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Wed Jan 5, 2022, 03:25 PM Jan 2022

Good Job, AG Garland! [View all]

That was a very good presentation, and it covered a lot of ground. Expectedly, he did not name names, but made it clear that they are going to go after anyone at any level, wherever there is evidence.

I'm very encouraged by his remarks. He's staying within the boundaries of not specifically naming anyone or divulging what investigations are producing in terms of evidence. He really has to stay within those boundaries.

However, this is not a wishy-washy Attorney General. That seems clear to me.

He is just flat doing his job. The problem is that many people don't understand his job very well.

He's on this!

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Good Job, AG Garland! [View all] MineralMan Jan 2022 OP
Good for him, this speech mostly is for those looking down like FAUX News viewers. I repeat this uponit7771 Jan 2022 #1
Because he's not looking for political affiliation. They just happen to all belong to the same one Budi Jan 2022 #7
+1, I made the point in another thread that is most likely factually correct but isn't expressing uponit7771 Jan 2022 #9
Yup. He's dug in far deeper than R or D or whatever letter Budi Jan 2022 #11
Yes!!! K&R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! n/t RKP5637 Jan 2022 #2
Garland does appear to be acting like the lawyer he is, and that is a good or bad thing depending... TreasonousBastard Jan 2022 #3
If I were a bad guy, I'd be pretty worried right now. MineralMan Jan 2022 #6
AG Garland is NOT Biden's personal Attorney, but the People's. ProudMNDemocrat Jan 2022 #4
Oh, Yes. I Forgot. This Was a Big Deal Speech! MineralMan Jan 2022 #5
I'm looking for more FAUX News response to GQP anti voter actions bein tied to J6 by Garland. uponit7771 Jan 2022 #10
That's what I said. This has now started. I expect things to start happening. fwvinson Jan 2022 #44
Yes, this speech was absolutely a BFD. ShazzieB Jan 2022 #48
I thought it was a great speech that only an official of his stature could deliver bucolic_frolic Jan 2022 #8
Yes. He's definitely a pro. And we need that badly. MineralMan Jan 2022 #12
He's a consummate pro, all right. ShazzieB Jan 2022 #54
K & R & Thank You! Budi Jan 2022 #13
And now we know DENVERPOPS Jan 2022 #36
Garland prosecuted Timothy McVeigh for Oklahoma City and the Unabomber 2Gingersnaps Jan 2022 #45
Hello Mr. Stone, Oath Keepers, Donny, and so on. Your shit is weak ... all those people who got ... Botany Jan 2022 #14
Yup. Exactly. MineralMan Jan 2022 #16
Garland's speech also told me that if the Jan. 6th committee brings evidence to the DoJ that ... Botany Jan 2022 #21
And, he mentioned wryter2000 Jan 2022 #32
I agree - very good speech. He all but said "don't worry, we're going deep into this." .. George II Jan 2022 #15
Well, I'm satisfied. Now we watch to see what's next. MineralMan Jan 2022 #17
His critics will be satisfied with justice, not words. PTWB Jan 2022 #18
Fortunately with Trump, there are multiple crimes and venues DemocraticPatriot Jan 2022 #64
KnR! Hekate Jan 2022 #19
Yes, it was. As I always expected. ancianita Jan 2022 #20
The proof is in the pudding, as they say...(n/t) Patton French Jan 2022 #22
Agreed. Harker Jan 2022 #23
AG Garland is no BillyBarr - THANK GOODNESS!! NoMoreRepugs Jan 2022 #24
I am very much encouraged, too. And so grateful to have a US Attorney General with integrity LaMouffette Jan 2022 #25
I was satisfied with what he said and how he said it... Ohio Joe Jan 2022 #26
I thought his speech was excellent. Seems many of us including myself have doc03 Jan 2022 #27
I feel relieved. Mickju Jan 2022 #28
He used the word "conspire" wryter2000 Jan 2022 #29
Exactly relayerbob Jan 2022 #63
doing a reassurance speech was certainly a good move Skittles Jan 2022 #30
My favorite was his call out of the Supreme Court about voting rights! rgbecker Jan 2022 #31
Agreed wryter2000 Jan 2022 #34
Agreed!!!! spanone Jan 2022 #33
I agree! He was spot on, and serious, and he meant business!!! secondwind Jan 2022 #35
This message was self-deleted by its author rgbecker Jan 2022 #37
I've always had confidence in Garland dlk Jan 2022 #38
Thanks for the recap. I've been working and haven't had a chance Tanuki Jan 2022 #39
Did he address why he hasn't charged trump with obstruction of justice in the Mueller investigation? Goodheart Jan 2022 #40
You haven't watched it? MineralMan Jan 2022 #41
It is very unlikely that Trump will be convicted of anything but disgraced...I think he will be Demsrule86 Jan 2022 #52
Prosecutors should let the jury decide though, that's blind swift justice uponit7771 Jan 2022 #57
Would it be so bad if he secretly remembered who blocked his nomination? sellitman Jan 2022 #42
Yes it would be that bad...it would be like having Barr in charge again. Demsrule86 Jan 2022 #53
Watched the speech and the analysis on Nicolle Wallace's show... 3catwoman3 Jan 2022 #43
But what did she say later on? gab13by13 Jan 2022 #47
I guess you missed this part. ShazzieB Jan 2022 #55
Quite a change from the comments yesterday! Alien Life Form Jan 2022 #46
He was Great people Jan 2022 #49
yep llashram Jan 2022 #50
Huffpost headline: Garland 'Committed' DOJ Will Hold Jan. 6 Perpetrators 'At Any Level' Accountable onetexan Jan 2022 #51
+1 uponit7771 Jan 2022 #58
I watched the speech today. My thoughts afterwords? bluestarone Jan 2022 #56
"True Justice" takes lots of time, and convicting evidence must be totally reliable & honest. Stuart G Jan 2022 #59
I also liked AG Garland's speech LetMyPeopleVote Jan 2022 #60
Yes, clear-eyed, clear-headed, no bluster relayerbob Jan 2022 #61
Oh, and thank you. Some of the posts on DU have me about ready to leave relayerbob Jan 2022 #62
Thank you. MineralMan Jan 2022 #66
👍 Joinfortmill Jan 2022 #65
Absolutely! The loudest critics and complainers behave as though real-life is a TV courtroom drama. NurseJackie Jan 2022 #67
Yes. I agree, and that's why I post here, in an attempt to MineralMan Jan 2022 #68
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