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Mon Jan 3, 2022, 05:14 PM Jan 2022

How insane is it that you could own a deadly machine like an AR-15 and not need to register it? [View all]

Apparently you can own "long guns" like AR-15s in states like Missouri and Texas and not be required to register them.

48 votes, 1 pass | Time left: Unlimited
Diabolically insane
30 (63%)
Just regular amount insane
4 (8%)
A little bit insane
0 (0%)
Not insane at all
13 (27%)
Not requiring registration for deadly machines is a good idea.
1 (2%)
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In places like Misery and Tex-ass, toxic is the only kind of masculinity. Aristus Jan 2022 #1
At least in Texas I think a majority support registration of all weapons ColinC Jan 2022 #2
Until someone tries running on that and the propaganda machines kick in gear BeyondGeography Jan 2022 #3
Very few states require registration of certain types of long gun Kaleva Jan 2022 #4
More states PROHIBIT registries than requires them!!? ColinC Jan 2022 #5
Yep DetroitLegalBeagle Jan 2022 #6
This is why the estimates for the number of guns in the US vary by 100 million or more Amishman Jan 2022 #10
Adam Lanza's AR-15 was registered hack89 Jan 2022 #7
Should people who use their weapons in a crime be held accountable? ColinC Jan 2022 #14
Vehicles are registered for tax purposes to fund roads etc MichMan Jan 2022 #19
They are regularly used for that purpose, actually ColinC Jan 2022 #23
People can see a license plate on a get away car if the criminal hasn't removed it MichMan Jan 2022 #30
Not an analogy. Just common sense. ColinC Jan 2022 #32
Not common sense either. Straw Man Jan 2022 #150
Do you know what a lead is? ColinC Jan 2022 #151
Yes, and I told you where gun registration info "leads" in investigating crimes. Straw Man Jan 2022 #157
Person who gun was stolen from ColinC Jan 2022 #158
Umm ... Straw Man Jan 2022 #159
Your handle checks out. ColinC Jan 2022 #160
Attacking my username? That smacks of desperation. Straw Man Jan 2022 #163
This message was self-deleted by its author ColinC Jan 2022 #164
So your assumption is... ColinC Jan 2022 #166
Police puffery and unsubstantiated claims ... Straw Man Jan 2022 #177
So should I trust a random anonymous poster about how police investigations work? ColinC Jan 2022 #178
Please explain to me how police investigations solve crimes though gun registration. Straw Man Jan 2022 #179
What part do you not understand? ColinC Jan 2022 #180
The part where you claim this is about solving crimes. Straw Man Jan 2022 #181
Perhaps you missed the last sentence? ColinC Jan 2022 #182
Nope, didn't miss that. Straw Man Jan 2022 #184
It comes from a credible source ColinC Jan 2022 #185
Credible source? Straw Man Jan 2022 #186
Another part of the article cites this. Did you also fail to read it? ColinC Jan 2022 #187
I read the article you posted. I assumed the link was for attribution. Straw Man Jan 2022 #191
Actually the way it works is that a portion of the article is shared ColinC Jan 2022 #193
Wrong again. Straw Man Jan 2022 #221
Here's another ColinC Jan 2022 #189
Thirty-six pages of PR from the Chicago Mayor's Office? Straw Man Jan 2022 #192
Wait. So the first segment summarizing how it is done wasn't good enough. ColinC Jan 2022 #194
The first segment didn't "summarize" how it was done. Straw Man Jan 2022 #196
That's easy. PTWB Jan 2022 #168
Super glad that exists. ColinC Jan 2022 #169
What clues are you going to get if you don't have the weapon in hand? BGBD Jan 2022 #172
Law enforcement seems to disagree. ColinC Jan 2022 #173
Are we just posting things that have nothing to do with the argument? BGBD Jan 2022 #174
Your argument portends to most crimes not having the weapon ColinC Jan 2022 #175
People that do use a gun in a crime are held accountable MichMan Jan 2022 #29
Actually most people who commit a crime with a gun likely get away with it ColinC Jan 2022 #33
Then you should be registering handguns, not rifles. hack89 Jan 2022 #56
Are you thinking that someone who legally bought a gun... discntnt_irny_srcsm Jan 2022 #98
Canada tried and gave up hack89 Jan 2022 #8
There's no need to register an AR-15 in 44 out of 50 states. Dial H For Hero Jan 2022 #9
Better check the compliance rate in NY and CT first hack89 Jan 2022 #11
It is insane to own an AR-15. BeckyDem Jan 2022 #12
The AR-15 is actually one of the most popular hunting rifles in America. Dial H For Hero Jan 2022 #15
Yes, like I said, sick America. BeckyDem Jan 2022 #16
What's wrong with hunting? PTWB Jan 2022 #18
Sorry you have a typo. ColinC Jan 2022 #20
Okay, let's go with your version. PTWB Jan 2022 #26
For one it encourages hunters to waste ammo through the high capacity mags ColinC Jan 2022 #28
Many states limit the maximum magazine capacity when hunting PTWB Jan 2022 #46
High-capacity magazines are illegal in MI, dunno about other areas. JustABozoOnThisBus Jan 2022 #48
that the AR-15 equates to high capacity is a pretty common misconception cadoman Jan 2022 #50
The "easily modifiable" part is kinda my point. ColinC Jan 2022 #52
Actually, you missed the point. Straw Man Jan 2022 #188
Definitely didn't miss the point. ColinC Jan 2022 #190
Definitely did. Straw Man Jan 2022 #197
"If it can be modified to higher caliber, that bothers me." EX500rider Jan 2022 #211
Are you bothered by the T/C Contender handgun? Dial H For Hero Jan 2022 #215
You can't hunt legally with high capacity magazines Zeitghost Jan 2022 #70
Hunters Have been using semi automatic rifles and shotguns for well over a century. Dial H For Hero Jan 2022 #21
This message was self-deleted by its author ColinC Jan 2022 #31
Yeah the civilian ones don't have 3 round burst EX500rider Jan 2022 #36
Easily modifiable. ColinC Jan 2022 #39
What makes you think it is easily modified EX500rider Jan 2022 #40
This message was self-deleted by its author ColinC Jan 2022 #43
... ColinC Jan 2022 #49
Please tell me you're not taking that video seriously. It's an obvious joke. Dial H For Hero Jan 2022 #54
Yeah it was funny. ColinC Jan 2022 #58
I wouldn't take anything the OP says about this subject seriously, MarineCombatEngineer Jan 2022 #59
Oh, I don't, believe me. Dial H For Hero Jan 2022 #64
And I'm just sitting down for dinner before I crawl into my sleeper MarineCombatEngineer Jan 2022 #67
Right. I'm not a gun nut. ColinC Jan 2022 #69
I'm not either, MarineCombatEngineer Jan 2022 #72
It's highly illegal to convert without registration. PTWB Jan 2022 #55
Actually I don't think that a criminal is going to convert their weapon to fully auto ColinC Jan 2022 #57
That's ridiculous. PTWB Jan 2022 #60
Why do you think semi automatic weapons are necessary? ColinC Jan 2022 #62
Semi automatic weapons are used in a huge number of crimes. PTWB Jan 2022 #63
I'm talking about allowing AR15s to be sold en masse. ColinC Jan 2022 #66
They're fantastic rifles. PTWB Jan 2022 #68
For me, I lost a friend in a mass shooting ColinC Jan 2022 #71
I'm sorry for your loss. PTWB Jan 2022 #74
Thank you. And you are probably right. ColinC Jan 2022 #78
Firearms are inherently legal in our country. PTWB Jan 2022 #80
... ColinC Jan 2022 #86
Perhaps. PTWB Jan 2022 #89
Well I include societal collapse as a possible factor within 20 years.. ColinC Jan 2022 #91
Societal collapse is much more likely than getting an AR ban passed. PTWB Jan 2022 #92
I agree wholeheartedly with the first statement. ColinC Jan 2022 #93
I agree wholeheartedly with the first statement. ColinC Jan 2022 #94
These 11 mass shootings involved an AR-15-style weapon. BeckyDem Jan 2022 #107
Yes. PTWB Jan 2022 #111
Your conlusions suggest they're such a "small percent" of the problem, why take them off the market. BeckyDem Jan 2022 #113
You're close to my point but not exactly there. PTWB Jan 2022 #116
That is not demonizing. BeckyDem Jan 2022 #119
They're not a small percentage of murders? PTWB Jan 2022 #120
I think we're done here. BeckyDem Jan 2022 #121
We're done if you want to be done. PTWB Jan 2022 #123
I waded through the statistics from the FBI krispos42 Jan 2022 #233
My deepest condolences to the loss of your friend, MarineCombatEngineer Jan 2022 #75
Thanks ColinC Jan 2022 #77
Let's game this out......... MarineCombatEngineer Jan 2022 #79
I think the fact that "how would you prevent a civil war if guns were banned" ColinC Jan 2022 #82
I commend you for your beliefs, even if I disagree with them. MarineCombatEngineer Jan 2022 #84
Thanks so much for the kind words. ColinC Jan 2022 #90
On civil war ColinC Jan 2022 #83
I couldn't agree with you more. MarineCombatEngineer Jan 2022 #87
You mean banned like in Mexico? EX500rider Jan 2022 #85
No. I mean banned like in Japan. Or the uk. Mexico is definitely an exception. ColinC Jan 2022 #88
Sure you can cherry pick European states with low rates. EX500rider Jan 2022 #99
Actually choosing mexico is cherry picking ColinC Jan 2022 #104
Dead is dead...if you are actually worried about people being murdered and not how. EX500rider Jan 2022 #106
Again. Discussing shooting deaths. ColinC Jan 2022 #109
OK EX500rider Jan 2022 #125
Cool let's outlaw all guns then. ColinC Jan 2022 #130
Sure good luck with that EX500rider Jan 2022 #131
Thanks I'll need it. ColinC Jan 2022 #132
"disregards the numbers of deaths caused by gun accidents" EX500rider Jan 2022 #140
Are you seriously comparing a machine designed to kill people with "accidentally falling"? ColinC Jan 2022 #142
You brought up accidental deaths by firearms like it was a significant number which is not... EX500rider Jan 2022 #145
You missed the point. The issue isn't about the number of deaths ColinC Jan 2022 #195
Getting rid of any guns I might own won't help save anyone's lives EX500rider Jan 2022 #204
If we are going to compare guns to cars ColinC Jan 2022 #222
Get back to me when cars are in the Bill of Rights EX500rider Jan 2022 #224
And you didn't answer my question EX500rider Jan 2022 #226
Hell, I'm even uncomfortable ForgedCrank Jan 2022 #135
Requires machine milling isn't necessarily easy EX500rider Jan 2022 #73
I think the N. Hollywood bank robbery was the last time. nt MarineCombatEngineer Jan 2022 #76
Certainly the last one i heard of, 1997 nt EX500rider Jan 2022 #81
Might be a newer instance but... discntnt_irny_srcsm Jan 2022 #133
I think there was one in Miami involving the FBI but I forgot when EX500rider Jan 2022 #134
An AR-15 *is* a semiautomatic rifle. When used to hunt, the user must obey all relevant game Dial H For Hero Jan 2022 #44
The AR-15 when being used for hunting ColinC Jan 2022 #45
The Winchester Model 1905 I mentioned had a 10 round magazine manufactured for it. Dial H For Hero Jan 2022 #51
Was your Winchester originally built for the military? ColinC Jan 2022 #53
Nope. My 1903 Springfield bolt action rifle was, though. So what? Dial H For Hero Jan 2022 #61
"Is not legally allowed to use all of the things that an AR-15 is already built to include." EX500rider Jan 2022 #212
None of that is significant or relevant. ForgedCrank Jan 2022 #136
Okay how bout this: ColinC Jan 2022 #139
The law of unintended consequences EX500rider Jan 2022 #141
Curious. There are dozens of countries where nearly 0 people own firearms. Why did you pick Mexico? ColinC Jan 2022 #143
Because it clearly shows how criminals and drug cartels and gangs behave with a disarmed populace EX500rider Jan 2022 #147
Doesn't sound like banning guns was the issue there, then :) ColinC Jan 2022 #149
I'll ask again: EX500rider Jan 2022 #152
The two are completely different things. ColinC Jan 2022 #153
Yes good of you to admit it EX500rider Jan 2022 #205
Of course gun homicides do contribute to homicide rates ColinC Jan 2022 #207
This message was self-deleted by its author ColinC Jan 2022 #209
The US is a lot more like Mexico EX500rider Jan 2022 #206
Mexico is arguably run by drug cartels ColinC Jan 2022 #210
A "much older nation"? Straw Man Jan 2022 #225
I'd like for you to think ForgedCrank Jan 2022 #144
I have two friends killed by guns unnecessarily. ColinC Jan 2022 #148
Although I don't think ForgedCrank Jan 2022 #154
I think I have a far different idea of what is realistic and achievable. ColinC Jan 2022 #170
Was waiting for this! Lol! Nt USALiberal Jan 2022 #95
I have hunters in my family iemanja Jan 2022 #183
...And the old myth "The AR-15 will destroy the meat of any animal it hits" rears it's head yet again. Dial H For Hero Jan 2022 #198
Try to follow the plot iemanja Jan 2022 #199
An AR-15 in 6.8 SPC using a 5 round magazine is a deer rifle. Dial H For Hero Jan 2022 #201
"Pretending the AR-15 is a hunting weapon doesn't hold water." Stats say otherwise. EX500rider Jan 2022 #213
Does anyone actually need an AR-15 to hunt? iemanja Jan 2022 #214
How exactly does using an AR-15 "shoot game to oblivion"? I would really like to know. Dial H For Hero Jan 2022 #216
It's all a joke to you iemanja Jan 2022 #218
Au contraire, I find the comparison of a rifle to a nuclear weapon laughable. Dial H For Hero Jan 2022 #219
I remember you iemanja Jan 2022 #223
I haven't the faintest idea who you are or what you're speaking of. Dial H For Hero Jan 2022 #227
Thousands certainly aren't dead every year from AR-15's or indeed all rifles. EX500rider Jan 2022 #234
1st you have poor grasp of what is a WMD... EX500rider Jan 2022 #217
I don't think there are any hunters in your family Kaleva Jan 2022 #220
A post with that much info on cartridges might upset someone. Doesn't it need a Dial H For Hero Jan 2022 #228
I'm not expecting a reply Kaleva Jan 2022 #235
Likely so. Dial H For Hero Jan 2022 #236
THANK YOU Skittles Jan 2022 #137
+1. BeckyDem Jan 2022 #200
Given that the AR-15 has been around for almost 60 years, Dial H For Hero Jan 2022 #202
Oh yes, Murika is normal. BeckyDem Jan 2022 #203
It really isn't at all krispos42 Jan 2022 #232
I think there should be a blood alcohol limit to carrying firearms Walleye Jan 2022 #13
Plus registration, plus insurance, plus license requirements and training. ColinC Jan 2022 #17
Insurance for what? EX500rider Jan 2022 #34
There's never been an accident with a gun where somebody is injured? ColinC Jan 2022 #35
What I said was insurance won't cover crimes committed with firearms EX500rider Jan 2022 #38
You said "insurance for what?" ColinC Jan 2022 #41
"The rate of accidents at the hands of guns could absolutely warrant their being insured" EX500rider Jan 2022 #96
And wherever there is liability in even the cases you provided ColinC Jan 2022 #105
How so? EX500rider Jan 2022 #108
And if somebody hurts themselves on your property and you have no insurance ColinC Jan 2022 #110
Yes but insurance is not required, people can already get firearm insurance if they want. EX500rider Jan 2022 #115
Unlike with your house, I think firearm insurance should be required ColinC Jan 2022 #126
Given the very low rate of firearms accidents ... Straw Man Jan 2022 #155
Good. They can make a comeback by supporting a law to require firearm insurance! ColinC Jan 2022 #156
Being a vendor of gun insurance ... Straw Man Jan 2022 #161
Again. Name checks out. ColinC Jan 2022 #162
I see you that failed Analogy 101. Straw Man Jan 2022 #165
Yes I said that. They are both mentioned next to each other in the constitution. ColinC Jan 2022 #167
The 18th Amendment lasted 15 years. Straw Man Jan 2022 #176
Not as insane as owning it in the first place!! InAbLuEsTaTe Jan 2022 #22
I own one. Does that make me insane? Dial H For Hero Jan 2022 #25
well, it certainly doesn't prove you're sane. maxsolomon Jan 2022 #42
I agree. Just as not owning one doesn't prove you're sane. Dial H For Hero Jan 2022 #47
I guess we just go along as before. maxsolomon Jan 2022 #65
+1 uponit7771 Jan 2022 #101
How would you strap "methicillin-susceptible Staphylococcus aureus" to your chest? nt EX500rider Jan 2022 #114
Military-Style Semi-Automatic. maxsolomon Jan 2022 #237
The fact no one can say "hell no" is bad enough for you NOT to own a PGR. Calis PGR laws should uponit7771 Jan 2022 #100
"PGR"? Dial H For Hero Jan 2022 #129
Gunsplainers don't seem to mind. Kingofalldems Jan 2022 #24
Democratic Party doesn't mind either which is why there's no serious push to register such guns Kaleva Jan 2022 #112
Missouri doesn't have any gun registration. LiberatedUSA Jan 2022 #27
Considering we are in a fight for democracy right now. LiberatedUSA Jan 2022 #37
All PGR's owners should be licensed and registered IMHO. PGRs are designed for mass kill not defense uponit7771 Jan 2022 #97
What's a PGR? n/t discntnt_irny_srcsm Jan 2022 #102
Here : ) EX500rider Jan 2022 #124
Here :) discntnt_irny_srcsm Jan 2022 #127
Hmm... discntnt_irny_srcsm Jan 2022 #128
I have to assume Precision Guided Rifle SYFROYH Jan 2022 #138
What is a PGR? LiberatedUSA Jan 2022 #118
What would the state do with the registration info? BusterMove Jan 2022 #103
Yeah, I don't know, either. Act_of_Reparation Jan 2022 #117
K&R UTUSN Jan 2022 #122
I always like these types of posts..... Fla_Democrat Jan 2022 #146
Is there a difference between the concepts of registered and licensed? Sapient Donkey Jan 2022 #171
If a weapon is legal, I am against the government knowing I own it. marie999 Jan 2022 #208
I fail to see how registering one will stop crime krispos42 Jan 2022 #229
Might find the perp. yagotme Jan 2022 #230
Very few states require registration fescuerescue Jan 2022 #231
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