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Thu Feb 10, 2022, 07:56 AM Feb 2022

Thank you all. [View all]

When I hit post my thread on my latest OP, I did so expecting that it might be my last. And I was prepared to accept that outcome.

I knew there would be some here who supported my views, but never expected there would be so many who did so.

I was in a 'state' when I posted - a state of anger, a state of frustration, but mostly a state of despair that many of my fellow Democrats find it necessary to disparage those of us who believe that fighting for justice is a means to ensuring that it finally will prevail.

Many responders perceived my OP as a call for censorship, or a mandate that opposing views should be quashed - and I blame myself for that perception. Apparently I did not express myself with as much clarity as was warranted.

The fact is that there is a difference, IMHO, between stating one's belief that justice will inevitably not be served and the need to mock the opinions of those who believe otherwise.

Replies to "good news" revelations about Trump & Co's corruption and illegal activities that consist of they're going to get away with it anyway serve no purpose other than to dampen the enthusiasm of those who see those revelations as yet another step towards exposing what needs to be exposed.

I am truly grateful to all of you who renewed my faith in my fellow DUers, and recognized that expressing my dismay at those who encourage us to give up the fight is being recognized for what it is.

In addition, thank you for all the hearts - dozens of which were donated after I posted what I thought would be my last OP here.

I thought I was alone in my views - apparently I wasn't. And I appreciate every one of you who let me know, in no uncertain terms, that the fight goes on.

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Thank you all. [View all] NanceGreggs Feb 2022 OP
{{{Nance}}} SheltieLover Feb 2022 #1
Here ya go... lamp_shade Feb 2022 #5
Ty! SheltieLover Feb 2022 #15
We all get in "a state" now and then Maeve Feb 2022 #2
You are a treasure! RobertDevereaux Feb 2022 #3
I get the feeling DU is catching on... multigraincracker Feb 2022 #4
I don't ever consider alerting on anyone, gab13by13 Feb 2022 #7
Great way to do it. multigraincracker Feb 2022 #12
What fight? gab13by13 Feb 2022 #6
We can be both at the same time.. jimmil Feb 2022 #8
Ms NG - you are NEVER alone in the fight for what's right. NoMoreRepugs Feb 2022 #9
I love every word you post. You are one of the great ones here on DU. katmondoo Feb 2022 #10
(((((((((((((Nace))))))))))))) standing right next to you. niyad Feb 2022 #11
we all get weary and tired and frustrated ... nebby70 Feb 2022 #13
Your a treasure samplegirl Feb 2022 #14
I guess we told you! MineralMan Feb 2022 #16
Thank YOU Silver Gaia Feb 2022 #17
You're one of the folks I want to read when I go on DU relayerbob Feb 2022 #18
Well, yeah. No worries. Some people, myself included, may feel a bit cynical PatrickforB Feb 2022 #19
I agree with you PatrickforB. onecaliberal Feb 2022 #33
Great points well said. Ligyron Feb 2022 #43
My response wont go well with those who read "or a mandate that opposing views should be quashed" Escurumbele Feb 2022 #20
NancyGreggs, congratulations!!! ailsagirl Feb 2022 #21
Rock Steady. Your Voice Is The Voice Of Reason. emanymton69 Feb 2022 #22
You rock Nance! BlueJac Feb 2022 #23
NanceGreggs, as many have stated you are a DU treasure. You were correct in your OP IMHO c-rational Feb 2022 #24
I joined DU to cheer your posts. Please stick around. LittleGirl Feb 2022 #25
It's simple. Doom-and-gloom posters know we're in a desperate battle, and so do the rest of us. Mister Ed Feb 2022 #26
Thank YOU! You are a treasure here who SO often speaks well for all of us! joanbarnes Feb 2022 #27
Curious as to why you thought it would be your last post... Caliman73 Feb 2022 #28
We love you, my dear Nance.....always have, always will. ♥ CaliforniaPeggy Feb 2022 #29
No. sheshe2 Feb 2022 #30
I love ya Nance I_UndergroundPanther Feb 2022 #31
Sweetie, you got hearts from me, the 300th Rec from me, and a whole lotta love.... Hekate Feb 2022 #32
The fight goes on, which means WE must go on. CaptainTruth Feb 2022 #34
HA! Skittles Feb 2022 #35
You're the top, Nance solara Feb 2022 #36
Nah, Nance. You're family. nolabear Feb 2022 #37
ha! bigtree Feb 2022 #38
Nance Rants The Wizard Feb 2022 #39
donchya never leave. I read anything of yours I see. rurallib Feb 2022 #40
I will be the first to admit that I do not articulate myself very well William769 Feb 2022 #41
+++ sheshe2 Feb 2022 #44
We got your back! SouthernDem4ever Feb 2022 #42
Never, has a President of the United States been arrested and charged with a crime. Ligyron Feb 2022 #45
You rock, Nance! orangecrush Feb 2022 #46
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