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22. Yes, conspiracy theories can be entertaining.
Wed Dec 8, 2021, 12:01 AM
Dec 2021

But the ones that have the potential to destroy our democracy or kill people go way beyond entertainment.

Oh yes and all the facts are going to come out and be "revealed" someday Walleye Dec 2021 #1
Oh, I've heard that one a lot! StarryNite Dec 2021 #2
👀 underpants Dec 2021 #3
It gives some insight as to what makes them tick and how to deal with them. StarryNite Dec 2021 #6
BINGO!! One vote for Tyson... works for me..nt mitch96 Dec 2021 #12
Tyson is awesome! StarryNite Dec 2021 #25
+1 uponit7771 Dec 2021 #29
Weak, ignorant people who seek magical explanations to feed their paranoid hysteria bucolic_frolic Dec 2021 #4
Underling this, Peter Pomerantsev recently wrote: Torchlight Dec 2021 #5
Oh, that's good! StarryNite Dec 2021 #8
Great reference, here's more on "white jamming" traitorsgalore Dec 2021 #10
That's a very good article. Thank you. StarryNite Dec 2021 #19
I jumped on the Perot bandwagon, then back off as soon as he made himself a joke. I knew people brewens Dec 2021 #7
While I think it's good to understand these people it's much, much better if we can just abqtommy Dec 2021 #9
This I_UndergroundPanther Dec 2021 #11
It's way past time to count the cuckoos! Mopar151 Dec 2021 #17
Thank you for this. Maraya1969 Dec 2021 #13
You're welcome. I think it's helpful to understand their mindset. StarryNite Dec 2021 #20
Not all conspiracy theories are equal. milestogo Dec 2021 #14
Most who believe in big ones like flat Earth or 9/11 are just stupid Polybius Dec 2021 #15
The only conspiracy theory I subscribe to... Bucky Dec 2021 #16
You forgot Bob Dole. H2O Man Dec 2021 #23
as one does Bucky Dec 2021 #26
Hopefully! H2O Man Dec 2021 #35
That was my first reaction when I heard he'd died underpants Dec 2021 #32
Conspiracy theories used to be entertainment for many madville Dec 2021 #18
Yes, conspiracy theories can be entertaining. StarryNite Dec 2021 #22
I believe at least 1. KentuckyWoman Dec 2021 #21
I find that hard to believe too. StarryNite Dec 2021 #24
Denigrating Warren Commission critics is why CIA invented the term. Kid Berwyn Dec 2021 #28
Well now that's a whole other read. underpants Dec 2021 #30
Never mentioned are the NAZI ties to two Warren Commissioners. Kid Berwyn Dec 2021 #33
I remember when I thought the Moonies were crazies, but by today's standard of people Vinca Dec 2021 #27
Moon was a huge contributor to the Republicans. We have him to thank for Falwell underpants Dec 2021 #31
Great read. Good links. NPR had a story a few weeks ago about algorithms underpants Dec 2021 #34
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