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At the end of her six year term she will be eligible for a pension. tikka Jan 2022 #1
maybe she won't serve her term, maybe AZ will remove her. Is that possible? Trueblue1968 Jan 2022 #53
no recalls for Congresspeople Celerity Jan 2022 #58
Yes, if she commits a high crime and gets expelled Polybius Jan 2022 #70
The FERS pension kinda sucks, even for Congress madville Jan 2022 #66
Hallelujah!!! Not. A. Fan. Raster Jan 2022 #2
On point - and thank you JustAnotherGen Jan 2022 #8
Same, same! Total regret voting for her. Never again. eom LittleGirl Jan 2022 #27
We must be careful DENVERPOPS Jan 2022 #30
He must not have watched her speech, in which she put on that middle school Carlitos Brigante Jan 2022 #3
BOOTS Goonch Jan 2022 #4
She looks like an idiot nt XanaDUer2 Jan 2022 #6
Post removed Post removed Jan 2022 #13
Post removed Post removed Jan 2022 #22
Her way of letting corporate lobbyists know she is for sale IronLionZion Jan 2022 #14
More like "BOO". oasis Jan 2022 #24
LOL, just squeezing in some Senate business during a break in Pirates of Penzance rehearsals. tanyev Jan 2022 #54
She's got sex appeal Polybius Jan 2022 #71
I predict she will run as an independent spoiler in 2024 Fiendish Thingy Jan 2022 #5
Spot on, except I suspect she'll run for president instead of Senate. tinrobot Jan 2022 #7
Who would vote for her? IronLionZion Jan 2022 #16
Exactly right - the Dems hate her and why would the Repukes want her? FakeNoose Jan 2022 #40
Back to her roots. Green Stein Party. Budi Jan 2022 #11
I'm not sure they'd want to associate with her anymore. SergeStorms Jan 2022 #28
It doesn't matter where she ends up at this point. Somewhere a fascist is already making a deal Budi Jan 2022 #55
How can Traildogbob Jan 2022 #29
Emily's List homegirl Jan 2022 #33
Given the regional environment, I suspect she'd siphon off as many GOP votes Torchlight Jan 2022 #19
Sore loser is very pertinent here in Colorado DENVERPOPS Jan 2022 #35
But Sinema will have choose, she can't run in primary, lose, then run in general. Nt Fiendish Thingy Jan 2022 #63
+1 uponit7771 Jan 2022 #57
It's pretty clear she doesn't intend to run again. What's next? A sinecure... keep_left Jan 2022 #9
A show on RT seems perfect for her experience as a saboteur. Efilroft Sul Jan 2022 #10
the Republicans DENVERPOPS Jan 2022 #64
So she's entirely unshackled from any influence for the next three years? FBaggins Jan 2022 #12
Kyrsten Sinema Ray Bruns Jan 2022 #15
This message was self-deleted by its author NNadir Jan 2022 #17
There's no amount of shadenfreude sufficient to compensate for the end of democracy Silent3 Jan 2022 #18
I note that she started her political life as a "Green." NNadir Jan 2022 #20
I like her snake outfit. Good choice. housecat Jan 2022 #21
Came to say this. BadgerMom Jan 2022 #26
Thoroughly appropriate fabric choice. n/t dobleremolque Jan 2022 #32
I thought it was Spiderman. xxqqqzme Jan 2022 #42
GMTA n/t sarge43 Jan 2022 #49
She will leave office a millionaire. I think that was her only goal, to enrich herself. CrispyQ Jan 2022 #23
Message auto-removed Name removed Jan 2022 #25
She would lose. 100% Here's why... themaguffin Jan 2022 #36
Did you read the article? ShazzieB Jan 2022 #37
She also voted to impeach Trump twice. radius777 Jan 2022 #43
Hopefully that is the case, but we will see Sherman A1 Jan 2022 #31
She's still in office & will scorch the Earth until her term is up, so I don't feel celebratory. themaguffin Jan 2022 #34
i SURE hope he is right.... YoshidaYui Jan 2022 #38
i must inform you- Wile E. Coyote is an outstanding comedian..Kyrsten Sinema is not outstanding.. Stuart G Jan 2022 #39
Let her be a warning: Make sure you're voting for a REAL Democrat. Joinfortmill Jan 2022 #41
She does not care about any of the politics Scalded Nun Jan 2022 #44
It would be better if she was up for reelection in 2022, not 2024. patphil Jan 2022 #45
Rep. Ruben Gallego is the perfect candidate radius777 Jan 2022 #46
It would not surprise me if she changed parties when it becomes apparent to her Bristlecone Jan 2022 #47
How long until Krusty The Trojan Horse completely flips to the GOP? nt Progressive Jones Jan 2022 #48
It's only over if she runs as a (D) ... aggiesal Jan 2022 #50
bi-sexual, pro-choice, atheist equals doom in Rethug primary nt Celerity Jan 2022 #59
No she wouldn't. JI7 Jan 2022 #60
As the old saying goes ... aggiesal Jan 2022 #61
What trumpanzee wellst0nev0ter Jan 2022 #69
A stupid one. n/t aggiesal Jan 2022 #72
Yes, she's a snake shanti Jan 2022 #51
she doesn't care. Javaman Jan 2022 #52
It's a crappy pension these days madville Jan 2022 #67
she will make millions as a lobbyist mucifer Jan 2022 #56
Nope...her career isn't over brooklynite Jan 2022 #62
She kind of reminds me of the plain middle school girl whose mother took her for a makeover. halfulglas Jan 2022 #65
Traitor Joe Lieberman was forced to retire after ratfucking Obama wellst0nev0ter Jan 2022 #68
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