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Other: for a while. This is proving costly and difficult for Russia. Wingus Dingus Mar 2022 #1
He's also running out of money and nowhere to get it from as well. LenaBaby61 Mar 2022 #4
I believe he would stop- for now sarisataka Mar 2022 #2
This!!! nt MarineCombatEngineer Mar 2022 #7
i agree with you about Russia realizing is military is subpar Demovictory9 Mar 2022 #21
He would pretend to stop and declare that he had liberated Ukraine pandr32 Mar 2022 #3
He's not going to have much military power after this Abnredleg Mar 2022 #5
I don't think he'd want to stop, or planned to stop... Silent3 Mar 2022 #6
That's pretty much my assessment of it also. nt MarineCombatEngineer Mar 2022 #10
I believe there is intelligence indicating that he also plans to go after Moldova, at least n/t AntiFascist Mar 2022 #8
NYT and WaPo stories on Moldova: highplainsdem Mar 2022 #14
Thanks for that! Also, Blinken was just in Moldova meeting with its leader... AntiFascist Mar 2022 #15
I think he will, at least for a time. Kablooie Mar 2022 #9
He didn't stop with Crimea RainCaster Mar 2022 #11
No, he didn't. highplainsdem Mar 2022 #13
Was it a slog like this is so far though? Mad_Machine76 Mar 2022 #18
Latvia, and Estonia and Lithuania plans are probably on the map table today. Chainfire Mar 2022 #12
I'd say it's hard to say. So I said other. I don't have plans in my pocket. JanMichael Mar 2022 #16
Depends Mad_Machine76 Mar 2022 #17
Other ProfessorGAC Mar 2022 #19
No... but.... Happy Hoosier Mar 2022 #20
Hopefully, he will be dead before we get to that. everyonematters Mar 2022 #22
Dont think he wants it all, southern coast, Odessa, E 1/3 of country, Eliminate prez, call it a win Shanti Shanti Shanti Mar 2022 #23
Yes. This. roamer65 Mar 2022 #25
HET Lucid Dreamer Mar 2022 #24
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