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"Most of the white American public is less racist than Republicans would like to believe" Effete Snob Nov 2021 #1
Got numbers to back that up? babylonsister Nov 2021 #2
Are you serious? Effete Snob Nov 2021 #4
And you might want to watch your tone with one of our most respected members. -nt CrispyQ Nov 2021 #9
Facts are facts Effete Snob Nov 2021 #14
168,436 1,363 CrispyQ Nov 2021 #25
Nope. Dish it out, get it back. stopdiggin Nov 2021 #82
Are you seriously attacking a DUer because of their number of posts? yardwork Dec 2021 #166
Not THIS white person! BidenRocks Nov 2021 #60
Not me either SouthernLiberal Nov 2021 #66
Well, golly Effete Snob Nov 2021 #68
Look who's snarky now... BunnyMcGee Nov 2021 #101
are you one? llashram Nov 2021 #106
You'd be surprised UnderThisLaw Nov 2021 #111
No THIS old white woman, either. ShazzieB Nov 2021 #69
Post removed Post removed Nov 2021 #112
I'm white, my husband is white, my mil, my sister, my niece all white ms liberty Nov 2021 #99
Thanks for posting this. I ask for links all the time. I hate that littlemissmartypants Nov 2021 #126
Thanks! n/t ms liberty Nov 2021 #133
Numbers are not generalizations Effete Snob Nov 2021 #140
You had it right the first time not the second DLCWIdem Nov 2021 #151
CrispyQ... Upthevibe Nov 2021 #16
Really? Ishoutandscream2 Nov 2021 #24
Yeah, really. CrispyQ Nov 2021 #31
I'm sure she does. Ishoutandscream2 Nov 2021 #33
I didn't say it made her better. CrispyQ Nov 2021 #41
I do not agree. Everyone deserves equal respect...except racists and wingers of course. brush Nov 2021 #74
Everybody deserves the same level of respect here. yardwork Dec 2021 #165
This Ferrets are Cool Nov 2021 #108
Ok Mom (Dad) Mary in S. Carolina Nov 2021 #118
We don't have special categories of posters on DU. yardwork Dec 2021 #164
Ya know, you can correct people without being rude. Elessar Zappa Nov 2021 #13
That seems to be a one way street, I see Effete Snob Nov 2021 #15
Welcome to DU Ishoutandscream2 Nov 2021 #28
Yup Mary in S. Carolina Nov 2021 #117
You're OK, we've seen worse ... posting facts gets you clicks keep it up uponit7771 Nov 2021 #36
I agree. It is rude to say "You do know that 55% is a majority don't you?" Let's.... EarnestPutz Nov 2021 #55
Many insist on BidenRocks Nov 2021 #65
No, I was suggesting Obama carried the majority of the vote. babylonsister Nov 2021 #89
Obama did not get the majority of the vote among white voters Effete Snob Nov 2021 #138
Those "white women" who went for Trump aren't exactly quality Americans. nt Progressive Jones Nov 2021 #98
RUSSIAN BOT'S ! monkeyman1 Nov 2021 #102
I was thinking Right Wing Nut Jobs, redneck wives, and other such people. nt Progressive Jones Nov 2021 #103
Do you believe that describes the majority of white women? Effete Snob Nov 2021 #139
Wow WestIndianArchie Nov 2021 #123
Ever heard of an outfit called Cornell University? Effete Snob Nov 2021 #6
Depends on where you are.... paleotn Nov 2021 #21
"these are probably the whitest states in the country. Overwhelmingly so" Effete Snob Nov 2021 #26
I call bullshit. Tommymac Nov 2021 #51
"studies that f'ing PROVE the majority of White Americans are racist" Effete Snob Nov 2021 #57
You sure did say that in no uncertain terms. Tommymac Nov 2021 #58
But not anywhere you can quote me Effete Snob Nov 2021 #61
Interestingly, not in VT, ME or NH. Why is that? Waiting..... paleotn Nov 2021 #73
Well, gee, not in my house either! Effete Snob Nov 2021 #76
Most white people in northern New England voted for Obama and Biden. paleotn Nov 2021 #81
There is no "President of Northern New England" Effete Snob Nov 2021 #141
When you call them out WestIndianArchie Dec 2021 #162
Keep posting facts. I'm with you. brush Nov 2021 #75
And keep in mind Karma13612 Nov 2021 #136
I live in VT.... paleotn Nov 2021 #137
Agreed! Karma13612 Nov 2021 #153
Latest I've heard we're waiting on the VT supreme to rule... paleotn Nov 2021 #154
Yea, it's been a mess. Karma13612 Nov 2021 #155
Thanks. One of Vermont's quirks is our lax gun laws. paleotn Nov 2021 #156
Regardless of the subject lildDemz Nov 2021 #56
But the white voters in many suburban areas Elessar Zappa Nov 2021 #3
I would like to believe that DeeDeeNY Nov 2021 #43
The white voters in my suburban area do seem open to voting Democratic. ShazzieB Nov 2021 #62
Effete Snob,,,, Upthevibe Nov 2021 #18
Where do I apply for a condescension license? Effete Snob Nov 2021 #20
Some white people vote racist.... paleotn Nov 2021 #23
A majority of white people vote for the racist candidate Effete Snob Nov 2021 #32
They may vote for the Republican candidate Mossfern Nov 2021 #63
Okay, I am surprised to learn Trump is not a racist and did not appeal to racism Effete Snob Nov 2021 #67
I can't see how you get to that from my post Mossfern Nov 2021 #80
Also since 2016 came up in this thread CrackityJones75 Nov 2021 #105
More White Women Voted Trump Than Clinton Effete Snob Nov 2021 #149
This message was self-deleted by its author DLCWIdem Nov 2021 #109
I Know Some R Voters... ProfessorGAC Nov 2021 #96
I know many, many people who fit that description. Some even rejected Progressive Jones Nov 2021 #113
If they voted for Trump, ipso facto they are racist, radius777 Nov 2021 #115
I agree Mary in S. Carolina Nov 2021 #120
I don't buy that, and I'm extremely anti-racist. I just don't see racism around every corner. Progressive Jones Nov 2021 #122
You don't think white voters generally knew Trump was racist? Effete Snob Nov 2021 #146
Trump had black and brown voters. Are they white racists, too? nt Progressive Jones Nov 2021 #157
Actually yes. Many/most of his PoC support radius777 Nov 2021 #159
+1. Trump won the GOP primary radius777 Nov 2021 #160
Correct Effete Snob Nov 2021 #144
The R's have long been the party of hate radius777 Nov 2021 #161
A majority of white people in VT, NH and ME don't vote for racist candidates. paleotn Nov 2021 #71
"Your entire premise is really nonsensical" Effete Snob Nov 2021 #78
Not a majority evenly across the country. paleotn Nov 2021 #83
The region I am talking about is the United States of America Effete Snob Nov 2021 #145
The non-latino white population in the US is 200M Zeitghost Nov 2021 #158
+1, it was non cologe white women who swung to TrumpKin by 20% in VA gov race. We need to do better uponit7771 Nov 2021 #39
We're not going to do better with our heads in the sand Effete Snob Nov 2021 #40
+1, instead of going after the 77 million where racism isn't a deal breaker we need to go after uponit7771 Nov 2021 #42
It's kind of amazing Effete Snob Nov 2021 #59
+1, instead of calling the racism wrong and calling it out dems try not to insult the racist like uponit7771 Nov 2021 #90
Actually, the clue is in the name... druidity33 Nov 2021 #91
Well said. BlueMTexpat Nov 2021 #125
"Unfortunately" Effete Snob Nov 2021 #148
It's not the BlueMTexpat Nov 2021 #150
You should learn something about Democratic politics and history Effete Snob Nov 2021 #147
There you go again... living up to your name. nt. druidity33 Nov 2021 #152
12% more whites voting for Trump than Biden doesn't constitute "most" IMO Bengus81 Nov 2021 #34
White fragility is not going to beat Merriam Webster Effete Snob Nov 2021 #37
Then so is a mere 1% Bengus81 Nov 2021 #50
In some alternative reality, sure Effete Snob Nov 2021 #53
How do you explain Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine? paleotn Nov 2021 #72
They are unrepresentative of white people nationally Effete Snob Nov 2021 #77
I think it's more like 35% being really for drumph... electric_blue68 Nov 2021 #93
"Most" is a relative term lees1975 Nov 2021 #100
Facts. Mr. Scorpio Nov 2021 #116
YEP. Sorry you're getting slammed for this. WhiskeyGrinder Nov 2021 #129
It'll backfire on Rottenhouse himself. MontanaMama Nov 2021 #5
I don't think things will end well for him. nt doc03 Nov 2021 #7
And something else SCantiGOP Nov 2021 #8
Yes. There is that. MontanaMama Nov 2021 #12
Yep. There definitely is that. calimary Nov 2021 #84
rittenhouse may not yet be 'out of the woods' yet. empedocles Nov 2021 #11
Or he'll be a Congressman Polybius Nov 2021 #54
The young man should have taken his attorneys advice.... ashredux Nov 2021 #10
Richards is the only one in that orbit with common sense Sympthsical Nov 2021 #19
The young man has yet to learn the difference between famous and infamous... he will soon ashredux Nov 2021 #35
Correct MustLoveBeagles Nov 2021 #48
Rittenhouse is, and always will be, a multi-murderer, just as the judge is forever a disgrace bringthePaine Nov 2021 #17
IMHO That is the most salient comment here. efhmc Nov 2021 #27
Yes indeed. calimary Nov 2021 #87
Parents might tolerate their snot nosed kid. LiberalFighter Nov 2021 #22
Picture a Dem. campaign poster..... after the next Supreme Court pro-gun ruling. 3Hotdogs Nov 2021 #29
Posing Traildogbob Nov 2021 #38
"The gun nut next door" LeftInTX Nov 2021 #135
The Rittenhouse verdict was very technical in nature localroger Nov 2021 #30
+1 Kaleva Nov 2021 #64
I sure hope so IronLionZion Nov 2021 #44
I have hope for the Democratic Party - primarily because of the passion NoMoreRepugs Nov 2021 #45
Happy Thanksgiving MustLoveBeagles Nov 2021 #49
it's the soccer moms, stupid. mopinko Nov 2021 #46
The murder has linked himself to the least loyal bunch of hypocrites in political history. usaf-vet Nov 2021 #47
Despite posts arguing over voting statistics the basic premise of the article is sound. nt BootinUp Nov 2021 #52
We need a massive "Willie Horton" type ad against all Republicans. marie999 Nov 2021 #70
What we need do is put our differences of OPINION aside randr Nov 2021 #79
I very much doubt it Stargleamer Nov 2021 #85
As it should be. Cha Nov 2021 #86
Agree. The Rittenhouse narrative stopdiggin Nov 2021 #88
The Rittenhouse Verdict Will Backfire on Republicans - GOPs - Murderer lovers Trueblue1968 Nov 2021 #92
Racism depends a lot upon geography. Scruffy1 Nov 2021 #94
MUST READ malaise Nov 2021 #95
Been following Kuttner off and on since his Business Week days of the 1990s bucolic_frolic Nov 2021 #97
I don't even want to associate with people who excuse Rittenhouses actions Skittles Nov 2021 #104
he has already gone zimmerman. but as he is a baby faced white boy..... pansypoo53219 Nov 2021 #107
Well, I did read an editorial about how Rittenhouse did actually kill PatrickforB Nov 2021 #110
The weapon charge was dropped. LiberatedUSA Nov 2021 #124
It was an assault rifle. He carried an assault rifle into a demonstration PatrickforB Nov 2021 #132
eventually... myohmy2 Nov 2021 #114
As a Black man living in America... Mr. Scorpio Nov 2021 #119
Bang on Effete Snob Nov 2021 #142
Yes, we always talk about hispanics voting Republican or if there is an increase of black people JI7 Dec 2021 #163
He's not quite as stupid as I thought he'd be. I'll give him that. argyl Nov 2021 #121
Only if Democrats push the issue. Nt ecstatic Nov 2021 #127
Support for gun control is at its lowest in years. Calista241 Nov 2021 #128
"Most of the white American public is less racist than Republicans would like to believe." WhiskeyGrinder Nov 2021 #130
I had not realized how right you are Effete Snob Nov 2021 #143
not soon enough. should have backfired immediately msfiddlestix Nov 2021 #131
I doubt it LeftInTX Nov 2021 #134
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