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Two peas in one fucked up pod Blue Owl Nov 2021 #1
+2 more peas Pachamama Nov 2021 #10
It's a shame a young person like Kyle wants to be like that old disgusting dictator! n/t napi21 Nov 2021 #2
Trump needs more like him. Turbineguy Nov 2021 #3
Self defense or not Mz Pip Nov 2021 #4
he loves taking pictures with murders mshasta Nov 2021 #5
I guess when at least half of country despises you, Hoyt Nov 2021 #6
He thinks he'll be trump's himmler in the trump Schutzstaffel PSPS Nov 2021 #7
Great move, Kyle! LuckyCharms Nov 2021 #8
He really needed Busterscruggs Nov 2021 #9
It's time to paint the GOP as the party of Nazis and murderers. Initech Nov 2021 #11
Trump killed more people without going to jail Johonny Nov 2021 #12
Of course he did shanti Nov 2021 #13
Not a surprise at all. Racists of a feather burn crosses together or something like that. LonePirate Nov 2021 #14
It's Like Going To Visit WHITT Nov 2021 #15
A racist to the bottom. dchill Nov 2021 #16
+1 live love laugh Nov 2021 #19
Just when i think i can't be disgusted more UTUSN Nov 2021 #17
OP up for an hour and no responses from the pro Kyle crowd? Diablo del sol Nov 2021 #18
Of course.. he would feel comfortable with TFG mvd Nov 2021 #20
Maybe Trump will end up in the same Georgia prison as the McMichaels, and they'll take a group sop Nov 2021 #21
That's the SOP. Grins Nov 2021 #22
Trump having a photo of Kim Jong-un on his wall is so painfully on brand LetMyPeopleVote Nov 2021 #23
Lookin' tacky as always in his shitty, self-curated hall of fame Blue Owl Nov 2021 #24
I'm surprised onethatcares Nov 2021 #32
It appears that Kyle's thumb is even smaller than donnie's thumb. panader0 Nov 2021 #33
That's 15...14...13...12...minutes of fame...and counting, Kyle. sop Nov 2021 #34
It's fitting. Maraya1969 Nov 2021 #25
And sickening Captain Zero Nov 2021 #26
Carlson, TFG. The Rittenhouse victory tour is just beginning Norbert Nov 2021 #27
Trump Jugend/Jungvolk no_hypocrisy Nov 2021 #28
Genau. Kid Berwyn Nov 2021 #35
This is why Trump should never be elected President again. UCmeNdc Nov 2021 #29
This is why Trump should never be elected President again. UCmeNdc Nov 2021 #30
This message was self-deleted by its author douglas9 Nov 2021 #31
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