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7. You're probably right... but she might have been Epstein's fail safe and she flipped
Wed Dec 29, 2021, 11:25 PM
Dec 2021

Epstein might have believed she was his fail safe and when she was confronted with it, she assured Trump/Barr et. al. that the fail safe was now her own and it would be in all of their best interest for Epstein to disappear.

Ghislaine still knows most of, if not all of epstein's secrets . . . and still does. empedocles Dec 2021 #1
yeah i keep seeing people saying Epstein's clients should be worried Takket Dec 2021 #2
Why didn't any of the victims mention that? Effete Snob Dec 2021 #4
The victims would know them too Effete Snob Dec 2021 #3
There's still time. harumph Dec 2021 #5
She hasn't given up names yet. She may do that for a reduction in her sentence. gldstwmn Dec 2021 #6
You're probably right... but she might have been Epstein's fail safe and she flipped OhioBlue Dec 2021 #7
Because it would have been too obvious Polybius Dec 2021 #8
Funny how often a conspiracy theory needs to be buttressed by another conspiracy theory... brooklynite Dec 2021 #13
It's a Catch 22 Klaralven Dec 2021 #9
What about the other witnesses Effete Snob Dec 2021 #10
They want to stay alive? Klaralven Dec 2021 #11
Oh Effete Snob Dec 2021 #12
Maybe the secret is that there are not a lot of secrets Buckeyeblue Dec 2021 #14
Wasn't it a party atmosphere? empedocles Dec 2021 #18
Well, if you look at the actual testimony of the witnesses and victims Effete Snob Dec 2021 #19
I don't know about party Buckeyeblue Dec 2021 #22
Yes, and sometimes both security cameras fail at the same time, panader0 Dec 2021 #15
Why did they arrest and jail him in the first place? Effete Snob Dec 2021 #16
To raid his compound and get all the evidence leftstreet Dec 2021 #21
You don't have to arrest anyone to get a search warrant Effete Snob Dec 2021 #23
You do if you don't want him shredding documents n/t leftstreet Dec 2021 #24
That's completely absurd Effete Snob Dec 2021 #25
Wasn't there also two 'suicide' attempts 'by' epstein? empedocles Dec 2021 #17
Epstein woke up during one to find an ex-cop's hands around his throat. Kid Berwyn Dec 2021 #20
What's the secret to Epstein having the same facial expression in every photo? Paladin Dec 2021 #26
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