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9. I think he will, at least for a time.
Sun Mar 6, 2022, 05:00 PM
Mar 2022

He will claim victory and regroup his military forces.

Ukraine has a long open border with Russia and not far from Moscow. It would be difficult to defend if NATO decided to invade. If Russia controls Ukraine, NATO would only have narrow passages to invade from which are more easily defended.

Also Ukraine has recently discovered oil and gas reserves that haven't been exploited yet. Putin wants control of these.
These are assumed to be the reasons he invaded.

Other: for a while. This is proving costly and difficult for Russia. Wingus Dingus Mar 2022 #1
He's also running out of money and nowhere to get it from as well. LenaBaby61 Mar 2022 #4
I believe he would stop- for now sarisataka Mar 2022 #2
This!!! nt MarineCombatEngineer Mar 2022 #7
i agree with you about Russia realizing is military is subpar Demovictory9 Mar 2022 #21
He would pretend to stop and declare that he had liberated Ukraine pandr32 Mar 2022 #3
He's not going to have much military power after this Abnredleg Mar 2022 #5
I don't think he'd want to stop, or planned to stop... Silent3 Mar 2022 #6
That's pretty much my assessment of it also. nt MarineCombatEngineer Mar 2022 #10
I believe there is intelligence indicating that he also plans to go after Moldova, at least n/t AntiFascist Mar 2022 #8
NYT and WaPo stories on Moldova: highplainsdem Mar 2022 #14
Thanks for that! Also, Blinken was just in Moldova meeting with its leader... AntiFascist Mar 2022 #15
I think he will, at least for a time. Kablooie Mar 2022 #9
He didn't stop with Crimea RainCaster Mar 2022 #11
No, he didn't. highplainsdem Mar 2022 #13
Was it a slog like this is so far though? Mad_Machine76 Mar 2022 #18
Latvia, and Estonia and Lithuania plans are probably on the map table today. Chainfire Mar 2022 #12
I'd say it's hard to say. So I said other. I don't have plans in my pocket. JanMichael Mar 2022 #16
Depends Mad_Machine76 Mar 2022 #17
Other ProfessorGAC Mar 2022 #19
No... but.... Happy Hoosier Mar 2022 #20
Hopefully, he will be dead before we get to that. everyonematters Mar 2022 #22
Dont think he wants it all, southern coast, Odessa, E 1/3 of country, Eliminate prez, call it a win Shanti Shanti Shanti Mar 2022 #23
Yes. This. roamer65 Mar 2022 #25
HET Lucid Dreamer Mar 2022 #24
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