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37. I wish I knew myself.
Fri Nov 26, 2021, 11:34 AM
Nov 2021

I've never quite understood it completely, but probably mainly because there is so much history and it has been an issue for so long, I'm just not up to reading everything there is about it. It's not an American problem, it is mostly an everyone problem and has been an issue for centuries best I can tell.
It seems to span from the generic and unfounded hatred of Jews in the US, all the way to Europe, and even worse in the local countries surrounding Israel.
It's always been an odd thing to me. Up until maybe 10 years ago, I couldn't point out a Jew in a crowd. Even now, I still struggle figuring it out except in the worst of the caricatures depicted in terrible cartoons.
My only guess is that it all has roots in the stories told in The Bible, and morphed over the centuries from there. I'm not sure how that is relevant in the modern world, but people really are weird when it comes to stuff like this. It can mostly never be explained with reasoning. It's the same for pretty much all racial hatred.

It's mostly driven by the pseudochristian cults. Jews are always their target. Progressive Jones Nov 2021 #1
And if that isn't the complete explanation... Septua Nov 2021 #8
Yes. nt Progressive Jones Nov 2021 #9
Facebook. Initech Nov 2021 #2
I would if I knew. Same reason as hatred of anyone not just like them? I don't think they would be LoisB Nov 2021 #3
They love Israel because MurrayDelph Nov 2021 #26
Confuse a Christian by asking them what parts of the Bible they follow if it is the word of God LonePirate Nov 2021 #32
Not sure I Delphinus Nov 2021 #4
Here's some good reading about anti-semitism since you never heard about it emulatorloo Nov 2021 #12
Us vs Them elleng Nov 2021 #18
thanks for your comprehensive research. i tried google and others with AllaN01Bear Nov 2021 #34
interisting link AllaN01Bear Nov 2021 #35
More correctly, that's ISRAEL's treatment of Palestinians. elleng Nov 2021 #13
True. Delphinus Nov 2021 #33
Are there any Jews around in your area... electric_blue68 Nov 2021 #29
Here's some info... Progressive Jones Nov 2021 #5
What the hell? DURHAM D Nov 2021 #7
Antisemitism has been around for hundreds of years. Ron Green Nov 2021 #6
Thanks elleng Nov 2021 #15
It's been going on in the world for thousands of years. jalan48 Nov 2021 #10
Yes it has. elleng Nov 2021 #16
Cause this country is stupid as shit Cosmocat Nov 2021 #11
A lot of it is because the Catholic church banned usury, and Jews became synonymous with usury. sop Nov 2021 #14
PART of it, at least. elleng Nov 2021 #17
One of the right's favorite anti-Semitic tropes is that of the "money-grubbing, Jewish Banker." sop Nov 2021 #20
Anti-Semitism at its worst. Aristus Nov 2021 #28
White xtian supremacy, fragility and jealousy. radius777 Nov 2021 #19
not 'BUT also' dangerous, elleng Nov 2021 #21
No, the far-right views Nordic whites as most intelligent, radius777 Nov 2021 #23
I feel 'devious or parasitic intelligence' directly related to 'usury' issue mentioned elsewhere, elleng Nov 2021 #24
Yes, I agree, it goes back that far and probably before that. radius777 Nov 2021 #25
Are you sure it's xtian supremacy and only that? jcmaine72 Nov 2021 #30
as a people, they are studious, hard working and intelligent with close knit families Shellback Squid Nov 2021 #22
Where are you seeing it? n/t left-of-center2012 Nov 2021 #27
Maybe they stumbled across a Louis Farrakhan speech on YouTube. jcmaine72 Nov 2021 #31
The current antisemitism is tapping into an ancient well peggysue2 Nov 2021 #36
I wish I knew myself. ForgedCrank Nov 2021 #37
Poor white trash think Jews have money traitorsgalore Nov 2021 #38
Goes back to pagan Roman days. Emperor Hadrian did hs best to exterminate the Jews. Kaleva Nov 2021 #39
Jews ritually sacrifice Christian children at Passover to obtain blood for unleavened bread. Brother Buzz Nov 2021 #40
It has always been here...we refused to help stop the atrocities in Germany during WWII... Demsrule86 Nov 2021 #41
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