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33. American cable news is completely useless
Tue Feb 22, 2022, 12:23 PM
Feb 2022

When this shit really gets going I’ll be using my VPN to watch the BBC. American cable news is completely worthless. It’s just panel discussions and hot take opinions. There’s no actual news being disseminated whatsoever.

I took your poll with Cha Feb 2022 #1
Thank you, Cha! herding cats Feb 2022 #3
At least you're doing it.. Cha Feb 2022 #9
Rarely or never; when I do it's BBC World News and not CNN/MSNBC (n/t) Spider Jerusalem Feb 2022 #2
BBC always feels a bit different to me. herding cats Feb 2022 #5
BBC is subject to something like a "fairness doctrine". mwooldri Feb 2022 #15
other hardly ever orleans Feb 2022 #4
Fair enough. herding cats Feb 2022 #6
There's little cable news to watch. BBC is most available to us. Hortensis Feb 2022 #7
You are preaching to my choir. herding cats Feb 2022 #8
:) Oh, and they do. I used to watch a lot when younger before Hortensis Feb 2022 #10
I tried the digital version after True Blue American Feb 2022 #14
Yes, the paper's yesterday's news, but that was "the news" then. :) Hortensis Feb 2022 #24
I loved the newspaper. True Blue American Feb 2022 #29
Lol. My husband wouldn't go for two, and just one was a Hortensis Feb 2022 #30
Newspapers to kill weeds? True Blue American Feb 2022 #32
I wish I had the BBC. AngryOldDem Feb 2022 #31
I'm now a never. Turned it off in 2010. NewHendoLib Feb 2022 #11
I had to turn it off Trump, war, True Blue American Feb 2022 #12
I gave up on drama infotainment TV long ago. Sherman A1 Feb 2022 #13
I listen, rather than watch. mwooldri Feb 2022 #16
Well, yeah, that would be a problem.:) True Blue American Feb 2022 #34
does anyone under 50? pstokely Feb 2022 #17
I do and I'm under 50 Polybius Feb 2022 #23
About 3%-4% of the adult population watches cable news Kaleva Feb 2022 #18
My adult children and their cousins pay no attention at all to traditional television and radio. hunter Feb 2022 #28
My kids tell us True Blue American Feb 2022 #35
Complicated. I don't have cable access to MSNBC/CNN, but I do listen to TRMS, Nicolle Wallace & hlthe2b Feb 2022 #19
You do not need cable access, just use a free stream online. Celerity Feb 2022 #21
Never EYESORE 9001 Feb 2022 #20
Produced on cable, seen on livestream. 2naSalit Feb 2022 #22
Cable news is mainly an older viewer thing Sympthsical Feb 2022 #25
I've cut way back on MSNBC and CNN. Paladin Feb 2022 #26
Quit television news and opinion shortly after 9/11/2001. hunter Feb 2022 #27
American cable news is completely useless BannonsLiver Feb 2022 #33
My son calls it," 4 people sitting around True Blue American Feb 2022 #36
I used to be an MSNBC and CNN junkie until 2016 SoonerPride Feb 2022 #37
I've pretty much given it up. GoodRaisin Feb 2022 #38
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