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66. The FERS pension kinda sucks, even for Congress
Sat Jan 22, 2022, 12:51 AM
Jan 2022

Especially since she joined Congress in 2013. If she goes 12 years until the end of 2024 (6 years in the House and 6 in the Senate), she’ll get about 12% of her high three salary years when she turns 62. So say $175k a year, 12% of that would be about $21k a year at age 62, or about $1750 a month. She could draw it early at age 57 with a 25% penalty, so that would be $1300 a month about 12 years from now since she is only about 45 years old.

Not really all that great, they reformed the congressional pensions years ago and made it similar to most other federal employees.

At the end of her six year term she will be eligible for a pension. tikka Jan 2022 #1
maybe she won't serve her term, maybe AZ will remove her. Is that possible? Trueblue1968 Jan 2022 #53
no recalls for Congresspeople Celerity Jan 2022 #58
Yes, if she commits a high crime and gets expelled Polybius Jan 2022 #70
The FERS pension kinda sucks, even for Congress madville Jan 2022 #66
Hallelujah!!! Not. A. Fan. Raster Jan 2022 #2
On point - and thank you JustAnotherGen Jan 2022 #8
Same, same! Total regret voting for her. Never again. eom LittleGirl Jan 2022 #27
We must be careful DENVERPOPS Jan 2022 #30
He must not have watched her speech, in which she put on that middle school Carlitos Brigante Jan 2022 #3
BOOTS Goonch Jan 2022 #4
She looks like an idiot nt XanaDUer2 Jan 2022 #6
Post removed Post removed Jan 2022 #13
Post removed Post removed Jan 2022 #22
Her way of letting corporate lobbyists know she is for sale IronLionZion Jan 2022 #14
More like "BOO". oasis Jan 2022 #24
LOL, just squeezing in some Senate business during a break in Pirates of Penzance rehearsals. tanyev Jan 2022 #54
She's got sex appeal Polybius Jan 2022 #71
I predict she will run as an independent spoiler in 2024 Fiendish Thingy Jan 2022 #5
Spot on, except I suspect she'll run for president instead of Senate. tinrobot Jan 2022 #7
Who would vote for her? IronLionZion Jan 2022 #16
Exactly right - the Dems hate her and why would the Repukes want her? FakeNoose Jan 2022 #40
Back to her roots. Green Stein Party. Budi Jan 2022 #11
I'm not sure they'd want to associate with her anymore. SergeStorms Jan 2022 #28
It doesn't matter where she ends up at this point. Somewhere a fascist is already making a deal Budi Jan 2022 #55
How can Traildogbob Jan 2022 #29
Emily's List homegirl Jan 2022 #33
Given the regional environment, I suspect she'd siphon off as many GOP votes Torchlight Jan 2022 #19
Sore loser is very pertinent here in Colorado DENVERPOPS Jan 2022 #35
But Sinema will have choose, she can't run in primary, lose, then run in general. Nt Fiendish Thingy Jan 2022 #63
+1 uponit7771 Jan 2022 #57
It's pretty clear she doesn't intend to run again. What's next? A sinecure... keep_left Jan 2022 #9
A show on RT seems perfect for her experience as a saboteur. Efilroft Sul Jan 2022 #10
the Republicans DENVERPOPS Jan 2022 #64
So she's entirely unshackled from any influence for the next three years? FBaggins Jan 2022 #12
Kyrsten Sinema Ray Bruns Jan 2022 #15
This message was self-deleted by its author NNadir Jan 2022 #17
There's no amount of shadenfreude sufficient to compensate for the end of democracy Silent3 Jan 2022 #18
I note that she started her political life as a "Green." NNadir Jan 2022 #20
I like her snake outfit. Good choice. housecat Jan 2022 #21
Came to say this. BadgerMom Jan 2022 #26
Thoroughly appropriate fabric choice. n/t dobleremolque Jan 2022 #32
I thought it was Spiderman. xxqqqzme Jan 2022 #42
GMTA n/t sarge43 Jan 2022 #49
She will leave office a millionaire. I think that was her only goal, to enrich herself. CrispyQ Jan 2022 #23
Message auto-removed Name removed Jan 2022 #25
She would lose. 100% Here's why... themaguffin Jan 2022 #36
Did you read the article? ShazzieB Jan 2022 #37
She also voted to impeach Trump twice. radius777 Jan 2022 #43
Hopefully that is the case, but we will see Sherman A1 Jan 2022 #31
She's still in office & will scorch the Earth until her term is up, so I don't feel celebratory. themaguffin Jan 2022 #34
i SURE hope he is right.... YoshidaYui Jan 2022 #38
i must inform you- Wile E. Coyote is an outstanding comedian..Kyrsten Sinema is not outstanding.. Stuart G Jan 2022 #39
Let her be a warning: Make sure you're voting for a REAL Democrat. Joinfortmill Jan 2022 #41
She does not care about any of the politics Scalded Nun Jan 2022 #44
It would be better if she was up for reelection in 2022, not 2024. patphil Jan 2022 #45
Rep. Ruben Gallego is the perfect candidate radius777 Jan 2022 #46
It would not surprise me if she changed parties when it becomes apparent to her Bristlecone Jan 2022 #47
How long until Krusty The Trojan Horse completely flips to the GOP? nt Progressive Jones Jan 2022 #48
It's only over if she runs as a (D) ... aggiesal Jan 2022 #50
bi-sexual, pro-choice, atheist equals doom in Rethug primary nt Celerity Jan 2022 #59
No she wouldn't. JI7 Jan 2022 #60
As the old saying goes ... aggiesal Jan 2022 #61
What trumpanzee wellst0nev0ter Jan 2022 #69
A stupid one. n/t aggiesal Jan 2022 #72
Yes, she's a snake shanti Jan 2022 #51
she doesn't care. Javaman Jan 2022 #52
It's a crappy pension these days madville Jan 2022 #67
she will make millions as a lobbyist mucifer Jan 2022 #56
Nope...her career isn't over brooklynite Jan 2022 #62
She kind of reminds me of the plain middle school girl whose mother took her for a makeover. halfulglas Jan 2022 #65
Traitor Joe Lieberman was forced to retire after ratfucking Obama wellst0nev0ter Jan 2022 #68
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