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25. My husband takes sub-lingual B12
Thu Mar 31, 2022, 07:53 PM
Mar 2022

He had ulcerative colitis many years ago and had his entire large intestine removed when he was a young adult. It's called an ileostomy. Because he no longer has enough intestine to absorb an adequate amount of B12, he uses a very large sub-lingual dose (5000 mcg.) He has no problems with cramps or tingling.

Anyone have low vitamin B12 [View all] MOMFUDSKI Mar 2022 OP
Just a tip... FalloutShelter Mar 2022 #1
Yes, it's wonderful. jalan48 Mar 2022 #7
Thanks MOMFUDSKI Mar 2022 #10
7 benefits of nutritional yeast FalloutShelter Mar 2022 #13
It comes in a shaker jar, like parmesan. Tasty seasoning! Native Mar 2022 #18
Where do you find it in the grocery store? BlackSkimmer Mar 2022 #19
Our Publix carries Bragg's Nutritional yeast, but I order it from Vitacost Native Mar 2022 #21
Yes, probably easier to order. BlackSkimmer Mar 2022 #26
I buy it in bulk at our local co-op. I'm paying around $9/lb and that will last a month or more. jalan48 Mar 2022 #28
Thanks! I'm guessing Whole Foods will have it. BlackSkimmer Mar 2022 #29
As FalloutShelter said it's good on popcorn, especially with butter. jalan48 Mar 2022 #30
Is that the same thing as brewer's yeast? Wednesdays Mar 2022 #16
Nope. Different yeasts. Native Mar 2022 #23
No ... while brewers yeast is loaded with FalloutShelter Mar 2022 #27
Thanks for posting!!!! flor-de-jasmim Mar 2022 #2
My balance is good MOMFUDSKI Mar 2022 #11
I have those symptoms Sanity Claws Mar 2022 #3
Thanks and MOMFUDSKI Mar 2022 #17
NIH: Vitamin B12 Supplementation in Diabetic Neuropathy mahatmakanejeeves Mar 2022 #4
Thanks. MOMFUDSKI Mar 2022 #14
I do... I take 5000IU on M-W-F WarGamer Mar 2022 #5
Slightly Deficient ProfessorGAC Mar 2022 #6
as a vegetarian I have always taken b vitamins. I HIGHLY recommend this: IcyPeas Mar 2022 #8
I love this line by Garden of Life. Their Vitamin Code line is also organic and a bit cheaper Native Mar 2022 #24
A lot of people don't absorb B12 through their digestive system easily. CrispyQ Mar 2022 #9
Thanks for that. MOMFUDSKI Mar 2022 #12
Sorry to hear about your experience. MOMFUDSKI Mar 2022 #15
Those sublingual things are great! Piasladic Mar 2022 #22
Beer is good for B12 - increase your beer diet FakeNoose Mar 2022 #20
My husband takes sub-lingual B12 susanr516 Mar 2022 #25
Locking thread MustLoveBeagles Mar 2022 #31
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