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Oh yes and all the facts are going to come out and be "revealed" someday Walleye Dec 2021 #1
Oh, I've heard that one a lot! StarryNite Dec 2021 #2
👀 underpants Dec 2021 #3
It gives some insight as to what makes them tick and how to deal with them. StarryNite Dec 2021 #6
BINGO!! One vote for Tyson... works for me..nt mitch96 Dec 2021 #12
Tyson is awesome! StarryNite Dec 2021 #25
+1 uponit7771 Dec 2021 #29
Weak, ignorant people who seek magical explanations to feed their paranoid hysteria bucolic_frolic Dec 2021 #4
Underling this, Peter Pomerantsev recently wrote: Torchlight Dec 2021 #5
Oh, that's good! StarryNite Dec 2021 #8
Great reference, here's more on "white jamming" traitorsgalore Dec 2021 #10
That's a very good article. Thank you. StarryNite Dec 2021 #19
I jumped on the Perot bandwagon, then back off as soon as he made himself a joke. I knew people brewens Dec 2021 #7
While I think it's good to understand these people it's much, much better if we can just abqtommy Dec 2021 #9
This I_UndergroundPanther Dec 2021 #11
It's way past time to count the cuckoos! Mopar151 Dec 2021 #17
Thank you for this. Maraya1969 Dec 2021 #13
You're welcome. I think it's helpful to understand their mindset. StarryNite Dec 2021 #20
Not all conspiracy theories are equal. milestogo Dec 2021 #14
Most who believe in big ones like flat Earth or 9/11 are just stupid Polybius Dec 2021 #15
The only conspiracy theory I subscribe to... Bucky Dec 2021 #16
You forgot Bob Dole. H2O Man Dec 2021 #23
as one does Bucky Dec 2021 #26
Hopefully! H2O Man Dec 2021 #35
That was my first reaction when I heard he'd died underpants Dec 2021 #32
Conspiracy theories used to be entertainment for many madville Dec 2021 #18
Yes, conspiracy theories can be entertaining. StarryNite Dec 2021 #22
I believe at least 1. KentuckyWoman Dec 2021 #21
I find that hard to believe too. StarryNite Dec 2021 #24
Denigrating Warren Commission critics is why CIA invented the term. Kid Berwyn Dec 2021 #28
Well now that's a whole other read. underpants Dec 2021 #30
Never mentioned are the NAZI ties to two Warren Commissioners. Kid Berwyn Dec 2021 #33
I remember when I thought the Moonies were crazies, but by today's standard of people Vinca Dec 2021 #27
Moon was a huge contributor to the Republicans. We have him to thank for Falwell underpants Dec 2021 #31
Great read. Good links. NPR had a story a few weeks ago about algorithms underpants Dec 2021 #34
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