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Too practical. 2naSalit Jan 2022 #1
20 years now I pack my car with a winter survival kit.... Granted, I'm in the West, but... hlthe2b Jan 2022 #2
Absolutely a great idea Beachnutt Jan 2022 #3
Add one of those shiny reflective "space blankets" for each passenger zeusdogmom Jan 2022 #4
that use to be SOP for just about stopdiggin Jan 2022 #5
Good! Not so good here in GA since we no longer drive Hortensis Jan 2022 #6
I keep all that stuff in my truck too... Grumpy Old Guy Jan 2022 #9
I do too - living rural if there is an accident you might have to wait hrs - often for a helicopter womanofthehills Jan 2022 #13
Great list! colorado_ufo Jan 2022 #11
I have all the things mentioned, PLUS a trauma kit. I don't know all the medical... FailureToCommunicate Jan 2022 #15
...and cash. Totally Tunsie Jan 2022 #16
Further north, it's evacuate the people first and tow the vehicles after the weather clears. Eugene Jan 2022 #7
Makes too much sense.. mountain grammy Jan 2022 #8
Southbound not northbound Old Okie Jan 2022 #10
Fire Extinguisher - Don't Forget DanieRains Jan 2022 #12
Among those stranded in the area: US Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia diehardblue Jan 2022 #14
Once trucks get stopped, they are hard to get moving without chains or a tow Klaralven Jan 2022 #17
Like it was 30+ years ago..blizzard '78..Massachusetts..will never forget.. asiliveandbreathe Jan 2022 #18
I feel sorry for the truck drivers being paid by the mile. Emile Jan 2022 #19
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