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Roy Rolling

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25. Boo Fucking Who
Sat Nov 27, 2021, 06:15 PM
Nov 2021

Don’t take the advertising money to broadcast the Orange menace. Don’t give him free airtime.

This is a commercial media fail, and the media is my profession. Reject the ca$h.

How about just calling him on his lies. To his face. Constantly. nt albacore Nov 2021 #1
One of the problems with that is it could get you killed. A HERETIC I AM Nov 2021 #6
It takes a team effort to make this happen RainCaster Nov 2021 #18
You have a point. Just one more indication that we are becoming a Banana Republic. albacore Nov 2021 #27
Yeah, I remember Drumpf openly attacking the press... keep_left Nov 2021 #30
He didn't finish his question! atreides1 Nov 2021 #2
The Republican Party has its own media networks. That's the problem. jalan48 Nov 2021 #3
Nope-- every time he opens his mouth, tell him he's full of shit... TreasonousBastard Nov 2021 #4
anti-democratic is an understatement. The Pig isn't just anti-democratic. Thomas Hurt Nov 2021 #5
Jon Karl is codependent to Donald Trump. Grasswire2 Nov 2021 #7
Totally agree! blueinredohio Nov 2021 #9
How about a news blackout of the fool. Sogo Nov 2021 #8
"I make you guys lots of money," TFG told the networks. LastLiberal in PalmSprings Nov 2021 #13
But, It Wasn't True ProfessorGAC Nov 2021 #28
Trump did drive ratings, as you said yourself the cable ratings were way up. radius777 Nov 2021 #32
How about talking about when trump will be jailed? A fact that will prevent him from running ever Escurumbele Nov 2021 #10
Jonathan Karl has given some shock treatment to the US this week bucolic_frolic Nov 2021 #11
To me, that is the wrong conversation, they are telling us that trump WILL get away with all his Escurumbele Nov 2021 #12
Karl is a journalist who can only describe 'what is' radius777 Nov 2021 #33
Watch some tapes and read some work by guys back in..... paleotn Nov 2021 #14
I hope he does run because he's going to lose even worst than in 2020. brush Nov 2021 #15
I wouldn't count on that. cab67 Nov 2021 #23
Think that if you want, but that loser is gonna lose again if he runs. Dems... brush Nov 2021 #26
We Agree On That ProfessorGAC Nov 2021 #29
You vastly under estimate how stupid this country is Cosmocat Nov 2021 #36
Ahhh...he lost by seven million not so stupid votes, remember? He totally bungled covid. brush Nov 2021 #37
Lol Cosmocat Nov 2021 #38
IMO, even republicans are not stupid enough to go with that loser again. brush Nov 2021 #39
They will sacrifice the World Turbineguy Nov 2021 #16
Trump is a Pinata dangled by the GOP for media consumption Jarqui Nov 2021 #17
Dammit, this should have been done in 2015! AngryOldDem Nov 2021 #19
I'm hoping for natural resolution to take hold by 2024 Historic NY Nov 2021 #20
They never got it right. It's really sad ecstatic Nov 2021 #21
Why is this hard? merrifield Nov 2021 #22
JUST DONT LET HIM suck all the oxygen out of the room again!!! Is that really so Kashkakat v.2.0 Nov 2021 #24
Boo Fucking Who Roy Rolling Nov 2021 #25
"How do you cover a candidate who is effectively anti-democratic?" Dark n Stormy Knight Nov 2021 #31
Unfortunately half of the electorate wants an authoritarian regime radius777 Nov 2021 #34
Not half. With a huge, successful PR campaign, Dark n Stormy Knight Nov 2021 #40
Pay as little attention to him as possible DFW Nov 2021 #35
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