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Senator corn pone Fullduplexxx Oct 2021 #1
It's an act. Mz Pip Oct 2021 #7
That GDSOB is what gives us southerners a bad name. Idiot. KKKlown. CurtEastPoint Oct 2021 #2
GO AWAY, 'senator.' elleng Oct 2021 #3
I wonder if he practices that mouth full of hush puppies drawl. Land o' Goshen.My goodness gracious Walleye Oct 2021 #4
Perfect description! NurseJackie Oct 2021 #32
For some reason the image always pops into my head Walleye Oct 2021 #33
Reublicans are dicks. MontanaMama Oct 2021 #5
Can anyone make out the chatter from the other live mic? mahina Oct 2021 #6
Why are Republicans against protecting teachers? Ohioboy Oct 2021 #8
Exactly! Mad_Machine76 Oct 2021 #12
You'll notice Ohioboy Oct 2021 #25
+ 1 nt pazzyanne Oct 2021 #28
Unions are huge dem donors: Second only to corporations. That's just one reason for lindysalsagal Oct 2021 #29
Had to stop listening. Maybe tell us where the thing to hear is on the video. LakeArenal Oct 2021 #9
Jubulation T. Cornpone asks his queston at 3:21. GoCubsGo Oct 2021 #10
Thanks. 3minutes of Cornball is 3 minutes too much. I hate that Southern drawls. LakeArenal Oct 2021 #15
Another clickbait title Hav Oct 2021 #11
"Anyways, Kennedy is either incredibly stupid or just bad faith... pazzyanne Oct 2021 #30
Agree/ClickBait Title msfiddlestix Oct 2021 #40
Garland is so weak at this part of his job duties it's truly sad and frustrating to witness Hugh_Lebowski Oct 2021 #13
I wish Biden would replace him. ananda Oct 2021 #19
It would be nice to hear him push back a little Ohioboy Oct 2021 #26
is it too much to ask RussBLib Oct 2021 #14
+1000 see my last post :) nt Hugh_Lebowski Oct 2021 #16
Having to listen to 3+ minutes of Kennedy before getting to a moderate chuckle from the AG... Hekate Oct 2021 #17
Well, perhaps we need an AG HUAJIAO Oct 2021 #23
If you don't have much time Mr. Kennedy kacekwl Oct 2021 #18
Merrick Garland is so weak. Krazy Kennedy rolled right over him. AJT Oct 2021 #20
Cotten said, "Isn't that special?" WTF?? He's channeling Thtwudbeme Oct 2021 #21
I can't imagine how much an 'Acting' AG Glenn Kirschner would have shut up that disgusting POS. n/t Justice matters. Oct 2021 #22
Bullshit Republican theater to politicize the memo, then attack the AG for doing the same. ancianita Oct 2021 #24
Every question Kennedy asked was based on wildly unfair assumptions. ShazzieB Oct 2021 #27
Kennedy is insufferable themaguffin Oct 2021 #31
Why does EVERY SINGLE REUPBLICAN use the word "chilling" in their harangung of Garland? DFW Oct 2021 #34
Garland should resign and Adam Schiff should be AG. Nt helpisontheway Oct 2021 #35
Kennedy sounds drunk Leith Oct 2021 #36
it's a phony, folksy accent for the brain-dead cult supporters Skittles Oct 2021 #38
jeez I hate that fucking phony Kennedy Skittles Oct 2021 #37
Kennedy's questions contained lies and false premises Martin Eden Oct 2021 #39
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