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Evolve Dammit

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39. Would the Orange One removing classified docs to MagatLago and then say, giving that info away
Sun Apr 3, 2022, 06:29 PM
Apr 2022

(or selling it), would that be treason?

Fortunately, or unfortunately, however you see it, we have the 1st Amendment to the Constitution. marie999 Apr 2022 #1
That needs to be adjusted to responsible free speech when broadcasting across the nation IMO. n/t RKP5637 Apr 2022 #6
You want to modify or repeal the 1A? Hard pass. Dial H For Hero Apr 2022 #10
Ha, never will happen. Joseph Goebbels would have loved it! n/t RKP5637 Apr 2022 #12
I'll join you in the hard pass SCantiGOP Apr 2022 #24
+3 H2O Man Apr 2022 #64
No need to modify or repeal it Orrex Apr 2022 #141
And how would ForgedCrank Apr 2022 #150
No doubt you campaign tirelessly against all restrictions upon the first amendment. Orrex Apr 2022 #155
I consider that ForgedCrank Apr 2022 #158
Then I don't understand what you're complaining about Orrex Apr 2022 #197
Well, you ForgedCrank Apr 2022 #201
You have several times misrepresented my position Orrex Apr 2022 #262
Ok. Works for me ForgedCrank Apr 2022 #265
Then bring back the fairness doctrine. If that is the right name. Where a news organization must Maraya1969 Apr 2022 #175
SCOTUS Sgent Apr 2022 #178
The fairness doctrine did not require "equal time" to "the other side" of the story. onenote Apr 2022 #285
Thank you. betsuni Apr 2022 #293
Who gets to decide what is "responsible free speech"? Mariana Apr 2022 #31
Zacly. elleng Apr 2022 #42
How about equal time for an opposing view point, like it used to be? Meadowoak Apr 2022 #87
It was never that way with cable, satellite or internet, MarineCombatEngineer Apr 2022 #88
We don't even have it for broadcast TV, anymore. Meadowoak Apr 2022 #89
The FD is an outdated law, there are so many MarineCombatEngineer Apr 2022 #91
+100 nt reACTIONary Apr 2022 #126
+100 nt reACTIONary Apr 2022 #123
The fairness doctrine never required "equal time" for an opposing view point. onenote Apr 2022 #288
Start simple Bettie Apr 2022 #122
That is ridiculously easy to get around. Mariana Apr 2022 #131
So, no point in even trying Bettie Apr 2022 #152
That's exactly right. There is no point in trying to use government power to suppress speech tritsofme Apr 2022 #154
We can stop giving them money. Mariana Apr 2022 #159
That's a good start- let's keep coming up with solutions Tumbulu Apr 2022 #167
and who gets to define 'responsible free speech'? Sorry, I'd rather have freedom than that risk Amishman Apr 2022 #48
Post removed Post removed Apr 2022 #53
On DU there are all these clueless people who go on and on Tumbulu Apr 2022 #56
Well, considering that the likes of Faux, Newsmax, etc. MarineCombatEngineer Apr 2022 #65
Now you stop making sense and all that! oldsoftie Apr 2022 #71
Sowwy. MarineCombatEngineer Apr 2022 #73
Why is what Fox News does any different rainy Apr 2022 #95
Well, considering the courts disagree with you, MarineCombatEngineer Apr 2022 #101
The court agrees with me. In a supreme rainy Apr 2022 #107
No, that's not true, MarineCombatEngineer Apr 2022 #109
Of course if you actually believe it duh!!!! rainy Apr 2022 #117
it's a stupid line, from an (exceedingly) stupid ruling stopdiggin Apr 2022 #157
Thank you. mahatmakanejeeves Apr 2022 #181
The Supreme Court does not agree with you. Jedi Guy Apr 2022 #120
No. It. Doesn't. stopdiggin Apr 2022 #156
Thank you, well said!!! rainy Apr 2022 #90
No, it wasn't. MarineCombatEngineer Apr 2022 #92
Because... Dr. Strange Apr 2022 #100
Yep, they don't consider how this will their right to free speech. MarineCombatEngineer Apr 2022 #102
Ironically Junker recognized the problem when Trump was in office. Dr. Strange Apr 2022 #108
"Why people want to screw with the 1A, especially Dems, is beyond me." Jedi Guy Apr 2022 #116
+100. MarineCombatEngineer Apr 2022 #119
+1 Oh .. YES! stopdiggin Apr 2022 #160
I would rec this if I could kcr Apr 2022 #153
I am one of those clueless people who go on and on. mahatmakanejeeves Apr 2022 #182
Often on DU it's a waste of time to try to have meaningful discussions. So, I present RKP5637 Apr 2022 #246
I hear you, but no. paleotn Apr 2022 #59
This forum for one... MichMan Apr 2022 #77
Keep in mind what "responsible free speech" is to republicans. Angleae Apr 2022 #70
Who decides what is responsible? LiberatedUSA Apr 2022 #98
This message was self-deleted by its author Whatthe_Firetruck Apr 2022 #135
To what purpose? nt MarineCombatEngineer Apr 2022 #136
This message was self-deleted by its author Whatthe_Firetruck Apr 2022 #198
You are aware that the FD never applied to cable, satellite or the internet aren't you? MarineCombatEngineer Apr 2022 #203
The fairness doctrine never required "equal time" for opposing viewpoints. onenote Apr 2022 #289
Bring back the Fairness Doctrine? SergeStorms Apr 2022 #21
YES nt Grasswire2 Apr 2022 #37
The FD doesn't apply to cable. Dial H For Hero Apr 2022 #38
So what? At least bring it back for what it does cover Tumbulu Apr 2022 #57
Cable took over I_UndergroundPanther Apr 2022 #81
Exactly. murielm99 Apr 2022 #63
No he wouldn't moose65 Apr 2022 #67
That would be no for many reasons... melm00se Apr 2022 #121
Yes, those were the limitations..... SergeStorms Apr 2022 #138
Because of that pesky 1st amendment melm00se Apr 2022 #196
+100. MarineCombatEngineer Apr 2022 #204
thank you. this is a Pandora's box stopdiggin Apr 2022 #269
Posters keep saying that the Fairness Doctrine required equal time. It didn't. onenote Apr 2022 #290
The whole premise of the OP Dorian Gray Apr 2022 #183
So we can't have standards or metrics as to what is allowed to be called "news?" CrispyQ Apr 2022 #266
Sure, just repeal the First Amendment. Mariana Apr 2022 #280
Hey Ho, President Joe - Rupert Murduch has to go! FakeNoose Apr 2022 #2
What legal options do you suggest? mcar Apr 2022 #29
"Propaganda for right-wing extremism" works for me FakeNoose Apr 2022 #32
Can you link to that law? mcar Apr 2022 #49
That's protected under the First Amendment sir pball Apr 2022 #55
No - the use of public airwaves is separate from the first amendment Tumbulu Apr 2022 #60
What public airwaves are Fox News using? AZSkiffyGeek Apr 2022 #61
They are on cable but they also have a public rainy Apr 2022 #112
Their public channels are far different than their cable station, MarineCombatEngineer Apr 2022 #115
Fox News and Fox network are not the same thing nt AZSkiffyGeek Apr 2022 #129
Just what, pray tell, public airways is Faux using? nt MarineCombatEngineer Apr 2022 #66
Instead of arguing with me, why don't you come up with creative ways Tumbulu Apr 2022 #78
Sorry, but I'm fine with the 1st Amendment just the way it is, MarineCombatEngineer Apr 2022 #83
You want "creative ways" around the concrete protection of free speech per the 1A? sir pball Apr 2022 #85
He's not arguing, he's merely stating the truth. oldsoftie Apr 2022 #114
This message was self-deleted by its author Mosby Apr 2022 #145
Oh no, public airwaves are off limits! sir pball Apr 2022 #94
Hate speech that causes violence rainy Apr 2022 #103
You clearly aren't familiar with the Brandenburg test. sir pball Apr 2022 #105
You left this part out, MarineCombatEngineer Apr 2022 #106
The point duh is that you can't say it if it's not rainy Apr 2022 #127
You probably need to read post 120. MarineCombatEngineer Apr 2022 #130
These silly responses citing 1st Ammendment Tumbulu Apr 2022 #170
You calling our responses to the 1A silly is telling me all I need to know about you. nt MarineCombatEngineer Apr 2022 #192
"We could sue these broadcasters civilly for slander." stopdiggin Apr 2022 #270
Here is an idea- instead of being negative Tumbulu Apr 2022 #279
my 'constuctive' idea is .. stopdiggin Apr 2022 #284
+100. MarineCombatEngineer Apr 2022 #287
That is not a constructive idea at all Tumbulu Apr 2022 #291
I do not have any desire to curb speech stopdiggin Apr 2022 #292
I am asking for all non governmental action ideas Tumbulu Apr 2022 #294
We would get demolished in elections if we tried to ban them Polybius Apr 2022 #151
Excellent thing to do!!! Murdoch has single handily brought the US down!!! n/t RKP5637 Apr 2022 #3
First Amendment. Dial H For Hero Apr 2022 #4
Because the UK didn't do it AZSkiffyGeek Apr 2022 #5
Exactly. mwooldri Apr 2022 #20
Uh I'd say the existence of any British colony qua colony is due to the rage of older white men. WhiskeyGrinder Apr 2022 #7
Ha! You make an excellent point. BlackSkimmer Apr 2022 #9
Maybe cuz... laws? WarGamer Apr 2022 #8
Tucker Carlson is openly and freely aiding and abetting an enemy of the United States. Initech Apr 2022 #11
Certainly a fair question IMO. Recently I was on some major station, maybe a Fox affiliate and RKP5637 Apr 2022 #15
from image dump - Tucker keithbvadu2 Apr 2022 #18
Russia is not an enemy of the United States as defined by law. Dial H For Hero Apr 2022 #19
wait a few weeks Evolve Dammit Apr 2022 #22
Even then, the USSC has ruled Mariana Apr 2022 #35
Would the Orange One removing classified docs to MagatLago and then say, giving that info away Evolve Dammit Apr 2022 #39
And why else would he take it? Memorabilia?? He doesn't lift a finger if he can't make $$. Evolve Dammit Apr 2022 #40
It might be espionage. Mariana Apr 2022 #41
I think you're right. Does the U.S. have any "formal enemies" currently? Official list? Evolve Dammit Apr 2022 #50
We aren't in a formal state of war with any country. Mariana Apr 2022 #52
Thanks. Interesting that Japan never entered into a peace agreement after WWII Evolve Dammit Apr 2022 #58
If the US and Russia should actually go to war Mariana Apr 2022 #69
Hey, it's another Twitter personality making up shit for retweets nt AZSkiffyGeek Apr 2022 #13
something something "Fairness Doctrine" ymetca Apr 2022 #14
From Gods lips.... Augiedog Apr 2022 #16
So that same 43% of republicans would approve a democrat shutting down Fox news? keithbvadu2 Apr 2022 #17
Wondering what the regulatory/legal basis in UK led to it's vanquish? Anyone? Evolve Dammit Apr 2022 #23
it never happened, the OP is fake news Celerity Apr 2022 #74
reading the link (thanks) there are significant regulations that Fox broke and were cited for. We Evolve Dammit Apr 2022 #84
The Fairness Doctrine never applied to cable, so Fox News would not come under its purview. Celerity Apr 2022 #93
I appreciate your insight. Could you expand a bit on your last sentence? Evolve Dammit Apr 2022 #99
It seams self-evident. At some point certain parts of the Constitution may well prove Celerity Apr 2022 #118
I hear you!!! rainy Apr 2022 #133
Thank you for saying what I was thinking but was having trouble finding Dark n Stormy Knight Apr 2022 #179
Excellent points. (sadly). We hold these truths to be self-evident. Evolve Dammit Apr 2022 #187
None The King of Prussia Apr 2022 #125
No, the UK did not ban Fox News. CaptainTruth Apr 2022 #25
I just sent an e-mail to MSNBC asking about access to live streaming: txwhitedove Apr 2022 #26
I watch a lot of MSNBC on YouTube. MerryBlooms Apr 2022 #111
Oh yes, YouTube is rerun old stuff. I want to live stream as it txwhitedove Apr 2022 #128
No, not all old and reruns. MerryBlooms Apr 2022 #148
This message was self-deleted by its author Celerity Apr 2022 #188
Wow, thanks. I'll try those links. txwhitedove Apr 2022 #191
Those are all illegal pirate sites AZSkiffyGeek Apr 2022 #216
I live in Sweden, it's not on telly here in any form Celerity Apr 2022 #217
I can't watch the BBC in America without paying AZSkiffyGeek Apr 2022 #218
but you can, you just choose not to Celerity Apr 2022 #219
I can't LEGALLY watch them AZSkiffyGeek Apr 2022 #220
there is no subscription service here that carries MSNBC, and the American Celerity Apr 2022 #223
That sucks AZSkiffyGeek Apr 2022 #229
watching free streams is not illegal here, streaming them without consent is, & I do not stream Celerity Apr 2022 #231
Then why does those sites always get shut down, siezed by the FCC AZSkiffyGeek Apr 2022 #232
The UK has arrested people for posting rap lyrics. Dr. Strange Apr 2022 #27
Wait, what? Really? Can I get a link to that story if you have a moment, please? N/T Jedi Guy Apr 2022 #252
Chelsea Russell Dr. Strange Apr 2022 #263
Wow. Just wow. That's beyond absurd and seems like something out of the Onion, honestly. Jedi Guy Apr 2022 #276
1st Amendment mcar Apr 2022 #28
Fox News is a symptom and not a cause. DemocratSinceBirth Apr 2022 #30
No, it normalized what Limbaugh Tumbulu Apr 2022 #168
As others have said Faux is not banned in the UK Borderer Apr 2022 #33
In case anyone missed the earlier response: The UK did NOT ban Fox News onenote Apr 2022 #34
the 2nd quote is fake too Celerity Apr 2022 #171
It's upsetting how quickly Dorian Gray Apr 2022 #186
... MarineCombatEngineer Apr 2022 #194
We are just human beings Dorian Gray Apr 2022 #295
+100. nt MarineCombatEngineer Apr 2022 #296
Yup Martin68 Apr 2022 #36
Wow 68 people support doing away with the first Amendment AZSkiffyGeek Apr 2022 #43
Some here do have an authoritarian streak, I'm afraid. Dial H For Hero Apr 2022 #46
Don't say so though, that's rude AZSkiffyGeek Apr 2022 #230
Country-wide universal healthcare? Earth-shine Apr 2022 #44
This message was self-deleted by its author c-rational Apr 2022 #45
Thank you Jacinda! Straight to the point. I like her a lot. liberalla Apr 2022 #47
You support peddling lies and calling for the removal of the 1st Amendment? AZSkiffyGeek Apr 2022 #54
If we're talking about accuracy, she did not "peddle lies" or call for the removal of the 1st Am. muriel_volestrangler Apr 2022 #177
The OP said The UK banned Fox News AZSkiffyGeek Apr 2022 #214
OK, so you're accusing a DUer, not Jacinda Ardern, of lying muriel_volestrangler Apr 2022 #224
Have you read the rest of this thread? AZSkiffyGeek Apr 2022 #227
You haven't "provided the truth". You've got it very wrong. muriel_volestrangler Apr 2022 #233
Attack the messenger, got it AZSkiffyGeek Apr 2022 #235
The point is, you attacked the wrong people muriel_volestrangler Apr 2022 #236
Tweeter creates falsehood AZSkiffyGeek Apr 2022 #237
In this sub-thread, you called out someone for liking Jacinda Ardern muriel_volestrangler Apr 2022 #239
ARdern is a fine progressive politician who never said anything attributed to her in the post AZSkiffyGeek Apr 2022 #240
You attacked Ardern muriel_volestrangler Apr 2022 #243
I was actually criticizing the tweeter who posted it, the DUer who shared it AZSkiffyGeek Apr 2022 #245
You posted "you support her peddling lies...", to a post in which "she" was Ardern muriel_volestrangler Apr 2022 #259
Repeating a lie is still lying AZSkiffyGeek Apr 2022 #261
Guess what? The King of Prussia Apr 2022 #86
Be careful, calling out lies is rude AZSkiffyGeek Apr 2022 #228
Fake - both the UK and the NZ claim ramblin_dave Apr 2022 #51
thank you Celerity Apr 2022 #208
True, but here's the thing. ecstatic Apr 2022 #62
A little problem with the first amendment. nycbos Apr 2022 #68
We had those types when before Fox News JI7 Apr 2022 #72
We certainly did. We had pro Nazi rallies before MerryBlooms Apr 2022 #124
Figuring out ways to stop propaganda is not Tumbulu Apr 2022 #172
None of us ever said it was out of bounds, MarineCombatEngineer Apr 2022 #195
I come to DU for news and sharing ideas Tumbulu Apr 2022 #278
Well, as has been pointed out numerous times here, MarineCombatEngineer Apr 2022 #75
First, please ignore all the perennial "first amendment" commentators Tumbulu Apr 2022 #76
I just change the station when I find something I don't care to hear MichMan Apr 2022 #80
and a little side dish of authoritarianism -(nt)- stopdiggin Apr 2022 #161
Not even the best magician can pull a rabbit out of a hat if there isn't already a rabbit in the hat betsuni Apr 2022 #79
Unfortunately The King of Prussia Apr 2022 #82
This message was self-deleted by its author KPN Apr 2022 #96
daniel dale of cnn fact checked this and jacinda adearn did not dawn5651 Apr 2022 #97
Considering that your whole OP has turned out to be bullshit, MarineCombatEngineer Apr 2022 #104
It's pretty ironic, isn't it? Mariana Apr 2022 #164
+10000000000000000 Celerity Apr 2022 #174
Indeed, it's ironic Hav Apr 2022 #176
+10000000000000000 Celerity Apr 2022 #166
So . . . .the 1st amendment allows me to say . . . Aussie105 Apr 2022 #110
You seem to have a fundamental misunderstanding of the 1A, given your examples. Jedi Guy Apr 2022 #132
In case you missed my point . . . Aussie105 Apr 2022 #142
You're arguing against the First Amendment whether you admit it or not. Jedi Guy Apr 2022 #147
there is no impediment whatsoever to 'civilized' people stopdiggin Apr 2022 #162
At what point is it appropriate to challenge their License? Make7 Apr 2022 #113
This message was self-deleted by its author MarineCombatEngineer Apr 2022 #134
he's quoting dump Kali Apr 2022 #258
Ahh, ok, MarineCombatEngineer Apr 2022 #271
K&R x 1,000,000 Blue Owl Apr 2022 #137
Except the headline is bullshit. MarineCombatEngineer Apr 2022 #139
In response, same old tired arguments about the 1st Amendment having NO limitations/consequences Hekate Apr 2022 #140
Yet here we are, Aussie105 Apr 2022 #143
Yes, pathetic and unimaginative Tumbulu Apr 2022 #165
Who here argued that the First Amendment has no limitations? Jedi Guy Apr 2022 #254
Money talks loudest in the US, sadly RANDYWILDMAN Apr 2022 #144
I suspect OP's such as this which call for the federal government to restrict speech are not Dial H For Hero Apr 2022 #146
As much as ForgedCrank Apr 2022 #149
quite correct. stopdiggin Apr 2022 #163
Your second quote is fake too. This OP is an embarrassment. You should take it down. Celerity Apr 2022 #169
FWIW, a former head of policy & comms for the NZ Green Party said something similar muriel_volestrangler Apr 2022 #200
But it wasn't the govt that banned them, as the OP suggests. nt MarineCombatEngineer Apr 2022 #205
that is not what the OP claims with the fake quote Celerity Apr 2022 #207
Jeez, we get misattributed quotes on DU every day muriel_volestrangler Apr 2022 #225
It is not misattributed, both parts of the OP are fake news lies Celerity Apr 2022 #226
Yeah, why shouldn't we strive to be accurate? AZSkiffyGeek Apr 2022 #238
I strive to be accurate on DU muriel_volestrangler Apr 2022 #241
So saying the UK and New Zealand banned Fox News isn't a lie? AZSkiffyGeek Apr 2022 #242
People have pointed out they're incorrect; it can be done without venom muriel_volestrangler Apr 2022 #244
Civility is more important than truth, I get your point AZSkiffyGeek Apr 2022 #247
"Stalking"? For fuck's sake, I replied to you once, and then continued that exchange muriel_volestrangler Apr 2022 #256
OP should delete this. BlackSkimmer Apr 2022 #249
Unfortunately we don't really have a clear-cut "this is bullshit" option for alerting... nt AZSkiffyGeek Apr 2022 #250
There is, however, no malice in the OP muriel_volestrangler Apr 2022 #257
If there was no malice then it should be taken down AZSkiffyGeek Apr 2022 #260
there is a certain amount of malice (or at least ill will) stopdiggin Apr 2022 #272
You see, "bald faced" is bollocks. "Lie" is going a bit too far. muriel_volestrangler Apr 2022 #274
They are putting words in mouths stopdiggin Apr 2022 #275
People who are ok with authoritarianism always make the dumbest assumption Sympthsical Apr 2022 #173
Fake "Why didn't/don't Democrats stop ____ ?" Because government only means Democrats. betsuni Apr 2022 #180
The whole Premise of those tweets Dorian Gray Apr 2022 #184
Yes. And it's now the top recommended post on DU. sl8 Apr 2022 #189
Fox​ viewers are less likely to believe lies after being paid to watch CNN for 30 days: study Bernardo de La Paz Apr 2022 #185
This is currently showing as the Greatest thread on the Home Page The King of Prussia Apr 2022 #190
But I doubt the OP will take it down. BlackSkimmer Apr 2022 #193
it makes the board look foolish, and hurts credibility Celerity Apr 2022 #212
Yep, as I said I've seen it before. BlackSkimmer Apr 2022 #234
Is it true these quotes are apocryphal? DemocratSinceBirth Apr 2022 #199
yes, they both have been comprehensively debunked, yet it remains up Celerity Apr 2022 #210
lol this fuckin thread WhiskeyGrinder Apr 2022 #202
It just keeps going... sarisataka Apr 2022 #248
Why is this thread still up? MarineCombatEngineer Apr 2022 #206
good questions Celerity Apr 2022 #209
It certainly demonstrates the authoritarian streak of many on this site. Dial H For Hero Apr 2022 #211
It certainly does, MarineCombatEngineer Apr 2022 #213
Also shows how people comment on here without checking whether something is even factual. Jetheels Apr 2022 #215
There's lots of topics that will do that round here nt AZSkiffyGeek Apr 2022 #221
You should self-delete. nt Tommy Carcetti Apr 2022 #222
The usual UnderThisLaw Apr 2022 #251
Hmmm. Jedi Guy Apr 2022 #255
Guilty conscience? UnderThisLaw Apr 2022 #267
Not in the slightest. Jedi Guy Apr 2022 #277
Interesting interpretation UnderThisLaw Apr 2022 #282
K Jedi Guy Apr 2022 #283
nice to see you using a sexist trope defending disinformation that has been definitively debunked Celerity Apr 2022 #264
I'm four square against posting lies and misinformation stopdiggin Apr 2022 #273
That's nice UnderThisLaw Apr 2022 #281
I find it fairly easy to operate within those stopdiggin Apr 2022 #286
First Amendment which should be supported on a site like DU!!! nt Raine Apr 2022 #253
You would think so, but I guess we learn something new every day. nt. Mariana Apr 2022 #268
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