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69. Continuing to appease a Putin that is willing
Wed Mar 2, 2022, 05:36 PM
Mar 2022

to use nuclear weapons won't stop that either unless the whole world submits to this madman. That's exactly the reason why Nato cannot afford to abandon one of its members. It would embolden Putin.
In your hypothetical, when should Putin be stopped? After invading Poland? When he reaches Berlin?

exactly. drray23 Mar 2022 #1
You are wrong. SoonerPride Mar 2022 #3
You are wrong. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Mar 2022 #7
2 words for you, MarineCombatEngineer Mar 2022 #12
I guess that a cogent argument. nt. drray23 Mar 2022 #14
Your whole argument is bullshit, you've been pushing this crap lately, MarineCombatEngineer Mar 2022 #21
I hope they do drray23 Mar 2022 #24
When Russia threatened France a few days ago, MarineCombatEngineer Mar 2022 #30
yes true. drray23 Mar 2022 #39
All very good points, MarineCombatEngineer Mar 2022 #43
Many NATO countries are also nuclear powers SoonerPride Mar 2022 #32
Exactly. And that why it would be a holocaust. totodeinhere Mar 2022 #35
Well that may happen. SoonerPride Mar 2022 #40
.... MarineCombatEngineer Mar 2022 #54
Cockroaches are already sentient. Just not very much. Beware of binary thinking. Bernardo de La Paz Mar 2022 #89
+1. Kremlin propaganda is everywhere lately. radius777 Mar 2022 #75
+100. nt MarineCombatEngineer Mar 2022 #77
No way. Elessar Zappa Mar 2022 #20
If Putin attacks any NATO member they will defend them SoonerPride Mar 2022 #2
No wonder the Doomsday Clock is now set at 100 seconds to midnight. n/t totodeinhere Mar 2022 #6
Maybe so. But Putin knows NATO means business. SoonerPride Mar 2022 #10
seems slow eShirl Mar 2022 #46
Agreed. I would have it set at one second to midnight if it were up to me. n/t totodeinhere Mar 2022 #100
Because we are willing to defend ourselves? Happy Hoosier Mar 2022 #66
We should just surrender now.... TheRealNorth Mar 2022 #87
It was set at 100 seconds to midnight on January 20th. Jedi Guy Mar 2022 #93
We all know about article 5. But would you consider taking a chance on being totodeinhere Mar 2022 #17
So you arguing that NATO countries would sacrifice other NATO members? SoonerPride Mar 2022 #23
I don't know exactly what NATO would do. totodeinhere Mar 2022 #38
Article 5 does NOT mean that we nuke Moscow if Russia attacks a NATO country. LudwigPastorius Mar 2022 #63
Of course. But a conventional response to a Russian attack could cause Putin totodeinhere Mar 2022 #65
He may have threatened it, MarineCombatEngineer Mar 2022 #71
That's really our best hope for survival, honestly. Jedi Guy Mar 2022 #97
Absolutely NATO would respond because... Justice matters. Mar 2022 #72
I think that you bet wrong, but it would do no good to win that bet. Dan Mar 2022 #4
All depends on how his Ukraine adventure turns out calguy Mar 2022 #5
That's a fool's bet. WheelWalker Mar 2022 #8
Sorry for acting like a fool, but I do not want to see a thermonuclear war. totodeinhere Mar 2022 #22
He may try to order a nuclear strike, MarineCombatEngineer Mar 2022 #37
I hope that someone would stop Putin, but I don't know if I want to totodeinhere Mar 2022 #99
The inthewind21 Mar 2022 #98
Over the many years I have been on DU I have made similar comments. totodeinhere Mar 2022 #102
NATO would respond with overwhelming conventional force NickB79 Mar 2022 #9
I think NATO will react quickly and decisively to any attack on member nations Torchlight Mar 2022 #11
I worry because the fighter jets are being dispatched from Poland Walleye Mar 2022 #13
NATO will respond. EndlessWire Mar 2022 #15
nothing apparently. drray23 Mar 2022 #19
It looks like the OP is arguing that NATO should not respond if Putin invades a NATO country. lagomorph777 Mar 2022 #29
I think he is worried as I am to a degree drray23 Mar 2022 #33
The escalation from conventional to nuclear war may indeed trigger a response. SoonerPride Mar 2022 #27
Fallout from a small tactical nuke would probably be limited. totodeinhere Mar 2022 #34
Your concern is noted. lagomorph777 Mar 2022 #45
Why are you helping Putin push his nuclear threats? lagomorph777 Mar 2022 #16
Oh come on. I doubt if there is any chance whatsoever that Putin will read my totodeinhere Mar 2022 #26
If they dont respond, it's the end of NATO Beastly Boy Mar 2022 #18
+1000 NATO literally has one function. If it doesn't do its job, NATO is doomed, lagomorph777 Mar 2022 #25
A nuclear war would probably also mean the end of NATO. n/t totodeinhere Mar 2022 #28
Continuing to appease a Putin that is willing Hav Mar 2022 #69
No more and no less than an end to Moscow as well nt Torchlight Mar 2022 #70
Not really. NATO is well prepared to win such a war, radius777 Mar 2022 #85
Probably. But repelling agression would not. Beastly Boy Mar 2022 #90
There's No Risk, Putin is Full of Shit and He Will be Erased from Existence if he Attacks a NATO Beetwasher. Mar 2022 #31
Actually NATO is ill equipped to respond to a Russian attack. totodeinhere Mar 2022 #41
The US is a NATO member and we spend what the next 10 countries do COMBINED SoonerPride Mar 2022 #42
Yes, but it would take months for us to move substantial military force to totodeinhere Mar 2022 #48
Too late for what? SoonerPride Mar 2022 #49
I would imagine we have bases of some sort Mr.Bill Mar 2022 #94
How long do you think it would take to fly a squadron of bomber jets from the US to the Baltics? Crunchy Frog Mar 2022 #88
US + allies: 1.04 trillion. Russia: 0.07 trillion lagomorph777 Mar 2022 #51
"The US Army is preparing to fight in Europe, but can it even get there?" totodeinhere Mar 2022 #56
Awesome; you're really on a roll with the concerns there. lagomorph777 Mar 2022 #57
Not true. Elessar Zappa Mar 2022 #52
You are fooling yourself. totodeinhere Mar 2022 #62
Bullshit Beetwasher. Mar 2022 #59
With the Ukraine Invasion, NATO Is Suddenly Vulnerable totodeinhere Mar 2022 #64
Concern Noted LOL Beetwasher. Mar 2022 #68
Corollary: with the Ukraine Invasion, Russia *is* vulnerable. Torchlight Mar 2022 #73
NATO is more united and stronger than ever. radius777 Mar 2022 #86
Why do you have sarisataka Mar 2022 #36
Biden is only one NATO leader. totodeinhere Mar 2022 #44
And you have yet another concern. lagomorph777 Mar 2022 #55
whats wrong with analyzing possible bad scenarios ? drray23 Mar 2022 #61
What NATO countries would back out? sarisataka Mar 2022 #80
Apparently wishful thinking. lagomorph777 Mar 2022 #47
Oh come on. I didn't say that I wish for Biden to be out totodeinhere Mar 2022 #50
Nicolae Ceaușescu was not limited to two terms as well. Torchlight Mar 2022 #74
I hope that Putin has the same fate as Ceaușescu. totodeinhere Mar 2022 #101
I bet Putin is thinking... AntiFascist Mar 2022 #53
He may believe that fantasy, MarineCombatEngineer Mar 2022 #60
I feel like NATO will be happy to follow the US into a war. If they didn't flying_wahini Mar 2022 #58
I wouldn't use the word "happy", but willing, yes. n/t Mr.Bill Mar 2022 #95
What's to prevent him from demanding he become our president if he threatens to nuke us if we don't DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2022 #67
Or even worse, demands Trump be president. Mr.Bill Mar 2022 #96
They will risk it. NO doubt. Nuclear brinkmanship as last seen during the Cuban Missile Crisis andym Mar 2022 #76
NATO is the defense force of Western civilization. radius777 Mar 2022 #78
you are wrong Skittles Mar 2022 #79
While I don't know what would happen, Music Man Mar 2022 #81
So Putin is free to invade France and the UK? Irish_Dem Mar 2022 #82
It doesn't matter so much what Putin thinks Fiendish Thingy Mar 2022 #83
I don't think that Putin wants WWIII with all of its nuclear implications Chainfire Mar 2022 #84
So we let Putin rule the world? hamsterjill Mar 2022 #91
Absolutely. An attack on a NATO country would be met with overwhelming conventional force. Crunchy Frog Mar 2022 #92
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