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82. This is a political forum for Democrats and liberals,
Thu Nov 25, 2021, 09:51 PM
Nov 2021

not a legal/law website.

Values and opinions are not informed by a literal reading of the law. The law once held that black people and women were property. Such a view (even when it was supported by law) was wrong then and wrong now. Rittenhouse is a terrorist despite what (one interpretation) of the law found. And judges and juries have often nullified the laws, and if required could've done so here - but were clearly on the racist cry baby's side from the beginning.

As the Judge stated after he interrupted the prosecutor, Bluethroughu Nov 2021 #1
and if you were afraid of the crowd itself Skittles Nov 2021 #3
These people don't just think they're innocent; they think they're heroes unblock Nov 2021 #2
Sage words my friend (nt) Hugh_Lebowski Nov 2021 #4
Reasonable fear of death or bodily injury Zeitghost Nov 2021 #5
Kyle R. is a person who claimed "fear" of possible harm to himself oasis Nov 2021 #9
So he asked for it? Zeitghost Nov 2021 #11
"assaulting him"?????. oasis Nov 2021 #12
After KR assaulted them by pointing his rifle at them? and WTF about rape man !? Rape victims don't uponit7771 Nov 2021 #31
If that happened Zeitghost Nov 2021 #36
KR didn't retreat shooting at unarmed people running away. That's not "retreating" by the law the uponit7771 Nov 2021 #37
Where are you getting your story from? Zeitghost Nov 2021 #38
Yes he did turn around **REPOINTED** his weapon at Rosenbaum while he was running away ! We uponit7771 Nov 2021 #42
Yes Zeitghost Nov 2021 #44
Yes, AFTER KR pointed his weapon at him!! OMFG, why are people leaving that fact out of the picture uponit7771 Nov 2021 #46
Because... Zeitghost Nov 2021 #54
He did NOT retreat, he turned around firing at those chasing him uponit7771 Nov 2021 #61
Yes Zeitghost Nov 2021 #66
"about to be caught" is where the prosecutor failed ... It's not where the uponit7771 Nov 2021 #69
Not true at all Zeitghost Nov 2021 #70
Firing a weapon while running away is not retreating, to say that's retreating would give uponit7771 Nov 2021 #71
You are under the impression Zeitghost Nov 2021 #74
Duty to retreat is established law in Wisconsin, KR had to after he brandished his weapon and was uponit7771 Nov 2021 #78
Your opinion Zeitghost Nov 2021 #79
Your Flawed Argument, Sir The Magistrate Nov 2021 #40
It is entirely possible Zeitghost Nov 2021 #45
And At That Point, Sir The Magistrate Nov 2021 #47
The position taken Zeitghost Nov 2021 #55
I Understand What the Law Is, Sir The Magistrate Nov 2021 #56
And like those people Zeitghost Nov 2021 #59
Based On Comprehension Of The World Around Me, Sir The Magistrate Nov 2021 #60
This is a political forum for Democrats and liberals, radius777 Nov 2021 #82
Last time I checked Zeitghost Nov 2021 #83
Liberals value justice, and radius777 Nov 2021 #88
Agree completely, the victims should've offed him in self defense, radius777 Nov 2021 #76
Reinoehl Zeitghost Nov 2021 #80
RW talking points. We don't know the facts (and full context) of the case radius777 Nov 2021 #81
A predictable end Zeitghost Nov 2021 #84
That's not what witnesses or the NYT report says. radius777 Nov 2021 #86
Well, according to the prosecution "everybody takes a beating sometimes." Steelrolled Nov 2021 #10
I love how some people like to imagine the 2nd and 3rd shootings happened first Tommy Carcetti Nov 2021 #13
RIGHT ! Even the M$M wants leave out the fact that KR pointed his weapon first and then the crowd uponit7771 Nov 2021 #32
What they see in the mirror keithbvadu2 Nov 2021 #6
It's been that way for a very long time. Going back to English Common Law I believe. Kaleva Nov 2021 #7
Traditionally, Elessar Zappa Nov 2021 #15
Yep. The old reasonable fear of imminent death Solomon Nov 2021 #17
Any skater will tell you their board is weapon when needed Devil Child Nov 2021 #20
Reasonable fear of death... Zeitghost Nov 2021 #27
Let's see. If i'm in a fight, would i want a skateboard Solomon Nov 2021 #29
I'm not sure what point you're making Zeitghost Nov 2021 #30
Zeitghost, you've done a pretty good job of explaining the situation. Lucid Dreamer Nov 2021 #73
The 'Castle Doctrine' morphed into 'Stand Your Ground' pfitz59 Nov 2021 #8
Message auto-removed Name removed Nov 2021 #14
Its not quite that simple Amishman Nov 2021 #16
That's an interesting take. Kablooie Nov 2021 #21
and it did, all three guilty as predicted Amishman Nov 2021 #25
Exactly. Dr. Strange Nov 2021 #26
Arbery didn't assault his killers first by pointing a weapon at them uponit7771 Nov 2021 #33
You are confusing brandishing with assault EX500rider Nov 2021 #67
Both crimes and threatening uponit7771 Nov 2021 #68
It all started with Clint Eastwood: "Go ahead. Make my day". Solomon Nov 2021 #18
The fundamentals of self defense law Zeitghost Nov 2021 #39
You mean Reagan the Governor. Cause Dirty Harry is from 1971. cinematicdiversions Nov 2021 #75
This message was self-deleted by its author Mad_Machine76 Nov 2021 #19
WI has no Stand Your Ground Law Zeitghost Nov 2021 #41
No, this is what the NRA has wrought on society. Initech Nov 2021 #22
Two of the three victims literally had their hand on the barrel of the rifle... WarGamer Nov 2021 #23
He pointed his weapon at them first, I love how so many people are leaving that out of narrative!!! uponit7771 Nov 2021 #34
Apparently the Jury, after reviewing the evidence... didn't find that to be accurate or relevant. WarGamer Nov 2021 #48
And It's A Shame That Blow Didn't Kill The Punk, Sir The Magistrate Nov 2021 #43
The irony is... WarGamer Nov 2021 #49
I Agree, Sir The Magistrate Nov 2021 #51
I like to think of my home state of California WarGamer Nov 2021 #52
Hear Hear, Sir The Magistrate Nov 2021 #53
You can open carry here in CA Zeitghost Nov 2021 #58
Letter of the Law?..IN THE CONSTITUTION...WHAT IS THAT?..WHERE DID IT COME FROM? Stuart G Nov 2021 #63
Most states do not require a duty to retreat hardluck Nov 2021 #72
It's been that way for quite awhile. English Common Law days. Kaleva Nov 2021 #24
This kid would have carried a pistol if he was truly just afraid fescuerescue Nov 2021 #28
But that'd be illegal... WarGamer Nov 2021 #50
Why? It was legal to carry a machine gun. fescuerescue Nov 2021 #77
No Zeitghost Nov 2021 #85
I thought that KH had an AR15 fescuerescue Nov 2021 #89
Correct. If you mean KR. yagotme Nov 2021 #90
K&R, Zimmerman and KR assaulted their victims FIRST !!! uponit7771 Nov 2021 #35
America's been breeding cowards for quite some time now. Iggo Nov 2021 #57
Maybe...but we also breed the ..."GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY"..do you know who Jonas Salk is? I do. Stuart G Nov 2021 #65
Always up to the jury....Always..!!!!!...Bill of Rights!! Entitled to .."Trial by Jury" Stuart G Nov 2021 #62
Does it say somewhere that the Constitution...Is the "Supreme Law of the Land" Stuart G Nov 2021 #64
gun humping cowards are always skeered Skittles Nov 2021 #87
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