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Kid Berwyn

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9. That all may be true.
Mon Nov 22, 2021, 10:51 PM
Nov 2021

Doesn’t change the fact CIA obstructed justice by withholding information about Oswald. CIA failed to inform Warren Commission that they had hired Mafia to murder Castro and who knows who else. Disgraced former CIA Director Allen Dulles, of course, served as straw boss of Warren Commission.

Tim Weiner and Rolling Stone got all that. Russia manipulates Western media, governments, groups and individuals. That doesn’t forgive CIA doing same thing in regards to Dallas when misinforming and disinforming the Warren Commission, HSCA and We the People.

ETA: Oliver based his film on the work of James Garrison, US Attorney in New Orleans — the only US Government prosecution of any one involved in the assassination of President Kennedy.

The last paragraph is incorrect. former9thward Nov 2021 #1
I saw the film. shrike3 Nov 2021 #6
I agree with the mob hit. former9thward Nov 2021 #8
The CIA and the mob had a long history of working together dflprincess Nov 2021 #10
Garrison was a homophobe. Archae Nov 2021 #11
My impression exactly. n/t shrike3 Nov 2021 #22
I can tell that you never spent any time pulling butts or qualifying on a military gun range. Saboburns Nov 2021 #19
I have qualified on a military gun range, not that it is any business of yours. former9thward Nov 2021 #20
"The CIA did it" makes for an easy punchline to use against alternative theories Re:JFK, but Rustynaerduwell Nov 2021 #2
That is a good point TheRealNorth Nov 2021 #4
I have grown more skeptical about JFK conspiracies as I have gotten older, however TheRealNorth Nov 2021 #3
The mafia theory is one I find most credible. They're good at killing people and getting away with i shrike3 Nov 2021 #7
The mafia are morons greenjar_01 Nov 2021 #21
But they're good at killing people. You don't have to be smart to do that. shrike3 Nov 2021 #23
Not that good greenjar_01 Nov 2021 #24
This guy disagrees. shrike3 Nov 2021 #25
Um greenjar_01 Nov 2021 #26
So you are the final word on the mafia? shrike3 Nov 2021 #27
Not at all greenjar_01 Nov 2021 #28
And yet you know personally that they are morons. shrike3 Nov 2021 #29
Oh for goodness sake greenjar_01 Nov 2021 #30
There is one version blaming the secret service. KentuckyWoman Nov 2021 #5
That all may be true. Kid Berwyn Nov 2021 #9
And Garrison's prosecution of Clay Shaw was a complete failure. Archae Nov 2021 #12
Nor did US Government admit NAZI ties of Dulles and McCloy. Kid Berwyn Nov 2021 #13
I thought it was based on Crossfire by Jim Marss. edbermac Nov 2021 #14
Sure As Hell Wasn't Oswald WHITT Nov 2021 #15
Meh. Our Institutions Fail Us All the Time. In the Age of Transparency That Leaves Us Vulnerable AF Upward Nov 2021 #16
Oliver Stone, like Michael Moore, is very good at painting pictures and asking questions. blogslug Nov 2021 #17
The Stone JFK movie was thoroughly enjoyable... WarGamer Nov 2021 #18
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