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Oh God. applegrove Nov 2021 #1
Hey, that First Amendment has been getting in the way SCantiGOP Nov 2021 #82
Which God Texaswitchy Nov 2021 #2
no , TFG is that gawd ! monkeyman1 Nov 2021 #57
Yes Texaswitchy Nov 2021 #75
Or golden... calf, that is RepublicParty_Stank Nov 2021 #106
He does share a certain resemblance with Buddha. BobTheSubgenius Nov 2021 #92
shit , just wasted a roll of paper towels on the "puter" ! monkeyman1 Nov 2021 #96
I'd forgotten that! BobTheSubgenius Nov 2021 #108
I didn't want to forget one because I laughed my ass off ! --- monkeyman1 Nov 2021 #112
Fine. Tell the Evangelicals to become Catholics NickB79 Nov 2021 #3
If you really want to hear them scream RepublicParty_Stank Nov 2021 #7
Or The UUs.... COL Mustard Nov 2021 #76
Tell all the Christians that they must become wnylib Nov 2021 #39
How about we tell all the Christians leftieNanner Nov 2021 #50
It would either terrify or anger the wnylib Nov 2021 #58
Love Thy Neighbor... COL Mustard Nov 2021 #77
Exactly. bamagal62 Nov 2021 #65
or the catholics to become Jewish mushroomhunter Nov 2021 #40
..certifible... Septua Nov 2021 #66
Cool. Which one? There a dozens of them. Srkdqltr Nov 2021 #4
Well religion bamagal62 Nov 2021 #5
..in the opinion of some, perhaps whathehell Nov 2021 #47
This message was self-deleted by its author bamagal62 Nov 2021 #64
Yes, I'm well aware of that... whathehell Nov 2021 #68
But there are a bunch bamagal62 Nov 2021 #70
Sounds okay to me.. whathehell Nov 2021 #86
Lots of religions bamagal62 Nov 2021 #55
He wants to start a HOLY WAR because bluestarone Nov 2021 #6
+100 Rhiannon12866 Nov 2021 #38
This message was self-deleted by its author bamagal62 Nov 2021 #67
This!! PortTack Nov 2021 #83
+1000 smirkymonkey Nov 2021 #111
Jesus wept. (n/t) Moostache Nov 2021 #8
Welcome to the Christian Republic of the United States Thomas Hurt Nov 2021 #9
Is he expecting America to have some kind of Spanish Inquisition? Xavier Breath Nov 2021 #10
Nobody ever expects the Spanish Inquisition. Ocelot II Nov 2021 #13
rofl BootinUp Nov 2021 #20
Scary that this idiot was a General. eom guillaumeb Nov 2021 #11
His brother Pantagruel Nov 2021 #16
Recently assigned to command all Pacific Army forces. LastDemocratInSC Nov 2021 #56
He MAY not be as crazy as Mike. soldierant Nov 2021 #107
Why not one religion under the gods of Olympus? nt Shermann Nov 2021 #12
I'm Down With That Deep State Witch Nov 2021 #52
Of all the problems of the world Deuxcents Nov 2021 #14
This message was self-deleted by its author bamagal62 Nov 2021 #71
"One Nation Under God" - Kevin M Kruse Jim__ Nov 2021 #15
Aha c mahina Nov 2021 #46
Excellent find. Thank you for posting a great summary. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Nov 2021 #119
This is antisemitism. FalloutShelter Nov 2021 #17
As soon as they get rid of the Jews they'll go for the Catholics. PoindexterOglethorpe Nov 2021 #89
You know it. FalloutShelter Nov 2021 #99
The Catholics do not go by the King James Bible Norbert Nov 2021 #120
Where there it is folks! vlyons Nov 2021 #18
we must nausiatingly justify our sins is more like it. BootinUp Nov 2021 #19
Flynn's brother Pantagruel Nov 2021 #21
Well now bluestarone Nov 2021 #25
Important info from the article you provided a link to Kaleva Nov 2021 #26
I'm aware of nothing further stopdiggin Nov 2021 #34
Is he getting a military pension? Deuxcents Nov 2021 #22
Yes. sarge43 Nov 2021 #37
He's got some springs poking out of his mind mattress. Nt Baked Potato Nov 2021 #23
+1 OAITW r.2.0 Nov 2021 #28
Damn, I wish it was 1972 sometimes. Baked Potato Nov 2021 #32
Fuckim. marble falls Nov 2021 #24
What will they say/do when it is not their version of Christianity in charge? keithbvadu2 Nov 2021 #27
We have plenty of folks who want to be the Christian Ayatollah of America keithbvadu2 Nov 2021 #29
Bullshit. What's wrong with a goddess? dalton99a Nov 2021 #30
One nation without God. twodogsbarking Nov 2021 #31
all this under god stuff ? flynn never stated which god ? monkeyman1 Nov 2021 #88
The Orange one. twodogsbarking Nov 2021 #123
Reminds me of this: Qutzupalotl Nov 2021 #33
Coming from a man who worships the ground Donald Trump walks on. Doodley Nov 2021 #35
that's why he need's a piss test before he can talk ????? monkeyman1 Nov 2021 #53
Fine, I vote for the Goddess Beyonc tulipsandroses Nov 2021 #36
Parmesan Tetrachloride Nov 2021 #41
As a Jew, this makes me angry LetMyPeopleVote Nov 2021 #42
As a Spiritual Person this makes me angry... electric_blue68 Nov 2021 #118
Anti-american traitor to the best principles of this country. Salviati Nov 2021 #43
Puke !! TeamProg Nov 2021 #44
I'd rather fry in hell amb123 Nov 2021 #45
Oh...I guess we're totally done with America then. Wingus Dingus Nov 2021 #48
It's Heinlein's "If This Goes On--" come to life... First Speaker Nov 2021 #49
I had forgotten about this. I went thru a serious Heinlein phase ms liberty Nov 2021 #84
Yeah, Flynnn and his ilk lonely bird Nov 2021 #98
Not the biggest Heinlein fan, but I'll have to look for this. electric_blue68 Nov 2021 #117
Stuff Like This Deep State Witch Nov 2021 #51
no ,that's what they want ,the easy way out , never quit !!! monkeyman1 Nov 2021 #85
Ahem. I'm sure he meant Goddess. mahina Nov 2021 #54
That big Black woman in the sky 😺 RepublicParty_Stank Nov 2021 #97
OK IDIOT go ahead and bluestarone Nov 2021 #59
anyone else feel like court-martial is overdue? bringthePaine Nov 2021 #60
flynn sure makes the military like a fucking joke ! not a poster child that's for sure ? monkeyman1 Nov 2021 #87
from the party that "loves the Constitution" Takket Nov 2021 #61
first jew , then christian.... and what is thy neighbor. AllaN01Bear Nov 2021 #62
What a crank. tblue37 Nov 2021 #63
Maybe God will tell us why he anointed Michael Flynn as His spokesman? bucolic_frolic Nov 2021 #69
R'amen C_U_L8R Nov 2021 #72
If there is a god it should strike him down. LiberalFighter Nov 2021 #73
Right? Where are those bamagal62 Nov 2021 #95
He's a fucking moron. rownesheck Nov 2021 #74
Somebody tell the dumb fuck that if he says that on campus at West Point, he'll be asked to leave. EarnestPutz Nov 2021 #78
The United Church of the Big Orange Slobfather? Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Nov 2021 #79
This message was self-deleted by its author monkeyman1 Nov 2021 #90
evil, evil ficker -nt Piasladic Nov 2021 #80
I'm in the mood for spaghetti OnlinePoker Nov 2021 #81
That. Is. Fucking. Dangerous. Xolodno Nov 2021 #91
F OFF!🤬 SammyWinstonJack Nov 2021 #93
The Conservative War Hawk visiting a mega church style gathering has always made me nervous PurgedVoter Nov 2021 #94
ever noticed ! go to a mega church & your wallet get's a group lighter !! monkeyman1 Nov 2021 #101
I was in the 4th grade when frogmarch Nov 2021 #100
This message was self-deleted by its author bamagal62 Nov 2021 #102
America is doomed, unless we repent and get right with Thor. NCjack Nov 2021 #103
Let me guess. This male God and all his adherents is white, Golden Raisin Nov 2021 #104
Inshalla? cbabe Nov 2021 #105
Flynn really hates the USA. rockfordfile Nov 2021 #109
couldn't get laid & left a mark ! monkeyman1 Nov 2021 #113
"God"... another cartoon character, like "Satan", Progressive Jones Nov 2021 #110
It's the ol' "wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross." eShirl Nov 2021 #114
Q or Mammon? Kid Berwyn Nov 2021 #115
One religion, eh? OK, which of these two should it be? DFW Nov 2021 #116
I think it was Napoleon who said maxrandb Nov 2021 #121
God the father and god the son.......... KY_EnviroGuy Nov 2021 #122
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