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herding cats

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3. Thank you, Cha!
Tue Feb 22, 2022, 04:30 AM
Feb 2022

You're wiser than I was. It took me many more years to finally put them completely to bed.

I'm a slow learner.

I took your poll with Cha Feb 2022 #1
Thank you, Cha! herding cats Feb 2022 #3
At least you're doing it.. Cha Feb 2022 #9
Rarely or never; when I do it's BBC World News and not CNN/MSNBC (n/t) Spider Jerusalem Feb 2022 #2
BBC always feels a bit different to me. herding cats Feb 2022 #5
BBC is subject to something like a "fairness doctrine". mwooldri Feb 2022 #15
other hardly ever orleans Feb 2022 #4
Fair enough. herding cats Feb 2022 #6
There's little cable news to watch. BBC is most available to us. Hortensis Feb 2022 #7
You are preaching to my choir. herding cats Feb 2022 #8
:) Oh, and they do. I used to watch a lot when younger before Hortensis Feb 2022 #10
I tried the digital version after True Blue American Feb 2022 #14
Yes, the paper's yesterday's news, but that was "the news" then. :) Hortensis Feb 2022 #24
I loved the newspaper. True Blue American Feb 2022 #29
Lol. My husband wouldn't go for two, and just one was a Hortensis Feb 2022 #30
Newspapers to kill weeds? True Blue American Feb 2022 #32
I wish I had the BBC. AngryOldDem Feb 2022 #31
I'm now a never. Turned it off in 2010. NewHendoLib Feb 2022 #11
I had to turn it off Trump, war, True Blue American Feb 2022 #12
I gave up on drama infotainment TV long ago. Sherman A1 Feb 2022 #13
I listen, rather than watch. mwooldri Feb 2022 #16
Well, yeah, that would be a problem.:) True Blue American Feb 2022 #34
does anyone under 50? pstokely Feb 2022 #17
I do and I'm under 50 Polybius Feb 2022 #23
About 3%-4% of the adult population watches cable news Kaleva Feb 2022 #18
My adult children and their cousins pay no attention at all to traditional television and radio. hunter Feb 2022 #28
My kids tell us True Blue American Feb 2022 #35
Complicated. I don't have cable access to MSNBC/CNN, but I do listen to TRMS, Nicolle Wallace & hlthe2b Feb 2022 #19
You do not need cable access, just use a free stream online. Celerity Feb 2022 #21
Never EYESORE 9001 Feb 2022 #20
Produced on cable, seen on livestream. 2naSalit Feb 2022 #22
Cable news is mainly an older viewer thing Sympthsical Feb 2022 #25
I've cut way back on MSNBC and CNN. Paladin Feb 2022 #26
Quit television news and opinion shortly after 9/11/2001. hunter Feb 2022 #27
American cable news is completely useless BannonsLiver Feb 2022 #33
My son calls it," 4 people sitting around True Blue American Feb 2022 #36
I used to be an MSNBC and CNN junkie until 2016 SoonerPride Feb 2022 #37
I've pretty much given it up. GoodRaisin Feb 2022 #38
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