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81. Agree, DU is not for 'non-partisan discussion', it is
Thu Nov 25, 2021, 05:57 AM
Nov 2021

for liberals and Democrats, and Rittenhouse is an abhorrent figure (from a moral and political view) to liberals, who can clearly see the favoritism he received from the judge, and that if the situation were reverse (if a BLM activist had shot him in self defense) they surely would not have been treated with such kid gloves. The cops viewed him as 'on their side' from the beginning, and he felt entitled to threaten and then kill those he viewed as political enemies. He's a terrorist pure and simple.

Rob Reiner ftw! [View all] Heartstrings Nov 2021 OP
"God helps those who help themselves." grumpyduck Nov 2021 #1
Yes... Deuce Nov 2021 #8
Thanksgiving Dinner. Four teenaged boys means seconds uncertain alfredo Nov 2021 #55
K&R MustLoveBeagles Nov 2021 #2
That's the truth. FoxNewsSucks Nov 2021 #3
Crossed state lines, illegally armed Sympthsical Nov 2021 #4
You misquote. He did cross state lines, as it says. That was established in the trial. Bernardo de La Paz Nov 2021 #6
+1 spooky3 Nov 2021 #11
Really trying too hard Sympthsical Nov 2021 #12
Medical people mgardener Nov 2021 #15
And that legally means . . . Sympthsical Nov 2021 #17
Rittenhouse is a right-wing racist pos. You already know that? rockfordfile Nov 2021 #20
He's not a great person Sympthsical Nov 2021 #23
Whatever "truth" his well paid lawyers that he or his Mommy didn't pay for 2Gingersnaps Nov 2021 #89
Doesn't matter if Antioch, IL is one INCH from Waukesha, WI... dixiechiken1 Nov 2021 #16
And why does it matter? Sympthsical Nov 2021 #22
Doesn't matter if it matters... dixiechiken1 Nov 2021 #24
It's not the aim Sympthsical Nov 2021 #27
So what's the "aim" of misrepresenting the distance between Antioch, IL and Waukesha, WI? dixiechiken1 Nov 2021 #32
To keep the factually incorrect impression alive Sympthsical Nov 2021 #33
LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! 🤣 dixiechiken1 Nov 2021 #37
Emoji responses mean I win the point! Sympthsical Nov 2021 #40
Actually, it means your "I lied to prove you're all liars" post was laughable. dixiechiken1 Nov 2021 #44
Turns out I was right Sympthsical Nov 2021 #73
Well, I for one enjoyed your posts. I'm really not a big Equomba Nov 2021 #46
Happy happy to you as well! Sympthsical Nov 2021 #74
The fact is, it doesn't make any difference that a state line was crossed. Equomba Nov 2021 #43
Facts do matter Zeitghost Nov 2021 #60
/ignore nt Whatthe_Firetruck Nov 2021 #72
It does matter DLCWIdem Nov 2021 #59
Curious Monohull Nov 2021 #19
The constant misinformation bothers me Sympthsical Nov 2021 #25
He didn't break the law? Monohull Nov 2021 #30
You should probably contact the DA about this Sympthsical Nov 2021 #34
I was not aware that a DA Monohull Nov 2021 #39
"Things are true or not"... druidity33 Nov 2021 #31
Followed by illegally armed Sympthsical Nov 2021 #36
In regard to this NJCher Nov 2021 #78
I'm not in your school class here... druidity33 Nov 2021 #82
you'd never be able to stay in my class NJCher Nov 2021 #86
You're projecting... druidity33 Nov 2021 #91
Oh, Lord. Scrivener7 Nov 2021 #85
Agree, DU is not for 'non-partisan discussion', it is radius777 Nov 2021 #81
You're peddling RW narratives though, radius777 Nov 2021 #79
Dominick Black is facing possible prosecution for purchasing the firearm Heartstrings Nov 2021 #48
The pic does not says "armed" ... it says "...illegally arms himself" uponit7771 Nov 2021 #18
The charge was dropped Sympthsical Nov 2021 #26
let me help here melm00se Nov 2021 #35
Thank you Sympthsical Nov 2021 #38
The law and justice are two different things. radius777 Nov 2021 #80
But Reiner said that Equomba Nov 2021 #70
The quote is actually "...illegally arms himself..." yardwork Nov 2021 #41
Thank you! druidity33 Nov 2021 #54
twisting himself to defend a supremacist double murderer Skittles Nov 2021 #57
I fail to see any 'twisting' on his part, I see him defending the known facts Equomba Nov 2021 #63
the known facts are Skittles Nov 2021 #64
If a person illegally arms himself, Equomba Nov 2021 #61
Yes. I'm replying to a poster who is saying something else, though. yardwork Nov 2021 #66
The Reiner quote is altered. Sympthsical Nov 2021 #75
Interesting. We're all responding to the quote in the OP, though. yardwork Nov 2021 #83
Rittenhouse is a racist piece of shit double murderer Skittles Nov 2021 #56
ARMS not armed Skittles Nov 2021 #65
The original quote Sympthsical Nov 2021 #76
oh once again Skittles Nov 2021 #77
Well and perfectly stated, as usual. (nt) Paladin Nov 2021 #5
We should print this and post it everywhere KS Toronado Nov 2021 #7
This message was self-deleted by its author malaise Nov 2021 #9
mentally ill racist malaise Nov 2021 #10
We live in a country rife with mentally ill racists Mr. Ected Nov 2021 #13
This. Yep. n/t TygrBright Nov 2021 #14
The logical conclusion Roc2020 Nov 2021 #21
Yes, Dog help us all. SergeStorms Nov 2021 #28
Hey SS DENVERPOPS Nov 2021 #62
is this a correct statement? 90-percent Nov 2021 #29
appealing to god ain't gonna cut it RussBLib Nov 2021 #42
Bugs me the most when God is thanked for a Packer win. Heartstrings Nov 2021 #49
indeed RussBLib Nov 2021 #50
Yes, indeed! nt Heartstrings Nov 2021 #51
✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ msfiddlestix Nov 2021 #69
Kick and rec for Trump's secret pals. Kingofalldems Nov 2021 #45
He's not wrong. Dawg save us. N/T MustBeTheBooz Nov 2021 #47
Thanks for posting his statement. FailureToCommunicate Nov 2021 #52
Yup, and it looks like they have matching thumbs! Heartstrings Nov 2021 #53
But his fingers are longer. 2naSalit Nov 2021 #58
I'm waiting... myohmy2 Nov 2021 #84
I just expressed similar sentiments with a neighbor not 15 minutes ago. msfiddlestix Nov 2021 #67
a lop-sided jury billh58 Nov 2021 #68
K&R LetMyPeopleVote Nov 2021 #71
Why are people ignoring this hard truth? AngryOldDem Nov 2021 #87
sadly NJCher Nov 2021 #88
Really surprised at all this. AngryOldDem Nov 2021 #90
It looks like Occupy Democrats changed Reiner's words, but kept the quotation marks. sl8 Nov 2021 #92
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