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3. Please watch this video from the 40 minute mark...
Wed Mar 16, 2022, 02:41 PM
Mar 2022

...it is extremely relevant to this issue.

A NFZ is a gift to Putler at this point.


Still no. It gets harder every day to resist the urge for Wingus Dingus Mar 2022 #1
Pass Ohio Joe Mar 2022 #2
Please watch this video from the 40 minute mark... orwell Mar 2022 #3
+10000000000000000 Celerity Mar 2022 #26
It's far too difficult for me to determine the consequences Torchlight Mar 2022 #4
A no fly zone is you can't fly over the White House. This would be combat NATO against Russia. marie999 Mar 2022 #5
Only if Russia is stupid enough to stay ColinC Mar 2022 #6
And if they stay? What if Russian planes shoot down a couple of American planes? marie999 Mar 2022 #11
They are more likely to attack Poland. Again. They aren't that stupid. ColinC Mar 2022 #18
You don't understand Russian war planning relayerbob Mar 2022 #19
I think this is a problem for many in general DetroitLegalBeagle Mar 2022 #22
EXactly, in fact relayerbob Mar 2022 #28
You're asking the wrong question FakeNoose Mar 2022 #7
How else would you "enforce" a no fly zone? ColinC Mar 2022 #10
That's the point, we cannot declare a "no fly" zone FakeNoose Mar 2022 #20
The "No Fly Zone" is a misleading term relayerbob Mar 2022 #8
How else would you "enforce" a no fly zone? ColinC Mar 2022 #9
You don't have a no fly zone. marie999 Mar 2022 #13
You can't. That's the point relayerbob Mar 2022 #15
Way, way over my pay grade. MineralMan Mar 2022 #12
What previous NATO/ Russia skirmishes? sarisataka Mar 2022 #14
Absolutely no way! RocRizzo55 Mar 2022 #16
Yes HAB911 Mar 2022 #17
It will definitely be later. ColinC Mar 2022 #21
No. BlueTsunami2018 Mar 2022 #23
Hell no. Hard pass on WWIII starting through something this avoidable. Celerity Mar 2022 #24
I don't support the idea of WWIII. Which is REALLY what you're asking. Spider Jerusalem Mar 2022 #25
What previous NATO/Russian military engagements are you referring to? Torchlight Mar 2022 #27
Only asking if anybody agrees with Zelenskyy about the no fly zone. ColinC Mar 2022 #30
I defer to the professionals in charge. Talitha Mar 2022 #29
For me, it's still a hard NO. nt MarineCombatEngineer Mar 2022 #31
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