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I'd like to see a comprehensive psych assessment from multiple experts--including those hlthe2b Dec 2021 #1
Yes, good so GusBob Dec 2021 #2
It could be mitigating on sentencing, but he still faces trial. Could it affect the verdict? Sure hlthe2b Dec 2021 #6
Interesting and what if GusBob Dec 2021 #13
I agree with that. nt iemanja Dec 2021 #3
That would be a good thing in the pursuit of justice. SYFROYH Dec 2021 #16
I'm not sure. He may have been manipulated/warped by his parents Wingus Dingus Dec 2021 #4
Is he an adult? eShirl Dec 2021 #5
He's 15 iemanja Dec 2021 #7
In a previous life, on 3-4 occasions, i was a courier of psychological evaluations to a judge Tetrachloride Dec 2021 #8
No, I don't. But I don't think he should ever get out, either. Haggard Celine Dec 2021 #9
juveniles can't be sentenced to life iemanja Dec 2021 #11
Well, I'm not sure, then. Haggard Celine Dec 2021 #18
Yes. Whether he can plead insanity or diminished capacity is a separate question. Klaralven Dec 2021 #10
15-year old brains are not adult brains VMA131Marine Dec 2021 #12
Not true inthewind21 Dec 2021 #32
That is a simplistic view and it's not supported VMA131Marine Dec 2021 #34
Not so easy ... dumbcat Dec 2021 #47
If we ever begin trying adults as juveniles as well, I'll reassess my no vote. Torchlight Dec 2021 #14
Right now, yes. AngryOldDem Dec 2021 #15
We don't have it but if we did I would vote for it in his case if I were on the jury. roamer65 Dec 2021 #22
It's fucking ridiculous, he's not an adult, Stupid fucking law USALiberal Dec 2021 #17
+1 nt berniesandersmittens Dec 2021 #45
I need a lot more info to have a solid opinion on this. SYFROYH Dec 2021 #19
Well... Mike Nelson Dec 2021 #20
No kid should. WhiskeyGrinder Dec 2021 #21
No. He's too young. Blue_playwright Dec 2021 #23
I totally disagree. Even at 15 you know that, " YOU SHOULD NOT KILL"...Don't You? I did. Stuart G Dec 2021 #39
This is difficult. AngryOldDem Dec 2021 #41
Well said. crickets Dec 2021 #43
Dang it.......I don't think so......isn't there something in between?? a kennedy Dec 2021 #24
The question I always ask is: hamsterjill Dec 2021 #25
I know I don't want him to get out of prison anytime soon. dchill Dec 2021 #26
For how long can a juvenile be sentenced in Michigan? Poiuyt Dec 2021 #27
I think so iemanja Dec 2021 #28
I agree. There was something very wrong going on in that family. patphil Dec 2021 #29
It is simple, he is not an adult. BeckyDem Dec 2021 #30
The problem is pinkstarburst Dec 2021 #31
15 is well past old enough to know right from wrong inthewind21 Dec 2021 #35
He talked about the voices in his head iemanja Dec 2021 #36
No. 15 is not an adult. In fact a great deal of development happens between 15 and 18. Buckeyeblue Dec 2021 #33
I don't know. I do know that I think adults Crunchy Frog Dec 2021 #37
Is a 15-year-old pregnant girl an adult? Walleye Dec 2021 #38
He's white. Is that even legal? 11 Bravo Dec 2021 #40
I can see his ending up in a psych facility iemanja Dec 2021 #42
No. I do not berniesandersmittens Dec 2021 #44
I do not feel that he should be charged as an adult. But if he were convicted then I think he totodeinhere Dec 2021 #46
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