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Tue Dec 7, 2021, 08:29 AM Dec 2021

I am an American Veteran. My fellow Americans, you need to get out of rural areas [View all]

While I appreciate the message that "Dems need to talk to rural America", and I'm thankful that, on rare occasions, a State with more cows than people will send a Democrat to the Senate, I'm tired of this mythical "Dems need to reach out to rural America" bullshit.

I want to say "Fuck" a thousand times, because I'm about fed up to my latte drinking ass with this fucking "Dems need to talk to rural Murika" bullshit.

Alll this fucking country has been doing, EVEN 200 years before it was a country, has been talking to and catering to these white rural areas .

We can't even get a fucking Post Office in Columbus Ohio named without first considering how it impacts rural America!

I would not be so fucking pissed about this, if just ONCE since the creation of this country, ANYONE had suggested that "rural America needs to talk to urban America ...JUST ONCE!

Maybe rural America should visit some inner city schools, with their delapidated buildings, broken desks, faulty electrical systems, broken plumbing and broken windows.

Maybe rural America should come over and share a few pitchers of water with a Flint Michigan Family.

Maybe rural America should visit some poverty stricken areas of the city and, when they ask why people live there, they can find out that for 400 years, Banks and Real Estate Agents have "redlined" them into those areas and told them this is the ONLY place they were welcome.

Maybe rural America can visit an area of 20,000 that doesn't have access to fresh produce and groceries within 10 miles. Not by choice because they want to "live out in the country", but because the stores are all in the "good areas" of town.

Maybe rural America should sit down with that waitress serving $60 Steaks for 12 hours a day for minimum wage, who then has to drive an UBER for 4 more hours so she can afford her 400 Square Foot Walk-up and childcare for her kid.

Maybe the problem ISN'T that "Dems aren't talking to rural America". Maybe the problem is rural America doesn't give one fuck about anything but rural America .

Why is this always only a one-way street?

Why do I see thousands of these "Dems need to reach out to rural America" stories, but never even one "Retrumplicans need to reach out to urban America" stories?

Why is urban America expected to "understand" and "empathize" with rural America, but that expectation is NEVER reversed?

Is rural America the only ones that have a story to tell?

Are they ever asked to "understand" where 65% of Americans live?

Do we ever go to the corn farmer and ask him, or her, to understand what the Taco Truck owner in Los Angeles, or the single mom in Atlanta has to deal with?

Of course not.

Why would rural America ever give a shit about urban America when they're NEVER asked to?

Call me when Chuck Todd shows up to talk to voters in Pittsburgh instead of fucking Beaver County, PA.

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You pretty much summed it up! SallyHemmings Dec 2021 #1
Ok. Point taken but, jimfields33 Dec 2021 #2
I think, though, that rather than "What do the diner denizens think?" our question should be Scrivener7 Dec 2021 #5
the math says at $1000/hr, RW radio is worth... about $5B/yr FREE (x15hrs/day x 1200 stations) certainot Dec 2021 #199
The radio is a problem, and I think it needs to be addressed, but that would take time. Scrivener7 Dec 2021 #203
i think offense aimed at rw radio could have quick results. it would get media attn right away certainot Dec 2021 #207
I think a "baited trap" campaign might be needed HariSeldon Dec 2021 #227
Great Idea !!! nt Progressive Jones Dec 2021 #232
Definitely. This, though, should just be one prong of a multi-pronged effort. Scrivener7 Dec 2021 #234
Kicking this one hard! Scrivener7 Dec 2021 #3
righteous rant. stopdiggin Dec 2021 #4
They have far more power than they should Freddie Dec 2021 #14
Point of rant is that they AREN'T ignored. Rather, they ignore urban conditions Bernardo de La Paz Dec 2021 #17
Yes, They Do Ignore RobinA Dec 2021 #82
MUCH to the detriment of the nation and the world. Celerity Dec 2021 #24
STATES: The GOP Knows They Matter: 'Laboratories of Autocracy' David Pepper- Alec Kochs Gerrymanders appalachiablue Dec 2021 #168
I came from rural America Maeve Dec 2021 #6
same here FoxNewsSucks Dec 2021 #70
Yes catrose Dec 2021 #7
k&R BlueJac Dec 2021 #8
Being a resident Deminpenn Dec 2021 #9
Kicking nt Hotler Dec 2021 #10
Yes!! You just said what I've been feeling for a while, but wasn't able to articulate. Biophilic Dec 2021 #11
Considering how rural America likes to shop and vacation in the bigger cities. LiberalFighter Dec 2021 #12
I think you'll find Aviation Pro Dec 2021 #20
I disagree. LiberalFighter Dec 2021 #46
There are some FoxNewsSucks Dec 2021 #77
Many rural americans despise cities DBoon Dec 2021 #136
Nope. Going to have to disagree. stopdiggin Dec 2021 #144
As an old woman living in red, rural America mountain grammy Dec 2021 #13
You sure changed the conversation!!! Good for you!!! secondwind Dec 2021 #15
But urban people are Antifa communists dalton99a Dec 2021 #16
I'm a 'libtard', socialist from rural Wisconsin. This is s Republican area. Let me inform you that johnthewoodworker Dec 2021 #18
Because urban is just another dog whistle Aviation Pro Dec 2021 #19
Thank you for your service GusBob Dec 2021 #21
You are missing my point maxrandb Dec 2021 #92
Two points scarletlib Dec 2021 #119
OK, so you do get my point nt maxrandb Dec 2021 #128
Boy, you are right about Pittsburgh Maggiemayhem Dec 2021 #204
How many rural hospitals and clinics would have gone bankrupt and closed without the ACA? maxrandb Dec 2021 #205
Compared to Nazis.....if the shoe fits, wear it. we can do it Dec 2021 #106
uncalled for GusBob Dec 2021 #110
Maybe extreme treestar Dec 2021 #112
That's dumb. They get paid for their treestar Dec 2021 #109
Their production costs and profits fluctuate based on many things GusBob Dec 2021 #114
The price of doing business. nt Progressive Jones Dec 2021 #167
Good points, but without the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and the Urban dwellers who work there, Progressive Jones Dec 2021 #166
Rural America would not exist nowadays without Urban America. haele Dec 2021 #22
Now we are going after the Amish? too easy GusBob Dec 2021 #42
Did I say that? haele Dec 2021 #131
Why so hostile inthewind21 Dec 2021 #137
Now, THAT is the best-built straw man I've ever seen! Wednesdays Dec 2021 #164
+1 treestar Dec 2021 #111
The Ghost towns and ruins are largely due to Corporate takeover of farming and ranching. Tommymac Dec 2021 #176
+1. Districts Hillary/Biden carried account for 70% of GDP. radius777 Dec 2021 #216
Also kicking this one hard! 👍👏 LiberalLoner Dec 2021 #23
I find most of your comment rather weird. twodogsbarking Dec 2021 #25
I do not, I find it mostly spot on. Celerity Dec 2021 #32
I care about everyone; almost. twodogsbarking Dec 2021 #34
The OP wishes people would care about the majority urban dwellers from time to time. nt Gore1FL Dec 2021 #158
I think that was made more than clear. twodogsbarking Dec 2021 #172
That directly contradicts your last post. Gore1FL Dec 2021 #190
You are quoting something I didn't write. twodogsbarking Dec 2021 #202
It is directly quoted from the title of your post I was replying to a couple posts above. Gore1FL Dec 2021 #206
I didn't write what you quoted. twodogsbarking Dec 2021 #208
In any event, your posts logically contradict. Gore1FL Dec 2021 #209
You keep stating things that I did not write. I can't help you with that. twodogsbarking Dec 2021 #211
Let's do some direct quotes: Gore1FL Dec 2021 #212
Have a nice day. twodogsbarking Dec 2021 #213
You too! Gore1FL Dec 2021 #214
Rural America has a lot of COVID and drugs and crime IronLionZion Dec 2021 #26
Bingo! geardaddy Dec 2021 #86
It will get worse too treestar Dec 2021 #113
A huge pet peeve of mine is the rural, very white Midwest being called 'The Heartland' Celerity Dec 2021 #27
I travel the rural Midwest regularly FoxNewsSucks Dec 2021 #75
But they're the friendliest people! dalton99a Dec 2021 #130
+1 uponit7771 Dec 2021 #228
A-f**king-men marmar Dec 2021 #28
Telling it like it is! Eom Karma13612 Dec 2021 #29
In MI, 75% of the people who voted for TFG live in urban or mostly urban counties. Kaleva Dec 2021 #30
There are more people of all types in urban counties IronLionZion Dec 2021 #39
43% of the vote TFG got in MI came from counties Biden won Kaleva Dec 2021 #55
Two Words: Electoral College progressoid Dec 2021 #31
Four words: Eliminate The Electoral College. Progressive Jones Dec 2021 #169
Four more words: Good luck with that. progressoid Dec 2021 #188
I get it, but Never Say Die. nt Progressive Jones Dec 2021 #195
✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ msfiddlestix Dec 2021 #33
The Electoral College is the only reason anybody pays attention to rural America. Fiendish Thingy Dec 2021 #35
It's the urban TFG voters in battleground state that's the problem Kaleva Dec 2021 #57
They wouldn't be ignored ThoughtCriminal Dec 2021 #175
On the money. Beautiful post. Zen Democrat Dec 2021 #36
Many people have left and continue to leave Rural America to go live in Urban America. chowder66 Dec 2021 #37
Interesting GusBob Dec 2021 #47
There may be disproportionate recruitment from rural areas, but those numbers are dubious Mersky Dec 2021 #126
Many people are leaving the urban centers of California. totodeinhere Dec 2021 #163
But some of those originally came into California from rural areas. chowder66 Dec 2021 #180
But, many people are moving to rural areas when they retire womanofthehills Dec 2021 #187
Yes. People move to and from rural areas. chowder66 Dec 2021 #189
We need rural America Karma13612 Dec 2021 #38
Clearly Rural Americans are despised here GusBob Dec 2021 #48
Clearly azureblue Dec 2021 #161
Bill Gates owns the most farmland of any "farmer" in the US. nt albacore Dec 2021 #49
Seriously?? Karma13612 Dec 2021 #121
Yup... albacore Dec 2021 #125
Jeebus Karma13612 Dec 2021 #170
Bravo, spot on! Operaweeble Dec 2021 #40
We've Always Self Segregated modrepub Dec 2021 #41
Book: "The Politics of Resentment" Jimbo S Dec 2021 #66
A Political Science Person modrepub Dec 2021 #105
K&R nt PoliWrangler Dec 2021 #43
Excellent post. Elessar Zappa Dec 2021 #44
Yes, yes and yes! happy feet Dec 2021 #45
except they do go into cities Amishman Dec 2021 #50
I live in a rural sagetea Dec 2021 #51
My perception is that many or most rural (white) folks are racists. And... Trust_Reality Dec 2021 #151
yep, it's the radio. limbaugh killed more than hitler and stalin when you add up certainot Dec 2021 #197
K&R hay rick Dec 2021 #52
Righteous rant, K & R...nt Wounded Bear Dec 2021 #53
My feelings exactly, but you say it so much better than me. scarletlib Dec 2021 #54
It boils down to a supremacist attitude HAB911 Dec 2021 #56
Rural America Knows about this tiredtoo Dec 2021 #58
excellent point Evolve Dammit Dec 2021 #59
You got it. Dyedinthewoolliberal Dec 2021 #60
Righteous rant & I agree completely. CrispyQ Dec 2021 #61
Had an Assemblyman once tweet Jimbo S Dec 2021 #68
Rual Ohio Bear Creek Dec 2021 #62
Really? I'm thinking all working people, rural and urban haele Dec 2021 #134
is the highway spending allocated stopdiggin Dec 2021 #149
"Maybe rural America should come over and share a few pitchers of water with a Flint Michigan Family Hekate Dec 2021 #63
Rural America is already over represented in our government. world wide wally Dec 2021 #64
Except that Dems need to appeal to rurals to GET THEIR VOTES, and that's the name of the game. thesquanderer Dec 2021 #65
Those people who vote for things based on empathy, compassion, and unity Bettie Dec 2021 #132
I have lived in and ridden motorcycles through countless small towns. BMW2020RT Dec 2021 #67
Points extremely well made. 3catwoman3 Dec 2021 #69
I was just reading about the Farmers Alliance and Grange movement. Making money farming was almost brewens Dec 2021 #71
I live in rural white right America in a blue state Bluethroughu Dec 2021 #72
Yup, I live in a similar scenario....nt Karma13612 Dec 2021 #122
Hear, hear!! Bravo. Excellent. LoisB Dec 2021 #73
The TRUTH!!!!! mrsadm Dec 2021 #74
Unfortunately, rural America has more electoral power than urban America. Crunchy Frog Dec 2021 #76
Cows vote housecat Dec 2021 #89
Pretty much. Crunchy Frog Dec 2021 #90
K & R pandr32 Dec 2021 #78
No statistics dianaredwing Dec 2021 #93
Yes, it's kind of like the "hard-scrabble", "salt if the earth" manly, he-man coal miner maxrandb Dec 2021 #215
Yup pandr32 Dec 2021 #221
This message was self-deleted by its author traitorsgalore Dec 2021 #79
If we had a marketing department we could respond that repubs are out of touch with the common good. CrispyQ Dec 2021 #80
Well-said dlk Dec 2021 #81
I kind of like your twist on who should be listening to who Kali Dec 2021 #83
Most of that food inthewind21 Dec 2021 #141
The consumer benefits from the subsidies too Kali Dec 2021 #222
K and effing R! geardaddy Dec 2021 #84
Amen!!! FoxNewsSucks Dec 2021 #85
AMEN dianaredwing Dec 2021 #87
I feel you llashram Dec 2021 #88
Keep rural America uneducated and poor. twodogsbarking Dec 2021 #91
They don't need any help -- the problem is that they are dragging us down. NCjack Dec 2021 #140
I see. twodogsbarking Dec 2021 #173
Hear hear! Catherine Vincent Dec 2021 #94
K&R reACTIONary Dec 2021 #95
The reason why people say that Dems need to reach out to rural America is because we want the Dems totodeinhere Dec 2021 #96
For 40 + years maxrandb Dec 2021 #98
What's your solution? Ex Lurker Dec 2021 #103
Out work them and out vote them maxrandb Dec 2021 #129
Which parts of the Democratic Party Platform do you think should be changed Mariana Dec 2021 #118
We've been doing that. What has it gotten us? We are on the brink of losing democracy AND onecaliberal Dec 2021 #146
I would also like to point out maxrandb Dec 2021 #97
I totally get the frustration Dr. Shepper Dec 2021 #99
Cool...Your post here has become a topic of conversation on Thom Hartmann's show. Liberal In Texas Dec 2021 #100
Not sure if this is warning for liberals, or advice to the press bucolic_frolic Dec 2021 #101
Hate on rural America all you want Ex Lurker Dec 2021 #102
Which parts of the Democratic Party Platform do you think should be changed Mariana Dec 2021 #116
Well... LiberatedUSA Dec 2021 #162
You illustrate a huge problem regarding guns. Progressive Jones Dec 2021 #171
The advantage they have in the electoral college treestar Dec 2021 #104
Agree 100% -- The Electoral College is determined by "rural Americans" RFCalifornia Dec 2021 #107
I guess I am a lone voice in the wilderness GusBob Dec 2021 #108
Thank you GusBob GemState Dec 2021 #133
No inthewind21 Dec 2021 #142
Yeah I am a fucking Nazi GusBob Dec 2021 #157
Gosh, if we only had more Dem reps in Congress it wouldn't be such a battle. Mariana Dec 2021 #160
I got the exact same impression. Certainly makes me question spending time here. twodogsbarking Dec 2021 #174
I have a foot in both worlds . . . markpkessinger Dec 2021 #179
You know for a fact that no DUer could handle the lifestyle you're talking about? OnionPatch Dec 2021 #220
So how does any of that address the lopsided resources rural America gets from M$M, pols, and voting uponit7771 Dec 2021 #229
Right maxrandb Dec 2021 #244
Do Urban businesses get subsidies to prevent their failure like rural farmers do? NO! Ziggysmom Dec 2021 #115
The richest farmers got a much higher percentage under Trump. twodogsbarking Dec 2021 #177
Agreed! The notion of "equal representation" is antiquated and outdated. Initech Dec 2021 #117
I just got gerrymandered into a rural Congressional District LeftInTX Dec 2021 #120
This so needs to be spread far and wide. GoneOffShore Dec 2021 #123
The rural folks who are ranchers and farmers... albacore Dec 2021 #124
You miss the point entirely. We are winning in the urban areas but given how our government Demsrule86 Dec 2021 #127
The electorate is not between the 40 yard lines. nt Gore1FL Dec 2021 #159
True, but the same tired argument about rurals radius777 Dec 2021 #217
Dems don't have a messaging infrastructure like the kGOP in rural areas, haven't invested in it uponit7771 Dec 2021 #230
The majority of the rural red states are donor states. The Jungle 1 Dec 2021 #135
I think you meant inthewind21 Dec 2021 #143
I don't know I thought that is what they were called. The Jungle 1 Dec 2021 #185
Donor means giver. California is a donor state: we send more taxes to the feds than we get back. nt Hekate Dec 2021 #219
RNC is setting up community centers in urban areas where they invite Democrats and target minorities LeftInTX Dec 2021 #138
Righteous. cilla4progress Dec 2021 #139
The depopulation of the rural areas has been nothing short of amazing. roamer65 Dec 2021 #145
Kick and rec!..n/t bluecollar2 Dec 2021 #147
I too am sick being told I need to "understand" these folk Skittles Dec 2021 #148
righteous barbtries Dec 2021 #150
That's pretty righteous. nolabear Dec 2021 #152
Whoa - that was a righteous rant Ruby the Liberal Dec 2021 #153
It's not helpful to say "talk to rural America." About what? soldierant Dec 2021 #154
Wow, this didn't go the direction I expected. Bravo!! Ferrets are Cool Dec 2021 #155
I wish I could give this another 200+ recs of my own! calimary Dec 2021 #156
Head of nail meets the hammer! BumRushDaShow Dec 2021 #165
But there was that huge push in 2016 for Republicans to understand Hillary voters! Beartracks Dec 2021 #178
I don't know why people think Steve Bullock has anything to teach Democrats . . . markpkessinger Dec 2021 #181
I don't know why people think Steve Bullock has anything to teach Democrats . . . markpkessinger Dec 2021 #182
The Independent voter resides everywhere. And it is they who decide elections. oldsoftie Dec 2021 #183
True independents are only about ... albacore Dec 2021 #218
But you see the disowning here as well as on the Right. oldsoftie Dec 2021 #223
The Stupid abides... it over-rides Party. Or race. Or economic status. nt albacore Dec 2021 #224
And there are states like Texas that we can win in a few years without a single rural vote RB TexLa Dec 2021 #184
Yes!!! Please write a Letter to the Editor or an Op-Ed Sparkly Dec 2021 #186
Amen Joinfortmill Dec 2021 #191
Amen Joinfortmill Dec 2021 #192
Guns, Ammo, trucks and Gas Prices Smackdown2019 Dec 2021 #193
Continuing to believe its just the rurals who worry about those things is a mistake. oldsoftie Dec 2021 #225
I just stated..... Smackdown2019 Dec 2021 #226
Seriously, America was forged in Boston and Philadelphia and the immigrant slums of NY AdamGG Dec 2021 #194
The response to the "color coded maps" should be the reality BumRushDaShow Dec 2021 #200
I'm tired of this mythical 'Dems need to reach out to rural America' bullshit. Abolishinist Dec 2021 #196
I'm a lifetime rural America dweller, and as dawg is my witness, Roisin Ni Fiachra Dec 2021 #198
TFG got just under 45% of the vote in Genesee County where Flint is Kaleva Dec 2021 #201
The hidden assumption is that rural Murikkka is too damn dumb and irrational librechik Dec 2021 #210
Agree but I don't believe it is just a rural issue Diablo del sol Dec 2021 #231
great post. saw it from this link orleans Dec 2021 #233
" Is rural America the only ones that have a story to tell? " brooklynite Dec 2021 #235
I am not saying "the hell with rural America" maxrandb Dec 2021 #236
I don't CARE if the Republicans are out of touch with urban voters... brooklynite Dec 2021 #237
Yes, and one way to do that maxrandb Dec 2021 #238
We can't control what the media does. We CAN control what the Party and its candidates do. brooklynite Dec 2021 #239
We can't control what the media does? maxrandb Dec 2021 #240
I've shared my thoughts with Party leadership on messaging... brooklynite Dec 2021 #241
Well, it starts with monitoring it and tracking it maxrandb Dec 2021 #242
IOW, its somebody else's job to organize. brooklynite Dec 2021 #243
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