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73. It's X'Mas, so thought I'd offer this bit of
Sat Dec 25, 2021, 02:17 PM
Dec 2021

advice from Max Ehrmann who wrote Desiderata: "Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story".

That's not laziness, it's dialect difference. tblue37 Dec 2021 #1
+1. n/t femmedem Dec 2021 #25
Which schools teach this dialect? AncientAndy Dec 2021 #39
I was taught metric. LuckyCharms Dec 2021 #41
I spent 45 years teaching college English, but when I am with my Sicilian-American tblue37 Dec 2021 #44
In the Chicago dialect, the "family room" is called a front room, but it's pronounced... Progressive Jones Dec 2021 #135
I was taught how to dial a telephone Effete Snob Dec 2021 #65
. Iggo Dec 2021 #97
I figure any college with a decent linguistics program. Iggo Dec 2021 #95
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2021 #128
Language is far more complex than radius777 Dec 2021 #124
The legitimacy of a dialect doesn't depend on it being taught in classroom. Act_of_Reparation Dec 2021 #133
Lot more charitable than my thoughts. Lancero Dec 2021 #86
... greenjar_01 Dec 2021 #2
... demmiblue Dec 2021 #16
OMG n/t leftstreet Dec 2021 #3
Are you sure English is his first language? vanlassie Dec 2021 #4
I Fail To See Your Problem, Sir The Magistrate Dec 2021 #5
+1000!!! Nt USALiberal Dec 2021 #12
. WhiskeyGrinder Dec 2021 #20
Linguistics is successful if the message conveyed can be understood by the recipient. TheBlackAdder Dec 2021 #80
Indeed ibegurpard Dec 2021 #90
. LuckyCharms Dec 2021 #6
... demmiblue Dec 2021 #7
Huh MustLoveBeagles Dec 2021 #8
are you serious? Kali Dec 2021 #9
Was the person autistic? KS Toronado Dec 2021 #10
He was 20 something skateboarder ripcord Dec 2021 #13
Really? On Christmas Day even? LuckyCharms Dec 2021 #26
Irony is a funny thing, isn't it? MineralMan Dec 2021 #28
Ouch. Dial H For Hero Dec 2021 #35
I'll admit, that's a nice dunk wellst0nev0ter Dec 2021 #38
Autistic people can skate board. KS Toronado Dec 2021 #30
My first job out of college, I worked outreach for the elderly way up in the Appalachian mountains. BlackSkimmer Dec 2021 #54
+1000! USALiberal Dec 2021 #105
Reminds that I once drove with a friend to visit her Hortensis Dec 2021 #118
Yes. Beautiful people I met in those days. BlackSkimmer Dec 2021 #122
"He was 20 something skateboarder" Mariana Dec 2021 #87
Lol, is this a parody???? Nt USALiberal Dec 2021 #104
Lol, geez, lighten up! Nt USALiberal Dec 2021 #11
Is it possible that he has learning difficulties or received a subpar education? PTWB Dec 2021 #14
He speaks just fine at City Council and school board meetings ripcord Dec 2021 #22
Your OP refers to him as "some guy", normally indicative of your not knowing him. Dial H For Hero Dec 2021 #37
Hmmm indeed. One wonders what bridges may be missing their Maru Kitteh Dec 2021 #106
A trumpie skateboarder? BlackSkimmer Dec 2021 #42
A 20 something Trumpy skateboarder, who also shows up at school board and city council meetings Celerity Dec 2021 #49
I know, right? BlackSkimmer Dec 2021 #53
It's an odd one for sure XanaDUer2 Dec 2021 #63
Hey, and back atcha! BlackSkimmer Dec 2021 #64
I overheard him talking with friends at a hipster coffee shop Effete Snob Dec 2021 #66
. Iggo Dec 2021 #89
This is fascinating! CrackityJones75 Dec 2021 #119
I am upset about people use the wrong double quote!!! Nt USALiberal Dec 2021 #15
... MustLoveBeagles Dec 2021 #17
You think you made a point Alpeduez21 Dec 2021 #18
Question for you... LuckyCharms Dec 2021 #19
Have you, now? Well, that's a pretty rude thing to do. MineralMan Dec 2021 #21
Way to take a stand, Ripcord. Says a lot about you. WhiskeyGrinder Dec 2021 #23
I don't have any difficulty understanding it in written form. old as dirt Dec 2021 #24
Have you ever heard of dialects? Are you familiar with the Crunchy Frog Dec 2021 #27
Why you do that? edhopper Dec 2021 #29
Oh my god yes! Iggo Dec 2021 #98
You know nothing about the gentleman in question beyond his appearance and two poorly constructed Dial H For Hero Dec 2021 #31
Nah, read the other posts. BlackSkimmer Dec 2021 #56
Or Newfoundland... Jedi Guy Dec 2021 #69
Ha! BlackSkimmer Dec 2021 #103
I'm sure your verbal interaction with people will be greatly missed Stinky The Clown Dec 2021 #32
Smokes. Let's go. LuckyCharms Dec 2021 #33
Wait! Dr. Strange Dec 2021 #84
Good catch! LuckyCharms Dec 2021 #91
yes DiamondShark Dec 2021 #94
Probably a Gen Z bartender. Tomconroy Dec 2021 #34
Nice ageism. So sick and tired of the endless Millennial and Gen Z bashing on this board. Celerity Dec 2021 #43
I say bro, brah, dude ismnotwasm Dec 2021 #45
Me too. LuckyCharms Dec 2021 #47
bruv (in the UK) Celerity Dec 2021 #51
I love slang and real time linguistic changes. I don't always use it, but I stay aware ismnotwasm Dec 2021 #62
I stream a ton of Brit tv shows, and bruv and fam are my new words this year. Iggo Dec 2021 #100
Fam has been prevalent here for years tishaLA Dec 2021 #140
+1. 'Dope' was to the 90s what 'rad' was to the 80s radius777 Dec 2021 #121
Me old China. ;) N/T Jedi Guy Dec 2021 #71
My dad grew up in Fulham, way before it was posh. BlackSkimmer Dec 2021 #123
I use "dude" a lot. I only use "bro" or "brah" ironically 99% of the time. Jedi Guy Dec 2021 #70
I've noticed this ismnotwasm Dec 2021 #77
Oh yeah, "gnarly" is back. Jedi Guy Dec 2021 #78
Hahaha! Agreed. I hope tubular was a one-off ismnotwasm Dec 2021 #83
I know! And then what would you do? Iggo Dec 2021 #99
He spoke to you using the same casual language he would have used with a friend--a friendly gesture. femmedem Dec 2021 #36
bah, humbug iemanja Dec 2021 #40
Please provide sample sentences 48656c6c6f20 Dec 2021 #46
Rush Limbaugh billh58 Dec 2021 #48
Really? NT mahatmakanejeeves Dec 2021 #50
Language is communication TexasBushwhacker Dec 2021 #52
It grinds on me too BUT MuseRider Dec 2021 #55
I ran into a situation once with someone who behaved like you. MineralMan Dec 2021 #57
When I Travelled In France, Sir The Magistrate Dec 2021 #59
Absolutely. I always apologize for speaking any of the languages I speak poorly. MineralMan Dec 2021 #61
It is too bad that this teller was so unhelpful w/ these people/tourists. It is a good... SWBTATTReg Dec 2021 #75
That was many years ago. The teller was not fired. MineralMan Dec 2021 #76
I see it as an effect of the American Exceptionalism philosophy misanthrope Dec 2021 #82
Remember umbrella man? old as dirt Dec 2021 #96
These videos were completely new to me! ShazzieB Dec 2021 #129
It's just another excuse... old as dirt Dec 2021 #131
This had to be years ago, assuming it ever happened. BlackSkimmer Dec 2021 #116
Mineral Man said it was "many years ago." ShazzieB Dec 2021 #132
Traveling/doing art research in Italy I used "mi dispiace" a lot. The Italians loved that I was at CTyankee Dec 2021 #92
I did the same thing when I visited France in 1977. n/t ChazII Dec 2021 #81
I did the same thing with Spanish. Iggo Dec 2021 #110
The one time my high school French came in handy was in a similar situation. Dial H For Hero Dec 2021 #79
I can't say anything because, I'm sure multigraincracker Dec 2021 #58
You got ya some tense problems dpibel Dec 2021 #60
Bet yo life. OilemFirchen Dec 2021 #68
Sounds like dialect to me. Elessar Zappa Dec 2021 #67
One of my VA disabilities is Expressive Aphasia so if we ever meet you wouldn't want to talk with me marie999 Dec 2021 #72
It's X'Mas, so thought I'd offer this bit of Enoki33 Dec 2021 #73
I haven't heard a native English speaker in person for 2 months Tetrachloride Dec 2021 #74
Hope you are enjoying that rarified air Texasgal Dec 2021 #85
I shall stop responding to people who think they are better than others... Iggo Dec 2021 #88
My wife gets english pronouns wrong all the time. old as dirt Dec 2021 #93
That's odd....and awesome. Iggo Dec 2021 #101
You do you. gldstwmn Dec 2021 #102
Ok Sunsky Dec 2021 #107
Language is a living thing Bettie Dec 2021 #108
Here's hoping you received all the admiration you were expecting this Christmas EYESORE 9001 Dec 2021 #109
This thread turned out like I thought it would MustLoveBeagles Dec 2021 #111
Here's my suggestion EYESORE 9001 Dec 2021 #113
I'm with you MustLoveBeagles Dec 2021 #115
Surprised he's not deleted it yet lol. BlackSkimmer Dec 2021 #125
So am I MustLoveBeagles Dec 2021 #127
These be mean, intolerant times. Go widit. Or not. Hortensis Dec 2021 #112
And they may be all the better for not having to deal with you. nolabear Dec 2021 #114
Wow. You actually wrote this? CrackityJones75 Dec 2021 #117
I try hard not to judge people, Emile Dec 2021 #120
I need to relate this here... 634-5789 Dec 2021 #126
I've stopped responding to a certain kind of people, too. ShazzieB Dec 2021 #130
I've stopped responding to people who refuse to use the Oxford comma. Act_of_Reparation Dec 2021 #134
that's a bit harsh Skittles Dec 2021 #136
reminds me of an old classic DU trolling thread Kali Dec 2021 #137
Beer and many experiences. Iggo Dec 2021 #139
"And now a word from our sponsor: the Evelyn Woodhead Speed Reading Course. Roisin Ni Fiachra Dec 2021 #138
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