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21. Reasonable try, but still a fail
Wed Nov 24, 2021, 03:19 AM
Nov 2021

That's a study about the risk of reoffense after a 1st degree murder conviction.

It says absolutely nothing to support the proposition that "A small number of people are responsible for the vast majority of serious crimes."

F.Y. and your "super predator" bullshit. denbot Nov 2021 #1
So what do you call a man who beats and rapes woman and children by the score? cinematicdiversions Nov 2021 #2
Was Kyle Rittonhouse a.. denbot Nov 2021 #3
The term is from the 1994 crime bill. I don't think Kyle was alive. cinematicdiversions Nov 2021 #4
Yet you decided to breathe life back into the term. What, the "N" word to obvious? denbot Nov 2021 #7
Denbot I hate to break it to you but criminals come in all colors and sexes cinematicdiversions Nov 2021 #8
You don't know the history of "superpredators"? dpibel Nov 2021 #11
He does, and it is intentional. denbot Nov 2021 #19
No. The word was coined by John Dilulio in his 1995 essay, "The Coming of the Super-Predators" betsuni Nov 2021 #22
Fair enough I thought it predated the bill. cinematicdiversions Nov 2021 #23
+100 Celerity Nov 2021 #13
The "vast majority" of crime is NOT committed by "very few people" RockRaven Nov 2021 #5
Actually repeat criminals are responsible for the vast majority of offenses. cinematicdiversions Nov 2021 #6
No, no, no. No shifting of goalposts. Vast majority, very few people, you said. RockRaven Nov 2021 #10
No goalposts have been moved. cinematicdiversions Nov 2021 #12
Now "crimes" becomes "serious crimes" and you say you aren't moving goalposts? RockRaven Nov 2021 #15
Well I am not talking about traffic tickets, pot smoking or Check Kiting here cinematicdiversions Nov 2021 #17
"I think the studies" dpibel Nov 2021 #18
Here is just one that focuses on first degree murder convictions. cinematicdiversions Nov 2021 #20
Reasonable try, but still a fail dpibel Nov 2021 #21
"hundreds of lives each"? dpibel Nov 2021 #9
Yeah hundreds of lives. cinematicdiversions Nov 2021 #14
You have a rather broad definition of "destroy" dpibel Nov 2021 #16
Can't believe I'm reading "superpredators" on DU n/t leftstreet Nov 2021 #24
Well this is an interesting bit of Hysteria Bucky Nov 2021 #25
Brooks appears to be a troubled individual who radius777 Nov 2021 #26
He was give a thousand dollar bail. jimfields33 Nov 2021 #27
This message was self-deleted by its author Torchlight Nov 2021 #28
No. Fuck that racist bullshit. WhiskeyGrinder Nov 2021 #29
To quote Chris Rock: "Whatever happened to "Just plain crazy?'" Greybnk48 Nov 2021 #30
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