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31. The problem is
Fri Dec 3, 2021, 05:53 PM
Dec 2021

I understand the argument that the brain does not fully finish developing until 25. But there was a news story on CNN today about a 13-year-old who was assembling and selling ghost-guns and when one of his buyers tried to take off with one of his guns without paying, he opened fire at them, killing his 14-year-old sister.

So that dude, had a whole illegal gun building, trading, dealing operation AND killed his sister.

At 13.

Then we have the shooter form this week, who is 15, and again, there is the argument of brain development, and obviously this kid's parents are real pieces of work. But if you don't charge him as an adult, that means he gets out at 21, right? Who thinks this kid is going to be safe to reenter society at 21? I don't. I also don't think the Parkland school shooter will EVER be safe to reenter society. It think with some of these really severe cases, they just have to be locked away where they cannot hurt anyone else. It's really sad that they made that choice at a young age. But as sad as I feel for them, they are not the victims. The victims are the four young people who they murdered, and the 10+ other victims who they shot who suffered severe wounds, and the countless other survivors who will live with PTSD for the rest of their lives, and the countless friends, family members and community members who will live with PTSD and psychological effects for the rest of their lives.

So if there were a way to charge extremely disturbed Ethan Crumbly as a juvenile and lock him away for the rest of his life? Sure. But I think we all know that isn't possible. So I'm okay with charging him as an adult if that protects others.

I'd like to see a comprehensive psych assessment from multiple experts--including those hlthe2b Dec 2021 #1
Yes, good so GusBob Dec 2021 #2
It could be mitigating on sentencing, but he still faces trial. Could it affect the verdict? Sure hlthe2b Dec 2021 #6
Interesting and what if GusBob Dec 2021 #13
I agree with that. nt iemanja Dec 2021 #3
That would be a good thing in the pursuit of justice. SYFROYH Dec 2021 #16
I'm not sure. He may have been manipulated/warped by his parents Wingus Dingus Dec 2021 #4
Is he an adult? eShirl Dec 2021 #5
He's 15 iemanja Dec 2021 #7
In a previous life, on 3-4 occasions, i was a courier of psychological evaluations to a judge Tetrachloride Dec 2021 #8
No, I don't. But I don't think he should ever get out, either. Haggard Celine Dec 2021 #9
juveniles can't be sentenced to life iemanja Dec 2021 #11
Well, I'm not sure, then. Haggard Celine Dec 2021 #18
Yes. Whether he can plead insanity or diminished capacity is a separate question. Klaralven Dec 2021 #10
15-year old brains are not adult brains VMA131Marine Dec 2021 #12
Not true inthewind21 Dec 2021 #32
That is a simplistic view and it's not supported VMA131Marine Dec 2021 #34
Not so easy ... dumbcat Dec 2021 #47
If we ever begin trying adults as juveniles as well, I'll reassess my no vote. Torchlight Dec 2021 #14
Right now, yes. AngryOldDem Dec 2021 #15
We don't have it but if we did I would vote for it in his case if I were on the jury. roamer65 Dec 2021 #22
It's fucking ridiculous, he's not an adult, Stupid fucking law USALiberal Dec 2021 #17
+1 nt berniesandersmittens Dec 2021 #45
I need a lot more info to have a solid opinion on this. SYFROYH Dec 2021 #19
Well... Mike Nelson Dec 2021 #20
No kid should. WhiskeyGrinder Dec 2021 #21
No. He's too young. Blue_playwright Dec 2021 #23
I totally disagree. Even at 15 you know that, " YOU SHOULD NOT KILL"...Don't You? I did. Stuart G Dec 2021 #39
This is difficult. AngryOldDem Dec 2021 #41
Well said. crickets Dec 2021 #43
Dang it.......I don't think so......isn't there something in between?? a kennedy Dec 2021 #24
The question I always ask is: hamsterjill Dec 2021 #25
I know I don't want him to get out of prison anytime soon. dchill Dec 2021 #26
For how long can a juvenile be sentenced in Michigan? Poiuyt Dec 2021 #27
I think so iemanja Dec 2021 #28
I agree. There was something very wrong going on in that family. patphil Dec 2021 #29
It is simple, he is not an adult. BeckyDem Dec 2021 #30
The problem is pinkstarburst Dec 2021 #31
15 is well past old enough to know right from wrong inthewind21 Dec 2021 #35
He talked about the voices in his head iemanja Dec 2021 #36
No. 15 is not an adult. In fact a great deal of development happens between 15 and 18. Buckeyeblue Dec 2021 #33
I don't know. I do know that I think adults Crunchy Frog Dec 2021 #37
Is a 15-year-old pregnant girl an adult? Walleye Dec 2021 #38
He's white. Is that even legal? 11 Bravo Dec 2021 #40
I can see his ending up in a psych facility iemanja Dec 2021 #42
No. I do not berniesandersmittens Dec 2021 #44
I do not feel that he should be charged as an adult. But if he were convicted then I think he totodeinhere Dec 2021 #46
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