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Fri Mar 25, 2022, 09:21 AM Mar 2022

Shout out to Eugene Robinson! [View all]

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Was listening to MSNBC on they way to work today and Joe had Bob Woodward on discussing the reporting he and Costa have done on the Thomas/Meadows sedition. Pretty good discussion until Bob starts talking about what needs to be done and goes into his both sides shtick. I was listening on the radio and couldn’t see Eugene’s face, but apparently he was looking at Bob like he was speaking in tongues. When given his chance to rebut Woodward, Robinson was having none of it, and laid out how claiming that the left was guilty of wanting things only their way was a false dichotomy when it comes to overthrowing the government. Pretty much stopped Woodward in his tracks.

Wish more talking heads could be more like Eugene.

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Shout out to Eugene Robinson! [View all] bluesbassman Mar 2022 OP
Yes, I saw that bullshit from Woodward. Both sides did not try to overturn an election. spanone Mar 2022 #1
Really, they still can't explain to us why we would want to overturn an election that we won Walleye Mar 2022 #2
Whenever I Hear "Both Sides," The First Thing I Think Of Is WiVoter Mar 2022 #22
Charlottesville? lagomorph777 Mar 2022 #24
I Fixed It , Thank You WiVoter Mar 2022 #39
TY! lagomorph777 Mar 2022 #44
Not A Problem WiVoter Mar 2022 #48
Were there two sides to Watergate? wryter2000 Mar 2022 #29
Yup, it was the Dems fault for using cheap locks. Entrapment! 11 Bravo Mar 2022 #42
Of course wryter2000 Mar 2022 #43
Woodward has catered True Blue American Mar 2022 #52
Robinson is one of my favorite columnists. wnylib Mar 2022 #59
Mine, too True Blue American Mar 2022 #62
I didn't see it wryter2000 Mar 2022 #70
Here is the clip. True Blue American Mar 2022 #71
Thanks wryter2000 Mar 2022 #72
Glad Delphinus Mar 2022 #3
He's a conservative watching his party go mad. Joinfortmill Mar 2022 #5
Bob does his both sides garbage agingdem Mar 2022 #8
There's never an example of how "both sides" do it Generic Brad Mar 2022 #13
Same here Rebl2 Mar 2022 #15
Woodward does his both sides schtick to appease the white-wingers agingdem Mar 2022 #25
Gee, and he's a.... Whatchama call it.... Journalist? vanlassie Mar 2022 #60
Yup. Robinson was great. Joinfortmill Mar 2022 #4
So glad to hear that he responded to Woodward's both sides BS. Laurian Mar 2022 #6
The only reason "both" sides contribute to the current state of political dysfunction mnhtnbb Mar 2022 #27
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Mar 2022 #7
I didn't see or hear that, but ... left-of-center2012 Mar 2022 #9
MSNBC (COMCAST) gab13by13 Mar 2022 #10
Stephanie Miller should have gotten the morning time slot underpants Mar 2022 #12
Tune in PhylliPretzel Mar 2022 #18
Stephanie has the best guests. Plus, she is hilarious. OMGWTF Mar 2022 #20
And really just one to rule them all. Vanguard. erronis Mar 2022 #14
the Conservative Business Journal? progressoid Mar 2022 #45
I know - it's weird. I included them because of WTF? There were many other refs. erronis Mar 2022 #49
Unfortunately everything out there about this progressoid Mar 2022 #51
They have a new leader. True Blue American Mar 2022 #63
Sad that Woodward's becoming senile. Duppers Mar 2022 #11
Eugene Old Okie Mar 2022 #16
Woodward was always quite conservative PatSeg Mar 2022 #26
Meanwhile Bernstein is still True Blue American Mar 2022 #64
Yes, he truly is PatSeg Mar 2022 #65
100% True Blue American Mar 2022 #66
He certainly was PatSeg Mar 2022 #69
well said. Woodward: Who are you?? That was pure BS and glad they called him out. Welcome! Evolve Dammit Mar 2022 #30
They could! Maine Abu El Banat Mar 2022 #17
Robinson did this to Mika once and got her stopped in her tracks! CTyankee Mar 2022 #19
Woodward Snackshack Mar 2022 #21
Agree 100% Evolve Dammit Mar 2022 #31
Yes, there was another post this morning about Woodward PatSeg Mar 2022 #23
Sold soul apparently. It was painful to watch. Of course he cited no examples. Shell of former self? Evolve Dammit Mar 2022 #32
Or maybe we've overinflated his "former self"? PatSeg Mar 2022 #36
I never saw him so waffley and only concerned about bringing rhetoric down. Seemed odd and I am no Evolve Dammit Mar 2022 #37
I haven't seen him on Morning Joe yet PatSeg Mar 2022 #41
I had not gotten to yhat part of the program, but my husband heard Ilsa Mar 2022 #28
Reading Ginny Thomas texts to Meadows, it's damn clear what they wanted to do. Arrest them please. Evolve Dammit Mar 2022 #33
+1, uponit7771 Mar 2022 #35
The only defense is insanity. Eugene Robinson called her a wingnut. Ilsa Mar 2022 #47
She represents a lot of Q, Tea Baggers, and who knows what else. She needs to be cuffed and stuffed. Evolve Dammit Mar 2022 #50
I just caught the last part. True Blue American Mar 2022 #67
Seriously! Nothing pisses me off more these days than the fucking BOTH SIDES argument LymphocyteLover Mar 2022 #34
I have found a few video clips from the show, but not the one where Eugene kicks Woodward's ass. Elwood P Dowd Mar 2022 #38
Both sides Glaisne Mar 2022 #40
Exactly! Ohioboy Mar 2022 #56
Robinson is one of the Post's best columnists. Martin68 Mar 2022 #46
GD Stupid Bob Woodword! & Thank Goodness Cha Mar 2022 #53
This message was self-deleted by its author YoshidaYui Mar 2022 #54
Fuck Woodward and his "both sides" bullshit Blue Owl Mar 2022 #55
big fan here Skittles Mar 2022 #57
Gene Robinson has been one of my favs Patton French Mar 2022 #58
How could there be "two sides do it" for Jan 6? yardwork Mar 2022 #61
+1, ... Woodward et al need access vs being factual. Its just mindless uponit7771 Mar 2022 #68
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