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Small claims court ? make him show up Tetrachloride Jan 2022 #1
Would this fall under health care worker cilla4progress Jan 2022 #2
Possibly. GB_RN Jan 2022 #24
why the hell does a nursing home allowed unmasked employees? Takket Jan 2022 #3
My dad was living in a very upscale assisted living residence vanlassie Jan 2022 #5
You should look at the crowd of owners DENVERPOPS Jan 2022 #17
This one apparently is Catholic Church owned. nolabear Jan 2022 #40
One would think that the catholics DENVERPOPS Jan 2022 #43
Who knows who's making the rules. The place doesn't seem neglectful. nolabear Jan 2022 #45
Our local diocese hosts vaccination clinics. shrike3 Jan 2022 #60
Only in that bishops in red areas tend to be red. shrike3 Jan 2022 #61
John Oliver's episode on this is one for the ages mdelaguna Jan 2022 #31
I know many people with elderly in nursing homes. shrike3 Jan 2022 #62
I don't know the details of MS, but some areas are allowing positive vaccinated to work cadoman Jan 2022 #6
I don't know either but it's a nightmare. And it hit them. nolabear Jan 2022 #15
And they're short handed because they pay shitty wages TexasBushwhacker Jan 2022 #28
Because management doesn't wnylib Jan 2022 #23
I am so sorry mdelaguna Jan 2022 #32
That kind of work is done largely by women without a college degree. It does not Maru Kitteh Jan 2022 #63
A lot depends on the atmosphere wnylib Jan 2022 #64
The combo of ignorance and arrogance yorkster Jan 2022 #4
Why are workers sitting "for hours"? BlackSkimmer Jan 2022 #7
Security. Checking people in and out of the facility. nolabear Jan 2022 #11
Your statement below weighs heavy on me too. onecaliberal Jan 2022 #8
No kidding, my friend. calimary Jan 2022 #20
Part of it is the work culture in the US for mixing "sick days" and "personal days". Claustrum Jan 2022 #9
It's true. We shame the sick, and don't provide for them at all. nolabear Jan 2022 #13
Yes, there is a work culture that punishes people for taking sick days. Claustrum Jan 2022 #19
Very true. In some people's minds all possible absents are rolled up and used for vacation captain queeg Jan 2022 #30
And there are employers who ACTIVELY discourage taking sick days, which imo, is an outrage. ShazzieB Jan 2022 #47
And the root of the problem comes from the policies and stance of republicans. Claustrum Jan 2022 #50
Absolutely correct. ShazzieB Jan 2022 #55
Same way this culture views/treats the poor misanthrope Jan 2022 #66
I would have refused to let her in. wnylib Jan 2022 #25
I was at my parents house and our culture (I am an immigrant) don't let me to talk or make decisions Claustrum Jan 2022 #29
I can understand that kind of pressure. wnylib Jan 2022 #36
Thank you for sharing your story. Claustrum Jan 2022 #39
Glad that it had a good outcome for your dad. wnylib Jan 2022 #41
I wouldn't call it culture. multigraincracker Jan 2022 #33
I don't know. I don't see the same phenomena in other countries who also has free market capitalism. Claustrum Jan 2022 #34
That would be Somalia. multigraincracker Jan 2022 #38
It has less to do with capitalism but that I would be a gem/virus spreader that I am. Claustrum Jan 2022 #42
Sue him for what? And how do you prove he made anyone else sick? My MIL was in a senior Doodley Jan 2022 #10
Not him. The place. For letting him stay there nolabear Jan 2022 #12
You might get some satisfaction wnylib Jan 2022 #26
Honestly, anonymity is the only reason I posted it here. nolabear Jan 2022 #44
I hadn't thought about repercussions wnylib Jan 2022 #48
Disappointing how it got through mask and vaccine and she got very sick IronLionZion Jan 2022 #14
To avoid being infected by a maskhole, one needs to wear an N95 and the mask has to fit well, LisaL Jan 2022 #16
Exactly. All we can do is protect ourselves. radius777 Jan 2022 #67
We have to start telling people around us to put on masks. LisaL Jan 2022 #18
Damn! The facility should fire the culprit... a danger to their clients and staff. Karadeniz Jan 2022 #21
It's not that business owners are stupid... Chicago1980 Jan 2022 #22
Last paragraph...spot on. Sad. eom LittleGirl Jan 2022 #27
There have been plenty of clues that professional people are stupid soldierant Jan 2022 #35
Arrogance especially. No truer words. nolabear Jan 2022 #46
You are right that business do well under democratic leadership. Claustrum Jan 2022 #56
Unfortunately there's a half thread saying we are all going to get it and some will die progree Jan 2022 #37
Ugh. Pinback Jan 2022 #54
In California this would be illegal. It should be everywhere. Liberty Belle Jan 2022 #49
I think the rules are that, officially. Clearly they didn't enforce them. nolabear Jan 2022 #51
There should be liability here - these companies need to protect their workers and residents FakeNoose Jan 2022 #53
Right to work (sick)? IzzaNuDay Jan 2022 #52
That's what boggles my mind! nolabear Jan 2022 #58
More patients are getting COVID-19 during hospital stays. ... because infected healthcare workers progree Jan 2022 #57
As someone who gets help from a Catholic agency... electric_blue68 Jan 2022 #59
I am glad that your sister got monoclonal antibodies LetMyPeopleVote Jan 2022 #65
I thought it was the law that healthcare workers have to be vaccinated? Emile Jan 2022 #68
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