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201. Well...
Fri Oct 29, 2021, 06:42 AM
Oct 2021
I tire of the proselytizing.
Then don't do it.

I understand how easy it can be for many people to view their political beliefs with the fervor of a religion... and by the same token, they can see party leaders as gods/goddesses (for lack of a better word). But that kind of "blind-faith" that what ought-to-be will magically manifest itself (ie: if everyone just believes strongly enough, or shouts loud enough, or stomps their feet hard enough, etc.) simply has no basis in reality.

The reality is that we have to accept the bad with the good. That there will always be wins, half-wins, compromise, and outright losses... and shitting on our hard-working, loyal and stalwart Democrats and Democratic leadership will not produce the desire outcome.

That's all I'm trying to say. It's just important for people to be realistic and allow these half-wins to be a source of INSPIRATION to work harder and to achieve more the next time. It truly serves no good purpose to characterize everything as a shitty loss or being "served shit" when there's a lot of good and an impressive amount of progress.

The "THIS IS SHIT" comments only demoralize everyone and make it harder to get another win (or half-win). Instead, an attitude of "THIS IS WONDERFUL! IF WE WANT MORE, THEN LET'S WORK HARDER NEXT TIME!" is the way to ensure success.

I think that's a reasonable approach, don't you? Most people can agree with that.

Be well.

Thus it begins. The blaming of Progressives Autumn Oct 2021 #1
All I have seen here is blaming the moderates including "corporate Democrats" question everything Oct 2021 #4
You might look a little harder. Autumn Oct 2021 #7
+1000 bluewater Oct 2021 #74
Don't need to look hard, I see Manchin and Sinema bashing here every day. DiamondShark Oct 2021 #194
Yes, let's make sure we don't talk about candidates voting records iemanja Oct 2021 #246
We have some right-wing "moderates" who are sabotaging voting rights and BBB. lagomorph777 Oct 2021 #92
.... KPN Oct 2021 #105
Here's what I think a corporate Democrat is.. Violet_Crumble Oct 2021 #271
I do not think this op is blaming progressives. Progressives are supporting the Biden agenda. UCmeNdc Oct 2021 #5
They are not "moderates" though, they are grifters themaguffin Oct 2021 #12
IOW, rhymes with "corporate doors." OMGWTF Oct 2021 #58
yes, and posers bringthePaine Oct 2021 #99
👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻 onecaliberal Oct 2021 #108
Who Mentioned Progressives? MineralMan Oct 2021 #8
Yeah we know. If we think incrementalism is what we need to go for while Democrats control the Autumn Oct 2021 #11
We do not "control" the Senate. MineralMan Oct 2021 #14
I like what you posted but, gab13by13 Oct 2021 #26
Amazing how well Republicans can control and get what they want, while in the minority. Autumn Oct 2021 #29
The Republicans are very good at blocking things, it's true. MineralMan Oct 2021 #35
Actually, republicons accomplished a lot FoxNewsSucks Oct 2021 #106
Outside of tax breaks for the wealthy what did they accomplish? Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Oct 2021 #176
I don't believe they ever intended to do any of those things, FoxNewsSucks Oct 2021 #183
They sure wouldn't! Fascist strategy is tear down, burn up, and take over. Hortensis Oct 2021 #97
Funny, I haven't seen one right wing bill passed... Zeitghost Oct 2021 #103
The GOP has a 60 vote majority in the Senate when Trump was elected and they got very little...taxes Demsrule86 Oct 2021 #159
+1 betsuni Oct 2021 #161
You assume they want to do things for the country . FoxNewsSucks Oct 2021 #184
Oh they want to do things...like destroy the ACA and Medicare...social security...outlaw abortion... Demsrule86 Oct 2021 #225
When they make it so that we can't ever vote them out, FoxNewsSucks Oct 2021 #228
Yup. Beyond the things you mentioned, Republicans only want power to STOP DemocraticPatriot Oct 2021 #240
No they did not have a 60 vote majority in the Senate when Trump was elected. Not even close. Celerity Oct 2021 #186
Thank you for posting truth each day. MerryBlooms Oct 2021 #191
Thank you so much. I enjoy your posts as well. Celerity Oct 2021 #192
Very similar scenario to what is happening now. MichMan Oct 2021 #200
We need a bigger majority and so did they...but the bottom line for them is the stuff they want to Demsrule86 Oct 2021 #227
My apologies...but the point still stands...they got very little...couldn't even get rid of the ACA. Demsrule86 Oct 2021 #226
Yes. They do that through incrementalism. Scrivener7 Oct 2021 #249
Specific combination of pork, bribes, and political extortion: lagomorph777 Oct 2021 #96
Yes we do, we just don't control messages well and do shit that loses votes such as uponit7771 Oct 2021 #243
No, we don't. We have no surplus members in our caucus. MineralMan Oct 2021 #247
Surplus of members does NOT define control of congress. Dems CONSTITUTIONALLY have control of ... uponit7771 Oct 2021 #262
Really, we would get something...your ideas leave us with nothing at all. Demsrule86 Oct 2021 #20
We did just that. If we had more we would still be short. Autumn Oct 2021 #31
Dems always need 73 senators and a genie d_b Oct 2021 #57
this made me (bitterly) LOL Celerity Oct 2021 #95
73 senators, a genie and a partridge a pear tree. It's like some who pretend to be on our side Autumn Oct 2021 #166
We have a 5050 senate. That is what we have...and we need more senators...bottom line. Demsrule86 Oct 2021 #165
With Democratic "control" of the Senate as it stands now, mcar Oct 2021 #38
Blah blah blah Bully Pulpit AZSkiffyGeek Oct 2021 #94
Yep. "Bully pulpit" "LBJ" "FDR" mcar Oct 2021 #107
+1 betsuni Oct 2021 #160
Bazinga! George II Oct 2021 #174
Nailed it! Tarheel_Dem Oct 2021 #203
+1 Last line. sheshe2 Oct 2021 #255
I don't get what other bill people think could have been passed. This is the one we were Scrivener7 Oct 2021 #248
Snap! sheshe2 Oct 2021 #256
Hey, sheshe2! Hope your weekend is a good one. Scrivener7 Oct 2021 #257
Hey, Scrivener. sheshe2 Oct 2021 #258
Have you paid any attention to how the GOP operates? CrackityJones75 Oct 2021 #140
Cute. Voltaire2 Oct 2021 #13
Cute? I many be many things, but cute is not one of them. MineralMan Oct 2021 #17
Your post, not you. Voltaire2 Oct 2021 #19
My post represents my opinion. MineralMan Oct 2021 #21
Your post avoids identifying your witches. Voltaire2 Oct 2021 #27
+1000 bluewater Oct 2021 #75
I agree with your post MM, gab13by13 Oct 2021 #37
Thanks! MineralMan Oct 2021 #45
I keep reminding people that the root of the word "progressive" is "progress". One can't be a.... George II Oct 2021 #261
Yes. Exactly. MineralMan Oct 2021 #263
This... progressoid Oct 2021 #30
I'm blaming them ALL. calimary Oct 2021 #41
I'm blaming the ones that are doing the damage. We know who they are, and why they are doing it Autumn Oct 2021 #52
We do, yes. sheshe2 Oct 2021 #259
nope azureblue Oct 2021 #85
No, not at all. I'm commenting on Dems blaming progressives. Don't comment on what I didn't say. Autumn Oct 2021 #91
Truest statement have seen all morning Laura PourMeADrink Nov 2021 #282
Wow, quick to get defensive there.... AZSkiffyGeek Oct 2021 #93
Revealing isn't it grantcart Oct 2021 #131
It's pretty much on display in the OP. progressoid Oct 2021 #154
You think? Talk about defensive there skiffy, it's interesting how defensive people get when you Autumn Oct 2021 #279
Yup berni_mccoy Oct 2021 #98
If the shoe fits. 11 Bravo Oct 2021 #171
Yeah blame them for voting lfor their own choice of a politician. Autumn Oct 2021 #172
He's talking about MAGAs pretending to be liberal or progressive C Moon Oct 2021 #190
K&R UCmeNdc Oct 2021 #2
Beware of people pointing fingers at others. CentralMass Oct 2021 #3
+1000 bluewater Oct 2021 #76
Yes. The OP very carefully avoids saying who the finger points to, which pretty much guarantees Scrivener7 Oct 2021 #250
There's an alternative point to that. hamsterjill Oct 2021 #6
We're down to 1/6th. Voltaire2 Oct 2021 #9
Probably. hamsterjill Oct 2021 #23
yep. n/t progressoid Oct 2021 #28
Progress is a direction. MineralMan Oct 2021 #10
I disagree. hamsterjill Oct 2021 #16
Some disagree with me. I can live with that. MineralMan Oct 2021 #18
As does mine. hamsterjill Oct 2021 #24
You make it sound like an all or nothing proposition, which would be disastrous IMHO. Dems could... Tarheel_Dem Oct 2021 #205
It is called compromise...and you want better policy help elect more Democrats... Demsrule86 Oct 2021 #25
It's called action hamsterjill Oct 2021 #36
If you truly believe that Democrats can get more, gab13by13 Oct 2021 #46
If it were up to me? hamsterjill Oct 2021 #54
Wow, so do things that the GQP does, gab13by13 Oct 2021 #60
Can't take a knife to a gun fight. hamsterjill Oct 2021 #63
Time to start fighting fire with fire. hadEnuf Oct 2021 #100
Thank you. hamsterjill Oct 2021 #102
I agree XanaDUer2 Oct 2021 #115
Thank you. hamsterjill Oct 2021 #118
I really need Medicare age lowered XanaDUer2 Oct 2021 #122
I want dirt on them. hamsterjill Oct 2021 #124
I'm fine with that too nt XanaDUer2 Oct 2021 #126
How about making Manchin & Sinema pay dearly for their treachery? hadEnuf Oct 2021 #148
You're right. Some seem intent on officially pushing Manchin into the arms of the GOP. That.... Tarheel_Dem Oct 2021 #206
That just isn't going to happen. They have lots of power and lots of attention as long as Scrivener7 Oct 2021 #253
You and I usually agree, but I would have no problem using their dirt against them. Scrivener7 Oct 2021 #251
Not sure what's worse... brooklynite Oct 2021 #149
Oh my!!! hamsterjill Oct 2021 #150
That seems like a movie...none of that would work. Demsrule86 Oct 2021 #163
Sure. hamsterjill Oct 2021 #178
That is how it starts, remember the ACA Bev54 Oct 2021 #32
You assume there is time to do that and I disagree. hamsterjill Oct 2021 #39
The reality is, that is not happening right now and yes everyone would like to get the full Bev54 Oct 2021 #42
It's going to happen anyway if we don't get a decent bill passed. hamsterjill Oct 2021 #47
Yes they do but right now they are constrained Bev54 Oct 2021 #50
And if we get nothing, we shouldn't speak up? hamsterjill Oct 2021 #56
It is not nothing, there is a lot in the bill Bev54 Oct 2021 #66
Okay. Once the bill passes... hamsterjill Oct 2021 #68
I was once very idealistic when I was young but learned the world does Bev54 Oct 2021 #77
We disagree. hamsterjill Oct 2021 #86
It's not going to happen this time. Now what? NurseJackie Oct 2021 #196
I applaude your VERY TRUE WORDS!!! bluestarone Oct 2021 #217
The bill hasn't even been written yet, and most of the substance has been stripped Fiendish Thingy Oct 2021 #84
Exactly. hamsterjill Oct 2021 #116
I'm sick of hearing people characterize real progress as being "shit". NurseJackie Oct 2021 #156
Too bad. hamsterjill Oct 2021 #157
Complain away. It's just a silly thing to do and serves no good purpose. NurseJackie Oct 2021 #162
You assume that I feel bad? hamsterjill Oct 2021 #177
Having the "right to an opinion" doesn't mean the opinion is correct. NurseJackie Oct 2021 #195
I tire of the proselytizing. hamsterjill Oct 2021 #198
Well... NurseJackie Oct 2021 #201
+1 betsuni Oct 2021 #202
Why do you continue this? hamsterjill Oct 2021 #207
That's okay. It's not only about one person. Others will read my words... NurseJackie Oct 2021 #213
I wouldn't be too sure about that. hamsterjill Oct 2021 #215
It's not about me... It's only about the truth. NurseJackie Oct 2021 #236
Have a great weekend. hamsterjill Oct 2021 #237
Once again, it's not about me. NurseJackie Oct 2021 #242
I read what NJ has to say, always do. sheshe2 Oct 2021 #260
That's your prerogative then. hamsterjill Oct 2021 #264
I did not swipe or chastise you. sheshe2 Oct 2021 #265
I wasn't referring to you. hamsterjill Oct 2021 #267
Well, you said in response to ME: sheshe2 Oct 2021 #268
That's right... I'm reading your words & Cha Oct 2021 #245
Not only is the bill written, but the text has been posted. Focusing on what isn't in the bill lapucelle Oct 2021 #252
What was "promised?" mcar Oct 2021 #40
Lowering the age for Medicare for one thing. hamsterjill Oct 2021 #43
I would have liked that one too mcar Oct 2021 #49
+1000 bluewater Oct 2021 #53
Good advice! BlueJac Oct 2021 #15
Correct is right malaise Oct 2021 #22
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Oct 2021 #33
Actually, what we're currently calling progress is mostly returning to the New Deal & Great Society rickyhall Oct 2021 #34
Well, yes, in many ways. MineralMan Oct 2021 #59
Most changes are not completed in a single pass KS Toronado Oct 2021 #44
Exactly. MineralMan Oct 2021 #48
I agree with you MM, gab13by13 Oct 2021 #51
I'm pretty sure that Manchin and Sinema are not MineralMan Oct 2021 #55
It appears to me that what is being said is, gab13by13 Oct 2021 #61
Yes. However, I don't think that will be the case. MineralMan Oct 2021 #71
Beware of people obstructing Biden's agenda. Got it wellst0nev0ter Oct 2021 #62
+1000 bluewater Oct 2021 #65
Also beware of those who gaslight the vast majority of the party wellst0nev0ter Oct 2021 #80
"acquiescing to the whims of a vanishing minority of the caucus" bluewater Oct 2021 #90
Yes, you can see it in the cavalier attitude expressed in this thread wellst0nev0ter Oct 2021 #104
McConnell called Medicare the #1 driver of debt. MarcA Oct 2021 #135
It is by far the biggest driver of debt in an amortised basis, BUT Celerity Oct 2021 #193
This is complicated people Oct 2021 #64
One thing I know is that I don't know Manchin or Sinema, MineralMan Oct 2021 #79
+1 betsuni Oct 2021 #168
Progress is not revolution...and a shitty bill is not progress Fiendish Thingy Oct 2021 #67
Yup. Voltaire2 Oct 2021 #72
I hear ya. Manchin and Sinema had some fooled but we know what they are all about at this point. jalan48 Oct 2021 #69
+1000 bluewater Oct 2021 #73
Well, we have to deal with that as best we can, frankly. MineralMan Oct 2021 #82
Yes, and unfortunately two Senators are torpedoing Biden's and the rest of OUR Party's agenda. jalan48 Oct 2021 #87
Well, they're limiting progress to some degree, but not stopping it. MineralMan Oct 2021 #89
That remains to be seen, doesn't it? dpibel Oct 2021 #114
Why? Not MM, but for me the difference is democracy v anti-democracy. Hortensis Oct 2021 #278
It's the system we have, but it's not democracy dpibel Oct 2021 #280
It's the system our western liberal democracy has. Claiming a need Hortensis Oct 2021 #281
Who'd vote for corrupt, betraying Republicans if they knew who WE really are? Hortensis Oct 2021 #70
Funny that my read of your post Sogo Oct 2021 #78
Yeah, well, I'm used to that, I guess. MineralMan Oct 2021 #83
Sure CentralMass Oct 2021 #117
👍 Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Oct 2021 #180
You are in very good company this morning. Beastly Boy Oct 2021 #81
Thanks. I'm afraid that's how I see it as well. MineralMan Oct 2021 #88
"Progress is not Revolution." Nixie Oct 2021 #101
With all of the hand-wringing in the MSM about Democrats, nothing is said about dlk Oct 2021 #109
Totally agree. Joinfortmill Oct 2021 #110
Our side includes many diverse points of view. Caliman73 Oct 2021 #111
That's not a wrong concept, FoxNewsSucks Oct 2021 #112
OK you all or nothing people, gab13by13 Oct 2021 #113
??? I've noticed it seems like the opposite. Nt Laura PourMeADrink Nov 2021 #283
Like Manchin and Sinema? I've been saying for some time they are only pretending to be on our side berni_mccoy Oct 2021 #119
And your solution for that is? MineralMan Oct 2021 #121
Be patient and pass both bills together. This is the only way berni_mccoy Oct 2021 #123
Do you suppose that our Democratic congressional leadership MineralMan Oct 2021 #128
Pelosi was pushing the house to pass the BIF before Biden leaves berni_mccoy Oct 2021 #130
A lot of talk about the 2 senators crud Oct 2021 #120
See, though, the thing is that neither you nor I have any influence on MineralMan Oct 2021 #125
personally crud Oct 2021 #134
That's probably going to require killing the filibuster. MineralMan Oct 2021 #136
In general or on DU? UnderThisLaw Oct 2021 #127
Both. MineralMan Oct 2021 #129
" Progress is not Revolution.". Nice dog whistle, MM. SYFROYH Oct 2021 #132
Hmm... MineralMan Oct 2021 #139
a helpful tip (if this is what you had) Celerity Oct 2021 #222
As you know, I'm not a purist. I like noodles, MineralMan Oct 2021 #223
'And meatballs aren't necessarily Swedish.' Celerity Oct 2021 #224
Ah, well neither are the meatballs in the Stouffer's product Swedish. MineralMan Oct 2021 #234
And the purity brigade goes to their default "victim" position right off the bat in the responses. BannonsLiver Oct 2021 #133
So it continues, anyhow. MineralMan Oct 2021 #137
+1 betsuni Oct 2021 #170
Wasn't that the intention? Scrivener7 Oct 2021 #254
My favorite DUer. EmeraldCoaster Oct 2021 #138
My point is all of the things people need are out of the bill in order TO PROTECT BILLIONAIRES. onecaliberal Oct 2021 #141
What moniss Oct 2021 #142
Yes, time is running out for many things. MineralMan Oct 2021 #143
You miss moniss Oct 2021 #147
What if intransigence caused the entire thing to fail? Hortensis Oct 2021 #229
Moscow Mitch moniss Oct 2021 #239
No, they are not desperate for that bill, nor are their current donors, Hortensis Oct 2021 #241
To moniss Oct 2021 #269
So, what's your plan? MineralMan Oct 2021 #232
You moniss Oct 2021 #238
Sounds like you want two general uprisings against the government. Hortensis Oct 2021 #244
History moniss Oct 2021 #270
Good trouble? Like the #BLM marches? You must know Hortensis Oct 2021 #273
I normally moniss Oct 2021 #274
But, did you give thought to how the Republicans could be Hortensis Oct 2021 #276
Yes, Indeed. Patton French Oct 2021 #144
And who would those people be? brooklynite Oct 2021 #145
Just what I described. MineralMan Oct 2021 #146
I'm not about naming names. MineralMan Oct 2021 #155
No, it's not a "simple post". It's quite elliptical. You've tried hard to be unclear. muriel_volestrangler Oct 2021 #158
I'll just let the post stand on its own. MineralMan Oct 2021 #164
+10000000000000000 Celerity Oct 2021 #179
Yes beware the "Concern Troll" nt Shermann Oct 2021 #151
This is a great post. Thank you for it. nt Baltimike Oct 2021 #152
I completely agree with you Moebym Oct 2021 #153
Like the OP AZProgressive Oct 2021 #167
Twitter and TikTok beat anything out there. Autumn Oct 2021 #182
It's certainly easier to find people who agree with you 100% on Twitter. MineralMan Oct 2021 #221
What I mean is everyone is who they say they are on there AZProgressive Oct 2021 #230
Do you really think that's true? MineralMan Oct 2021 #231
I'm here since 2008 also AZProgressive Oct 2021 #233
There are some Conservative Cave moles hanging around on DU. MineralMan Oct 2021 #235
I have a type who I consider your framing apropos for: those who insisted that we HAD to pass Celerity Oct 2021 #169
Eureka, I think you've got it! The root of the word "progressive" is "progress". George II Oct 2021 #173
Is this like the movie character who says..... BradAllison Oct 2021 #175
80% of Americans don't want to be thrown under the bus again traitorsgalore Oct 2021 #181
C'mon, MM Roy Rolling Oct 2021 #185
Well that blew up quick. KentuckyWoman Oct 2021 #187
I'm a radical environmentalist and some kind of socialist. hunter Oct 2021 #188
Rick Santorum is beside himself... czarjak Oct 2021 #189
But if THEY decide to foist a Revolution upon us, Dystopian Optimist Oct 2021 #197
That will be the most effective anti-Democratic propaganda. betsuni Oct 2021 #199
We have two outstanding examples, both of who we elected: Sinema and Manchin. olegramps Oct 2021 #204
A Very Good Point, Indeed. MineralMan Oct 2021 #209
What I have to say this morning is I am very aware of who is pretending to be on my side. Autumn Oct 2021 #208
What side? betsuni Oct 2021 #210
well............. Celerity Oct 2021 #211
Okay Cel. She might be in a vacuum. But her posts are there for all time. Autumn Oct 2021 #212
Like Manchin and Sinema? If they would commit to voting for the Infrastructure Roisin Ni Fiachra Oct 2021 #214
Yes, they are examples of what I said. MineralMan Oct 2021 #218
It may be a shock, but every one of todays'politician has one major and sole objective: Reelection. olegramps Oct 2021 #216
Again MM i bluestarone Oct 2021 #219
Thanks. Yes, cooler heads will prevail. MineralMan Oct 2021 #220
K&R ismnotwasm Oct 2021 #266
Two questions, Mineral Man... Violet_Crumble Oct 2021 #272
Pretending to be on our (Democratic) side: Our Revolution/Brand New Congress/Justice Democrats/ betsuni Oct 2021 #275
Thanks for the recommendation. Violet_Crumble Oct 2021 #277
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