oct 2021 #8
So much bullshit only to finally retire broke. rickyhall Oct 2021 #7
I don't know of any jobs that are actually 9 to 5. PoindexterOglethorpe Oct 2021 #9
And then there are swing and graveyard shiftf. soldierant Oct 2021 #13
Most of my working life I did shift work. PoindexterOglethorpe Oct 2021 #26
Oh, I agree! soldierant Oct 2021 #35
Whenever I need to make an appointment for something, PoindexterOglethorpe Oct 2021 #40
Same here! Silver Gaia Oct 2021 #43
When I was in college, we had a professor on loan from Oxford (don't remember niyad Oct 2021 #47
If no one works, where will you get the fruit? LogicFirst Oct 2021 #10
I pick mine from the tree and one for the I_UndergroundPanther Oct 2021 #33
This message was self-deleted by its author I_UndergroundPanther Oct 2021 #34
I've been retired for the last couple of years, and it seems like I'm constantly 70sEraVet Oct 2021 #11
Love it! Delphinus Oct 2021 #16
bravo, you NJCher Oct 2021 #22
+1 llmart Oct 2021 #44
This reminds me of one of my favorite Douglas Adams quotes: iscooterliberally Oct 2021 #15
Excellent quote, thank you Escurumbele Oct 2021 #25
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Oct 2021 #38
So it's all bullshit? BadGimp Oct 2021 #17
Ask the people in Denmark why they don't think it's all bullshit Mr. Ected Oct 2021 #18
Exactly! BeerBarrelPolka Oct 2021 #20
Guess I'm lucky. Freelancer going on 28.5 years. Auggie Oct 2021 #19
He is right, and I have a story that depicts that exactly. Escurumbele Oct 2021 #24
2 hours a day is a hobby... lame54 Oct 2021 #32
9-5? lunch breaks? 5 day work week? Skittles Oct 2021 #27
To quote the late great George Carlin... It's all bullshit. Blue Owl Oct 2021 #28
We know of two alternatives to working 9 to 5 in an economy, and neither attracts me... paulkienitz Oct 2021 #29
BS Jobs IbogaProject Oct 2021 #30
Ahh, yes. I read that book recently. PoindexterOglethorpe Oct 2021 #41
Who's gonna pick the fruit? lame54 Oct 2021 #31
Am I the only poster who thinks this Tweet sucks? Johnny2X2X Oct 2021 #36
You are not BeerBarrelPolka Oct 2021 #45
My work is rewarding Johnny2X2X Oct 2021 #48
Agreed 100% BeerBarrelPolka Oct 2021 #49
No BannonsLiver Oct 2021 #53
Yes! BeerBarrelPolka Oct 2021 #56
kick Demovictory9 Oct 2021 #37
The beer isn't free today, try tomorrow Historic NY Oct 2021 #39
But people are oh so much more controllable when they're always just one mistake from total failure. NullTuples Oct 2021 #42
Try living in, say, India. In a clothing factory. All above in America IS paradise. Alexander Of Assyria Oct 2021 #46
Americans: SayItLoud Oct 2021 #50
Yeah, not really. Renew Deal Oct 2021 #55
"We don't want people to think they don't have to work hard to survive." malthaussen Oct 2021 #51
That comment on 7 hours of school for kids followed by 7 hours of homework is telling. Efilroft Sul Oct 2021 #52
Who does he propose doing the work in the "hanging out" lifestyle? Renew Deal Oct 2021 #54
He's BeerBarrelPolka Oct 2021 #57
Whomever wrote this tweet drexelkathy Oct 2021 #58
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