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258. Fuck daylight savings, whether it changes seasonally or not.
Wed Mar 16, 2022, 12:41 PM
Mar 2022

I don't want my daylight "saved". I never asked anyone to save any daylight for me. I demand the daylight in my savings account be returned to me. And I want a clock that says what time it is in my timezone, instead of some political fiction about what time somebody else thinks I should pretend it is.

Oh please say it is so... for what ever reason Peacetrain Mar 2022 #1
What I hate about it is having to get up at 2 AM to change the clocks. :) spike jones Mar 2022 #108
This will be the last time! True Blue American Mar 2022 #169
Actually, next year will Polybius Mar 2022 #255
I thought it started in 2023. True Blue American Mar 2022 #268
It does start in 2023 Polybius Mar 2022 #272
That was what I thought. True Blue American Mar 2022 #276
Which side are we going with?... lame54 Mar 2022 #2
And what about those of us in AZ who don't do Daylight Savings? AZSkiffyGeek Mar 2022 #7
You may have to go to daylight time? Or be classed in another time zone? Srkdqltr Mar 2022 #19
You'll be living in the past. NutmegYankee Mar 2022 #26
I prefer being in California's time zone AZProgressive Mar 2022 #28
That might be the best - least confusing for others - way to marybourg Mar 2022 #156
How did Sinema and Kelly vote?? ChazII Mar 2022 #69
Well, in Sinema's case... SergeStorms Mar 2022 #97
How was she dressedHer venom vest and cowboy boots or a god awful, True Blue American Mar 2022 #172
She voted for it! n/t ChazII Mar 2022 #193
Sinema looked pretty excited when it passed IronLionZion Mar 2022 #117
For sure True Blue American Mar 2022 #173
She did a double fist and squealed "yesss" Video here: IronLionZion Mar 2022 #188
Thank you for posting this. n/t ChazII Mar 2022 #195
100%! :) True Blue American Mar 2022 #269
The bill allows AZ and HI to remain on standard time. n/t whopis01 Mar 2022 #111
Hmmm. Interesting question. Captain Zero Mar 2022 #194
Permanent daylight time "spring forward" caraher Mar 2022 #37
That's the next argument. louis-t Mar 2022 #45
This message was self-deleted by its author jfz9580m Mar 2022 #78
I prefer standard Rebl2 Mar 2022 #105
How many decades ago was that? we can do it Mar 2022 #126
Since WW 2. True Blue American Mar 2022 #175
I used to prefer daylight time, back when I worked. JustABozoOnThisBus Mar 2022 #181
Same here. BigmanPigman Mar 2022 #200
What does dark have to do with not being productive? Polybius Mar 2022 #256
Nope. BigmanPigman Mar 2022 #265
They're probably going to bed too late Polybius Mar 2022 #273
Just the opposite here:) True Blue American Mar 2022 #270
If DST is to be permanent, that would be the Spring Forward option. 11 Bravo Mar 2022 #124
They voted for keeping DST, which makes less sense to me NullTuples Mar 2022 #233
Please yes ck4829 Mar 2022 #3
Works for me. I'm in CST barely. RST is 40 min east. Phoenix61 Mar 2022 #4
I'm CST Rebl2 Mar 2022 #109
I should have noted that's in winter. nt Phoenix61 Mar 2022 #121
Sunrise and sunset soldierant Mar 2022 #132
So true Rebl2 Mar 2022 #133
Why can't we set it 1/2 hour ahead and leave it? Fix The Stupid Mar 2022 #5
Half hour screws up time with the rest of the world. halfulglas Mar 2022 #14
They already exist, mostly in Asia. Ace Rothstein Mar 2022 #70
Newfoundland is a half hour off from the rest of the East Coast of Canada csziggy Mar 2022 #267
It would be interesting if Canada decides to remain as is. Xavier Breath Mar 2022 #275
I'm guessing you've never had to set up business meetings with anyone anywhere outside of the US. Ms. Toad Mar 2022 #21
There are actually a few places in the world that are on the half hour. louis-t Mar 2022 #48
And some on quarter hour offset even. unweird Mar 2022 #118
Wow, I did not know that! louis-t Mar 2022 #170
Ha ha ha - I've Seen THAT (looking at the world clock on my tablet) I was like WTH?! 😄 electric_blue68 Mar 2022 #217
No - just change to always turning it back an hour every 6 months. whopis01 Mar 2022 #115
This is what I was thinking. Sienna86 Mar 2022 #178
I've been pushing for this for years bif Mar 2022 #6
God...it's about T I M E... blue sky at night Mar 2022 #8
So why not leave it normal? iemanja Mar 2022 #9
Ask your Senators. nt. Mariana Mar 2022 #29
Normal is relative. Once DST becomes permanent, wnylib Mar 2022 #34
DST is normal obamanut2012 Mar 2022 #56
No, DST is fifteen degrees to the east of where you are muriel_volestrangler Mar 2022 #145
There's no such thing as "normal." moose65 Mar 2022 #130
This message was self-deleted by its author iemanja Mar 2022 #151
Guessing it's the Chamber of Commerce's influence. aocommunalpunch Mar 2022 #216
Yeaaa. About time. Srkdqltr Mar 2022 #10
I would love this please let it be so! boston bean Mar 2022 #11
Please let this become law! budkin Mar 2022 #12
Great! I was out hiking yesterday, and I appreciated the extra hour of daylight. NBachers Mar 2022 #13
Yep. Iggo Mar 2022 #262
Arizona doesn't change. StarryNite Mar 2022 #15
Change once and then they are all set. Demsrule86 Mar 2022 #77
We don't have to change anything. StarryNite Mar 2022 #82
That should be your state motto. Iggo Mar 2022 #263
Lol Faux pas Mar 2022 #16
I will believe it when I see it. Meowmee Mar 2022 #17
Message auto-removed Name removed Mar 2022 #18
Make it so. n/t Liberal In Texas Mar 2022 #20
Either way is fine with me - just quit gaining an hour or losing an hour. halfulglas Mar 2022 #22
I am the same hamsterjill Mar 2022 #25
The same here. GoCubsGo Mar 2022 #39
Agreed. Talitha Mar 2022 #74
I've always been on the side of "Pick One And Go With It." Iggo Mar 2022 #264
I hope that leading Democrats oppose it, Chainfire Mar 2022 #23
Manchin hamsterjill Mar 2022 #31
It already passed in the Senate. wnylib Mar 2022 #38
He will still find something to squawk about. hamsterjill Mar 2022 #57
It was passed UNANIMOUSLY. ShazzieB Mar 2022 #86
Can we lighten up just a little bit? hamsterjill Mar 2022 #92
Daylight means little Traildogbob Mar 2022 #51
Can't argue with that. The House should do the same. MineralMan Mar 2022 #24
Some people will still whine. Count on that. nt. Mariana Mar 2022 #114
Oh, well... MineralMan Mar 2022 #128
Does that mean we won't have it getting dark at like 5pm anymore? W_HAMILTON Mar 2022 #27
Yes, it means that it will stay wnylib Mar 2022 #40
We are in the minority. chowder66 Mar 2022 #65
Wish they would choose the "no daylight savings time" dwayneb Mar 2022 #102
I'm a morning person as well. I count on the sun waking me up. Guess I'll buy one of those chowder66 Mar 2022 #127
Yes. And it means many of us will be driving to work in the dark. And our kids will be onenote Mar 2022 #180
Why not use the geographical time, rather than pretending noon is at 1pm? muriel_volestrangler Mar 2022 #30
This. Sogo Mar 2022 #42
Who says the Democrats can't get anything passed?! yardwork Mar 2022 #32
I find it difficult to believe that our congress would waive the power to give us jet lag Chainfire Mar 2022 #33
Exactly what I told my daughter. SergeStorms Mar 2022 #135
Democrats are now in charge! True Blue American Mar 2022 #271
As long as voting is still looked upon as suspicious activity BradAllison Mar 2022 #35
The video at the link shows Rubio referring to Sinema as "Madame President" Shrek Mar 2022 #36
Oh my god. That reminds me of the skit... Caliman73 Mar 2022 #87
Tried it in 70s. People hated it unc70 Mar 2022 #41
This. Sogo Mar 2022 #46
Yep, going to be interesting to see the complaints come winter relayerbob Mar 2022 #61
Not me. roamer65 Mar 2022 #99
Right SCantiGOP Mar 2022 #64
I remember. We moms walked our young children to school while Hortensis Mar 2022 #98
I remembered that. Sunrise at 915. Fucking dark into the third period of school. Egregious! madinmaryland Mar 2022 #112
The US population has shifted south since then IronLionZion Mar 2022 #122
It's cold no matter what time in the winter. we can do it Mar 2022 #129
Remember it well. AngryOldDem Mar 2022 #146
I remember walking to the bus stop using a flashlight. BigmanPigman Mar 2022 #199
Schools can just open an hour later. Regardless, it's dark at 7am even with Standard time Quixote1818 Mar 2022 #224
They need to change school start time anyway AwakeAtLast Mar 2022 #230
I'm so glad I'm retired and run on SST (Standard Siwsan Time) Siwsan Mar 2022 #43
I'm retired Traildogbob Mar 2022 #52
The only day I keep track of is Thursday because it's trash collection day Siwsan Mar 2022 #72
🤜🤛 Traildogbob Mar 2022 #190
I understand. roamer65 Mar 2022 #94
:) Same here. My husband commented on the need to change the clocks, Hortensis Mar 2022 #125
This is outstanding Johnny2X2X Mar 2022 #44
Correct! I am so happy obamanut2012 Mar 2022 #58
The party's have come together, it's a new world, optimism and hope are restored. OverBurn Mar 2022 #47
Hey, we can now name post offices and PatSeg Mar 2022 #49
For the few complaining, Dark and light change around 5.5 hours from longest to shortest day. OverBurn Mar 2022 #50
Exactly inthewind21 Mar 2022 #150
Well depending on where you live... electric_blue68 Mar 2022 #223
Why does it make a rat's ass difference where you live? One hour is not useful anywhere. Seriously OverBurn Mar 2022 #274
UGH BumRushDaShow Mar 2022 #53
Right, this didn't work last time they tried it...too many parents freaked out n/t AntiFascist Mar 2022 #66
And unfortunately if you weren't in the age group to have been impacted BumRushDaShow Mar 2022 #76
I recall having to ride my bike to school in the dark n/t AntiFascist Mar 2022 #131
Banana seat like mine? BumRushDaShow Mar 2022 #143
LOL me too! AntiFascist Mar 2022 #177
I had a blue 3-speed stick shift one with a sparkly blue banana seat BumRushDaShow Mar 2022 #185
I remember this time well. ShazzieB Mar 2022 #75
I hate that every year BumRushDaShow Mar 2022 #90
Our city did impact analyses. I remember more patrol cops, Hortensis Mar 2022 #140
I lived a block from the regional rail (commuter) train station BumRushDaShow Mar 2022 #157
:) Memories. My first boyfriend was a crossing guard, but Hortensis Mar 2022 #167
LOL BumRushDaShow Mar 2022 #182
Waiting in long gas lines and black market gas or a friend that worked at a gas station hooking you Pepsidog Mar 2022 #149
LOL BumRushDaShow Mar 2022 #198
I see these station wagon popping up at car shows. Brings about lots of memories. Pepsidog Mar 2022 #201
We used to go to drive-ins in that BumRushDaShow Mar 2022 #204
There's also this: JoanofArgh Mar 2022 #106
The "April" / "October" selection BumRushDaShow Mar 2022 #136
Why didn't they choose standard time? SheltieLover Mar 2022 #139
Good ? Guessing biggest reason same as before: energy savings, Hortensis Mar 2022 #142
Unless people change their schedule, they'll be getting up when it's colder in the winter muriel_volestrangler Mar 2022 #171
It would be the same issue BumRushDaShow Mar 2022 #174
But people are complaining about dark mornings in winter SheltieLover Mar 2022 #184
The problem right now BumRushDaShow Mar 2022 #187
It just seems it would be smarter to have sunlight in the mornings during winter SheltieLover Mar 2022 #189
At certain latitudes BumRushDaShow Mar 2022 #191
I wonder of Manchin will block it world wide wally Mar 2022 #54
It's a little late for that! 😄 ShazzieB Mar 2022 #79
this gives me a headache ShepKat Mar 2022 #55
NO! NO! NO! Jack-o-Lantern Mar 2022 #59
I remember my first trip to Detroit in the early '90s BumRushDaShow Mar 2022 #205
Looking forward to how happy you all are in December relayerbob Mar 2022 #60
Over reacting - In 6 months they'd get over it packman Mar 2022 #62
It depends on where you live how happy you'll be about this Johnny2X2X Mar 2022 #63
Right. Hope time adjustment difficulties don't tend to correlate Hortensis Mar 2022 #148
I think for most this means they see more sunlight Johnny2X2X Mar 2022 #152
For people on the westernmost part of their zone, winter sunrise will be really late muriel_volestrangler Mar 2022 #179
I'm adopting Australian time 48656c6c6f20 Mar 2022 #67
Australian time was easy to switch to when I went there in 2001. roamer65 Mar 2022 #96
I'm not moving just adopting their time zone 48656c6c6f20 Mar 2022 #104
I wanted to move there. roamer65 Mar 2022 #113
Sunshine Protection Act ? dweller Mar 2022 #68
They should quit playing with the time... Bird Lady Mar 2022 #71
This saves energy in the northern states and doesn't hurt southern states...I think it is a great Demsrule86 Mar 2022 #80
Time is a man made construct. NutmegYankee Mar 2022 #101
As you say, and thanks. I forgot that many time changes ago. Hortensis Mar 2022 #153
"...changing the clocks twice a year." dchill Mar 2022 #73
Hawai'i always refused to go along. The seasonal swing, irrc, was under an hour... Hekate Mar 2022 #81
Lol. Funny thing is, a lot of remote workers can now set their clocks Hortensis Mar 2022 #162
Standard time was just fine with me. Talitha Mar 2022 #83
Oh, yes!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!! Scottie Mom Mar 2022 #84
Oh no, not this sh*t again Farmer-Rick Mar 2022 #85
it wasn't "restarted" during W's time, because it didn't end. Rabrrrrrr Mar 2022 #176
So that would get everyone caught up to the same hour genxlib Mar 2022 #88
Do we make up the time on February 30th? colorado_ufo Mar 2022 #89
How about we take the whole month off 😹 Meowmee Mar 2022 #93
Hurray!! C Moon Mar 2022 #91
Were there actually more school bus accidents? Mariana Mar 2022 #208
Damn I'll still have two clocks to reset. mnhtnbb Mar 2022 #95
Originally passed to save energy by Nixon, so yeah, today's GOP would be against that bucolic_frolic Mar 2022 #100
Except the GOP Senators voted in favor. It was unanimous. Mariana Mar 2022 #218
I love it!!! Ferrets are Cool Mar 2022 #103
The name is a bit much. The "Sunshine Protection Act." LOL. L. Coyote Mar 2022 #119
Well, they are "saving sunshine" right? Ferrets are Cool Mar 2022 #120
Huh? Why wouldn't we permanently set it to the real time instead of the artificial time? Beartracks Mar 2022 #107
That's how I feel about it Silent3 Mar 2022 #116
Because "real" time isn't real. ShazzieB Mar 2022 #138
I almost used "standard." But if standard time is based on the Prime Meridian. .. Beartracks Mar 2022 #210
Well said!! Karma13612 Mar 2022 #231
+1 n/t area51 Mar 2022 #257
The house will mess it up Rebl2 Mar 2022 #110
This seems bad for our health Stargleamer Mar 2022 #123
So those of us on east side of time zones have sunshine at 4:40 a.m.? we can do it Mar 2022 #137
It's more healthy than driving in the dark in the morning!! Stargleamer Mar 2022 #161
Ok we can do it Mar 2022 #163
Let's see how long this lasts. I hate the time changes but it's complicated and people JoanofArgh Mar 2022 #134
I've wanted this for YEARS Warpy Mar 2022 #141
Wait... does this mean TlalocW Mar 2022 #144
oh please please please let this me real and pass! n/t Locrian Mar 2022 #147
Then schools should start later in the Winter. marie999 Mar 2022 #154
They should start later anyway. Mariana Mar 2022 #213
Jeeeeebz, THAT'S Crazy! ... electric_blue68 Mar 2022 #228
Sure hope it passes the House jcgoldie Mar 2022 #155
I'm not a farmer, just a gardener, but I feel the same way. nt. Mariana Mar 2022 #214
Please, please, please!...nt MiHale Mar 2022 #158
No. People who can sleep in until The Price is Right comes on will now want the sunset even later. alphafemale Mar 2022 #159
No. barbtries Mar 2022 #160
No. Warpy Mar 2022 #165
Your post implies that the time that work or study starts is fixed by the clock in the universe muriel_volestrangler Mar 2022 #183
No, but yours was Warpy Mar 2022 #192
Are you saying it would be better for people to go to work fully asleep in winter muriel_volestrangler Mar 2022 #202
Nixon spins in his grave. Bo Zarts Mar 2022 #164
So glad they're working on important legislation like this oldtime dfl_er Mar 2022 #166
I was thinking same thing Tree Lady Mar 2022 #196
Yep True Blue American Mar 2022 #168
I saw on the news senator Patti Tree Lady Mar 2022 #197
This is the kind of nonsense they waste time on. BlueTsunami2018 Mar 2022 #186
Why is it the default position that we have to keep f*cked up time all year,,, gfwzig Mar 2022 #203
What the heck is "real time"? moose65 Mar 2022 #207
Farmers are about 1.3% of the population, and as you say, they don't care. nt. Mariana Mar 2022 #212
how will john oliver celebrate this + can he take credit. pansypoo53219 Mar 2022 #206
I am SO hoping Sweden does this soon!!! Celerity Mar 2022 #209
Back in the early-mid '60's one of my cousin's had... electric_blue68 Mar 2022 #232
In Norrbotten (the farthest north part of Sweden) it is dark or near dark for close to a month ⚫ Celerity Mar 2022 #237
Lovely video - I'll watch the rest after late 😄 dinner. I also have a long time... electric_blue68 Mar 2022 #238
But how will the moose in the north adjust? grantcart Mar 2022 #259
we took away their Patek Philippes decades ago, they will never know Celerity Mar 2022 #260
Brilliant PR/Marketing Move Beetwasher. Mar 2022 #211
Oh... I Hope So! 💖 electric_blue68 Mar 2022 #215
Woohoo! I hate standard time. Oneironaut Mar 2022 #219
Yeah I hear ya. I have Winter SAD so when DLS ends 😔 electric_blue68 Mar 2022 #234
All I know is that it's always five o'clock somewhere. betsuni Mar 2022 #220
Republicans begin to cooperate to pass legislation because they don't want to go to the polls naked bucolic_frolic Mar 2022 #221
I LOVE IT. n/t CousinIT Mar 2022 #222
Frankly I can live with any system. I used to travel from Japan to the US and back with a 13-hour Martin68 Mar 2022 #225
No one, regardless of political affiliation, likes it to be dark at 4 PM AdamGG Mar 2022 #226
THIS.... Tikki Mar 2022 #229
Yup! Karma13612 Mar 2022 #235
But that isn't true muriel_volestrangler Mar 2022 #242
I do! I love darkness. It is cozy. betsuni Mar 2022 #243
I could see a number of republicans voting for it Mr.Bill Mar 2022 #227
Would daylight time be called standard time, since it is standard? Renew Deal Mar 2022 #236
The dogs will be happy. kskiska Mar 2022 #239
Sigh. SuperCoder Mar 2022 #240
FWIW, we tried this before and it failed (link) allegorical oracle Mar 2022 #241
A lot of things were different 48 years ago. Mariana Mar 2022 #244
Great News AnyFunctioningAdult Mar 2022 #245
Next on the hit parade. The Jungle 1 Mar 2022 #246
That's true treestar Mar 2022 #250
Why now? treestar Mar 2022 #247
This specific bill was first introduced in 2018 AnyFunctioningAdult Mar 2022 #248
So they are eliminating Standard Time; maybe. twodogsbarking Mar 2022 #249
High One, instead of High Noon? IbogaProject Mar 2022 #251
In these challenging times, it's nice to see the Senate doing the difficult work... dlk Mar 2022 #252
I think we should keep Daylight savings time, but do it correctly for once. iscooterliberally Mar 2022 #253
In regards to daylights savings time CSmeds99 Mar 2022 #254
Fuck daylight savings, whether it changes seasonally or not. paulkienitz Mar 2022 #258
Not good for construction and farm workers! burrowowl Mar 2022 #261
Now I am retired it doesn't matter. When I worked everyday I enjoyed Emile Mar 2022 #266
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